Catch up post on a snow day!!

Snow today

It was snowing most of the morning and has finally let up now that it is nearly noon. I took a picture of the back door of my mom’s house as I had to go and change the laundry there. I cheated and went over with the vehicle after I came home from getting the mail and stopping at the bank. I need to go back and switch the loads again and fold what is dry, but I am too lazy to leave the house at this time. If I would not have wanted the bank statements and to deposit some money, I might not have left the house today. Of course, I did need to go to the mail because some people seem to forget that winter shows up around this time in North or South Dakota. Paulina was home two weekends in a row, and never thought to take her heavy coat either time. Fortunately it wasn’t real heavy in terms of sending it through the mail. I found a second one that she had stuck away in another closet and forgot about. When I showed it to her on the phone as we were Face-timing, she declined wanting that coat. I promptly put it on and am keeping it for myself for now. It is super warm and has a hood. It is also black which seems to be the only color I wear lately. I am beginning to feel like the women of the frontier who always had their good outfits in black so they would have something to wear in case of a funeral. How bad is that. I don’t have black for that reason, it just seems that it matches with anything and so you don’t need so terribly many different outfits. Ha!! The worst part is that black shows every cat hair like there is a spotlight and a magnifier on them.

Apple pie

Last batch

I want to say I have been too busy to post lately, but that is only partially true. I have taken pictures of things going on around here, but I have just been too lazy to share them. The table of tomatoes is nearly gone. The last two times that I did any canning it was all whole tomatoes. The last batch was actually 12 quarts and 1 pint when it was all finished up. I didn’t think it felt like that much, but it took forever because so many of the tomatoes were really small. There are two boxes left on the table, but I am not sure if they will ever get made into anything. I also finished off the “bad” apples from the box I was given. I was going to do up all of them into some apple pie filling, but when I thought of how good they taste just sliced up, I decided to peel and slice the ones with bad spots on them and made a single pie. I will not give you a recipe since I didn’t really follow one anyway, and though it is edible, I have a little more practicing to do before it is really good. I had a few left over slices and ended up just eating them. So good. James agreed that we would just keep the rest on the counter eating them until gone. Last count gives us 9 apples, so they should last about 4 days or less.

I have also been trying to keep my hands busy at night while I am watching television and not playing on my iPad. This has been hard, but not really so hard since I started this crazy crocheted lap blanket. I recently ended up with all of the left over yarn from church now that we have officially finished up any possible quilting there. We did up all the quilt tops that had been made in the past by women of the church and so any left over yarn went to me, and the left over material that could be used to make more tops went to the Lutheran Church in Eureka. They still have a fairly active group, and we thought it was best that the material is used in a good way. I did take one small box home of the stiffer material. I hope to make some of the drawstring bags to give away in the future. I have a post about them some place titled “sling bags.” I will have to find that and at least get the date for it in case anyone is interested in it. Maybe if I ever get that table cleaned off in my room, I can work on that plan. For now I have made a bigger mess as I sorted out the yarn and reboxed some of it into thinner, medium, and thicker thread sizes. The lap blanket I am working on is the medium-sized yarn. I will have to post my three main projects, but not here. I am almost tired of my tendency to jump from one task to another or do several at a time. I finally see how it is more of a time waster, but I realize that I do it because I get bored doing one thing for too long. Oh such a life. Ha!!

Great day for soup!

here is what we just saw outside. 

Roger had to look too.


I made some soup to ward off the cold

Light frost!

Garden in the morning.

So the first frost of this season hit overnight. It was not as bad as we expected but I am currently not home to check on the real damage. James had to recover all of the plants when he came back from his morning bike ride while we had expected. As he was going past the bank, he noticed the sign said 37 degrees F, but by the time he was filling gas in my van, it was 33. That was between 7 and 7:30 a.m.

Morning glories seemed hit even though James covered them.

I left the house a little after 9 a.m. because I had to stop at the bank. It was warmer then and the sun was shining, so I took some time to remove the cloths from the garden. I hung them all on the fence and the pictures show what I saw this morning. Ironically some of the covered plants looked frozen while some in the open looked fine. We will have to wait until later this afternoon to see the real results.

Roger watching me leave

Hope you all have a great day!

Chance of Frost under a full moon

full moon over covered garden

A lighter view of the moon.

About a month ago one of the men in our church predicted that we would have frost on the full moon. I think he is right, he was just off by one moon. Ha!! We are supposed to be having temperatures in the low to mid 30’s F overnight. Siri told me 35 by 7 a.m., but no idea what it would be at 8 a.m., so that was the unknown that made us go out and cover tonight. I was willing to take the chance, James said we didn’t work this hard to let them all freeze. I have been picking as much as possible each night, and that included another basket full tonight. It was enough to fill up what I took out of the boxes last night. Hurrah!!

