Back to winter, again

Gift from Paulina

What a weekend! We thought that we would be spending time at home getting some things accomplished, maybe getting to the message for church a little early, and instead we got a phone call on Friday night asking us to please come and get Paulina from the airport in Bismarck. Apparently when they went to the airport, they were crowded and no one figured on her coming back with them. They also had some sort of glitch in Orlando and ended up in the airport over night instead of staying in a motel nearby. What a thing to be in a strange place, tired and have all your luggage and not being able to sleep because you were not sure what was going to happen. It sounds a bit to me like there needs to be a leadership change in the group in terms of the adult advising it. The only thing that I could tell Paulina is those going into teaching received a hands on education of why the adult needs to be mature and they know more about how to treat students in their care. End of that lecture. She brought us this little Minnie Mouse ball to put on our van antenna. I put it on the crochet hook because I don’t want it to blow away or be faded by the sun or ruined by the snow or rain. Roger thought it would be a great toy, so I have to keep it away from her too.

The shop this evening

At any rate there was a storm coming into the area yesterday and today, and so we were a bit leery about getting on the road. We made it to Bismarck fine and by the time we picked up Paulina and Katie, the snow had let up. Jessica left Jamestown as we were leaving McDonald’s and we met at the truck stop in Steele. It was really nice of her to brave the elements for a sister and friend. Paulina hopped in the driver seat and Jessica curled up in the back to sleep on the way back to Jamestown. Today Jess said she could feel the babies drop. I sure hope they hang on for their duration to grow and develop as needed before they come out to meet this cold world.

In between inside and outside door.

Well, this morning was even worse in terms of weather. It did not snow much overnight. I would know because I wasn’t finished with the message for today and pulled one of those write until I can’t hold my eyes open, sleep for an hour or two then wake up and write some more than sleep, and that is how I made it to 7:30 a.m. and was about to do the last half a page and the prayer when James looked out the window and said it was time to call for a road report. A dial to 511 and a text to one of the farmers, and we had determined there was no travel advised in our area and so the phone tree was enacted to call off church. What a deal. The rest of the day was spent watching Hallmark movies, taking cat pictures and alternating between knitting and crocheting and eating.


I also had a hard time keeping Roger off my lap. She is really having a hard time staying warm as of late. I think maybe it isn’t so good for her to be in Sophia’s special thyroid food so much. [Evidence is in this picture. I am finding her sitting on the heater vents quite often.] I will have to make sure she eats more of her own food. Speaking of food, I am currently so stuffed with taco soup that I can barely sit, but it was really good. I guess I will go back to the chair by the TV and work on the afghan some more.

What an Awesome day!!

Sunrise Feb. 21, 2017

Sunrise Feb. 21, 2017

Today was an absolutely beautiful day for February 21 in the northern edge of South Dakota. I woke around 5 a.m. as usual let the cat in the bathroom to eat then went back to bed and turned on the local news station. The television had been on the I Love Lucy show and was she at her best today. The tore up a banner to crawl off a balcony that she had been trapped on because she was trying to get a look at some celebrity. Wild antics that is for sure. Anyway, not the point of the post. I fell back asleep and woke to my phone going off, one of the schools needed a substitute. Hmmm. I had already missed the ride so I said no. When I called James to ask where he was, he was close enough to come back, but when I called the lady back, she already had someone. Hurrah! So, that was that and time to get up and get to work.

Sophia relaxing

Sophia relaxing

Roger on the deck

Roger on the deck

I started the day by putting on some sweats and slipping into some shoes and grabbing the camera. Wow was the sunrise pretty. The first pictures I took were without the card in the camera, so run to the computer, get the card and start over. I don’t think I missed much. I never checked the high temperature today, but it was pretty nice. I hung some clothes on the line and let the cats outside off and on. They were so happy to lay in the grass and run around that I had a time getting them back into the house. I even turned off the furnace and opened some of the window. Perhaps the most of what I did today was to eliminate some of those pesky spotted flies that we call Attic flies. What a pain they are. They only come out in the winter when the heat is on. I think it will be mandatory to spray the attic next year like we did two years ago.