Morning glory garden

Tonight the blankets are surrounding the tomatoes and the pumpkin, which are nestled on the ground between the tomato cages. I also covered the peppers, but there are no pictures of them. The wind has come up and we are pretty sure the blankets will be eased off before morning. Normally we would hold them down with bricks, but the cages have the plants so high I don’t think it will reach. James says he will check before he heads out on his bike ride in the morning and will reposition them. Frost is only a problem when the sun hits the cold plants, so they will be covered for sure before then if by chance they blow off. I took a few other pictures of the flowers just to know what they looked like because there was no way we were going to try to cover any of them. I did pull all of the house plants inside as soon as I came home from school and the other more outdoor types of plants like the petunias and the moss roses, we just pulled under the swing which sits under the upper deck. They should be more than fine there.

Looking at the full moon tonight, I think of those who were outside in Las Vegas last night under a nearly full moon having a wonderful time at a concert with their friends or family or just someone who had a ticket and stood beside them. How one person’s mindset can affect so many lives for such a long time. May God be with those who are grieving and those who are hurting and healing on this night under this full moon. May God’s love and healing power extend to all who are feeling the loss of this time, whether it is loss of a loved one, loss of time to recovery or even loss of innocence because we are all part of that issue. And by the way God, I am getting just a little bit tired of extending condolences and prayers for the families and those injured, maybe we could find a solution to this mess in our world. We, at least I, am open to some suggestions. Please let us know what you need from us to insure that these sort of events don’t happen anymore. Thanks God!!

Rain, rain and more rain

Rain water outside the school in Linton.

We must be getting some residual from the hurricanes or maybe just some normal fall rains, not really sure since I didn’t check the forecast. We knew it would rain today and oh boy do we need it. The garden and all of the fields will be happy to drink the wonderful water, but….it is so cold. There are reports of snow in Montana in the higher elevations, again a wonderful sound as it will likely put a stop to the fires where it is falling. All good as long as it warms up again when the moisture quits. We have not officially made it to fall on the calendar, so we are not so interested in seeing winter on the ground.

Today was Homecoming for the football team. The two schools, Linton and HMB both had some in school activities of their own then those who were free or so inclined, headed to Linton for the final big Pep Rally. Up in HMB where I have been working as a substitute, the high school finished off the interschool volleyball tourney early this afternoon, there was a mini-pep rally with introductions of the volleyball and football players and stats people then the entire school headed outside and down Main Street for a parade. It was pretty neat and I have some pictures, but cannot post them at this time.

I am in James’ classroom while the game is happening in Linton. I refuse to go outside because of the rain. I might melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. I would be heard fizzling into nothing screaming, “I’m melting, I’m melting!!!” We cannot have that because of the plans for the weekend. We are heading to Jamestown in the morning for a weekend with the girls. The twins will be baptized by none other than grandma, me!! It will be at First Congregational UCC there which is where all three of our girls were baptized as was Jaxon, so this is sort of THE place for us. Anyway, I will enjoy the weekend, I hope. We are packing the swim suits and hope to have a fun time in the pool with the grandkids on Saturday night.

Last comment about tonight. I would have gone home with my sister, but I heard the game was on the local access channel and I decided to stay in the school and watch. Great idea!! The game is on the channel that the school does not get, so I am listening to it on the radio, but not the same as watching. I still refuse to go out and stand in the rain. Every time I walked outside today, it felt like I was soaking wet when I got inside, not my idea of fun! Oh well, we love the rain, I will just keep telling myself!!! Enough your weekend!!!

Smoke from a distant fire

sunrise 9-13-17

We have been having these awesome sunrises and sunsets because of the smoke in the air from the wild fires in Montana and Canada. Today it was a bit much. The smoke was so bad you could taste it. We are in the northern part of South Dakota so sometimes we get in on these things, but consider it comes all the way through North Dakota before it gets to us. Victoria said that Dickinson, ND was so bad that all sports were called off for the day. We also heard that in Bismarck the children were not allowed outside for recess because of the smoke and some particles in the air. Here is was acrid and hazy as you can see from the pictures scattered through this post.

For those of you not familiar with the area here is how to explain our states. North and South Dakota are somewhat rectangles. Say in proportion about a 4 high by 8 long. If you fold it in half side to side that is the place we live just inside the South Dakota border on the east side of the fold. Now take the North Dakota rectangle and fold or divide it in thirds top to bottom and draw a line on that bottom fold, that is Interstate 94. Make that line like a time line and in the middle where the zero is, that is Bismarck, so if it is 8 from one end to the other that makes Jamestown at positive 2 and Dickinson at -2, anyway that is my short geography lesson for today.

Haze today

This is all I know for now. It was a long day at church with Ministerial meeting this morning and quilting this evening. I managed a trip to the Health Care Center which was good. I also saw the chiropractor before I left town. She adjusted my hip, knees and ankles and told me to drink more water and walk more to remove the toxins from my joints. Hurrah!! Just what I want to do in this heat and smoky air. At least the water sounds like a good idea, maybe I will get started now. Take care and stay out of the haze!!

Morning in the garden

Morning Glories

Sunflowers looking for the sunrise

Sunrise August 30, 2017






This morning was beautiful as we were leaving for school. I grabbed a few pictures to share. Nothing else to say. Sending prayers to all the people in the path of the storms and the floods down south.

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