Mostly I was happy that I feel much better today. I could barely walk on Sunday afternoon after I tried to lift the laundry basket out of its hamper area. My knee was bad enough from this weekend and my back wasn’t great, but that twisting lift did me in. I got to the chiropractor as quickly as I could on Monday, and it was even better than I had hoped. Somehow she gets me randomly talking and I mentioned that my stomach is bothering me and that I have so much pressure under my ribs. Short version is that after checking a few things she gave me an idea of what it is and suggested probiotics for now. I may after the wedding and the trip to Tennessee go and check it out further, but for now, I have hope that I will be feeling better and that it isn’t some major thing that needs surgery. Yipee!!

img_9011I ended up doing all the laundry including my church robe and I even hung out James’ new suit pants. They have a crease in them from the hanger and the plan was that with the snow melting below them the humidity would ease out some of the creases. Not so much, so I will be doing a bit of ironing on Wednesday before everything gets packed. Thursday we are heading north to Jamestown and about 7 p.m. that night we will have rehearsal then at 6 p.m. on Friday Jessica is getting married to Tony. First off, I can’t believe that I am old enough to be married and have children and now the second one is getting married. How old do they want to make me? OK, so you are as young as you feel? Ha!!

I also, the time between laundry loads, did some reading of background information for the scriptures this weekend, yes I am doing the service, and it is scary, but it will be fun scary and a bit more exciting than having to console a family at a funeral, but scary in the sense that it is an unknown sort of thing, and well, I guess that means doing a little more research and a little more digging so that I know what I am talking about and what I am doing. (The run on sentence was for the scary effect, Ha!) If any one hears me rehearsing they will think I am crazy, but then I won’t feel like a fool when I am reading away and wondering if I am doing it right. Of course we will work out any of those kinks on Thursday night so no big deal. It might be fun to have a more front row view than a person normally gets at a wedding.

I remember our wedding, being a total wreck up until the day, and then I was a fitzer during the pictures, but after walking down the aisle and getting to the front of the church what I remember most is hanging on to James because he was shaking like a leaf. Pretty much I spent most of the ceremony trying to hold him up and keep him calm; it was crazy. Wonder which one of these two will be shaking and which one will be holding?

Oh yes, besides the reading and the laundry, I did a few items of clutter cleaning today. It is starting to feel like we are getting one or two corners available for use around here. There really isn’t a dent in the basement, but there is just a good feeling around the edges. I will post more details later. It is so exciting that I have three  large boxes on the counter that are being filled for the wedding, and for the baby shower the next day. (Of course in our family we never do one thing at a time, but this makes really good sense in terms of traveling time.) I am hoping to leave two boxes behind with most of the items inside. There are one or two things and the third box that I do want back, but I am happy to know that some things are leaving this house never to return. YAYAYA!!

Empty house!

img_8984The house feels empty because little Ana had to go back home Sunday night. It was not a happy time at our place  when we got the call inviting us, quite strongly might I add, to meet her family in Bismarck so they could have her back. Of course Roger and Sophia did their best to keep things interesting and me entertained. Roger relaxed on the kitchen floor which seems to be one of her favorite things to do to try to gain my attention, other than crawling onto my lap, that is.

img_8987Sophia on the other hand has been busy trying to beat up a “stranger cat” outside on the east steps. She is hilarious because she will stand by the east door growling or making the weirdest noises. One time she even started hitting at the other cat and when it came towards the door, she fell over backwards. Today she sat on the chair and growled until her tail fluffed up like a wire bristle.

Stranger cat

Stranger cat

Fluffy tail

Fluffy tail

Ana time

Last night I shared several of the Ana pictures, but not the full business of what I took. She is currently tucked in bed sleeping away. Now there is a rule in our house about never waking a sleeping baby, which we followed sort of, but my personal rule about never wake a sleeping two-year old is super firm. The only way we do that is if we need to leave the house to be someplace at a specific time. Today, she is in bed until she wakes up.

Shark towel

Shark towel

Last night at 3 a.m. she was “hunry” I am not sure if that is how she said it, but I got the point. After a talk with Vic this morning, I found out that it is usually more thirsty than anything. She was also coughing so a little medicine and she was good. Sophia wanted to come and sleep beside us, but was not real sure if it was safe, so she went to the edge of the bed and watched the television cartoon movie with us and we relaxed back to sleep.



I know, I know, You are not supposed to use tv to fall asleep, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. For me it relaxes all the anxiety and makes that part of my mind work in a different way so it stops focusing on all the things that make me worried. In other words, “it keeps the boogiemen away!”

Feeding Kelly

Feeding Kelly

Before bedtime, which was before 10 p.m. because we were all tired from our trips, she was playing with all those things that we drug out of the basement. [More information on the post of yesterday] I have a couple of pictures of her feeding dolls and such that I have shared here.

Today I hope to drag out the camera again. I was thinking that we could bake up some cookies or something. Paulina is off throwing today, so we won’t be going to see her throw tomorrow. Hopefully it all works out well, and she will be in the car early tomorrow to get here to spend a couple of days with us. Ana will love that because “Pean” is her favorite. In fact she used to call her grandma because she was confused about which name went where.

kitty pillow sewed again!!

kitty pillow sewed again!!

So, I have broken the ultimate grandmother rule. I am washing the blanket. Here is the thing. The blanket is a match for this pillow that is a cat. The pillow is stuffed and has a head and feet, and well, as things go, the one foot came off and the stuffing came out, so guess who is invited to sew it back together. I should have taken a video of her helping to stuff that pillow. We were tearing off pieces of stuffing from a bag I found in the closet. Hurrah, hurrah!

Another partial clutter removal. It is happening small steps at a time, and being used in a good way, not just tossed out. By the way, have you ever checked on the places where you donate? Not all can use everything they receive and for some there are innumerable hours of man power taken to sort and decided what to keep and what to toss, so when you donate, make sure it isn’t something you should have tossed. Ok, so that was my advertisement for this post.

On the Giraffe

On the Giraffe

After we finished the stuffing and I started on the sewing it back together part, Ana decided to play “horsey riding” with Paulina’s giraffe. Fortunately we had prior permission for this, or we would not be sharing this picture. Ha!! So far we have not heard from Paulina. Ana and I have not done much besides the pillow and eating. We are tired from being up last night, and most of our day has been spent in play and when she asked if she could sit on my lap, there was no way I could be too busy just hold her and watch her play. Also her nap was really just a short one while I was holding her on the rocking chair. We both may have zoned out for a short time, but that was ok. Now to get some supper ready for when Grandpa comes home.

Roger’s antics

Looking for attention as always!

Looking for attention

Since I have not posted anything for a bit, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my cat, Roger, the poser.

She does things like you see to the left if I am not giving her enough attention. Other times she just sits and stares at me. You know that creepy feeling you get when you are deeply into something, that someone or something is looking at you, and I will look up and there she is just staring at me.

Laying on the floor looking to see if we care!

On the floor

Sometime she will lay in a strange position like the one to the left and the thumbnail to the right. I don’t know what is up, apparently she is hoping that we will look at her and give her some attention. It seems she never has enough attention, until she does have enough and then she lets me know with a bit to my hand. I was not pleased with her over that last night, and I barely touched her.

Sitting on the railing and scaring me horribly.

On the railing

Here are some other pictures of her, the one on the railing really gets in my craw. She does that every now and then, and it is her ultimate attention getter. She knows that she is in a spot that is not ok to be, and it could be quite a drop, though cats usually land on their feet, this would be onto steps, so who knows what could happen. It freaks me out and I think she does it on purpose, and then who can reach for her because you never know how she is going to jump. And she just stares at me like, “What are you freaking out about?”

Roger refusing to pose!

Refusing to pose!

This last one is her refusing to pose. I can’t figure her out sometimes. Cats, they are sometimes worse than kids!! At least she likes me enough to lay on my cold ankles when it is really cold outside and the arthritis is acting up. As I write this she is fast asleep on that chair waiting for me to finish so we can go watch tv together then go to bed.

Happy Birthday to Jessica!!!

Jessica, hope you enjoyed this day!!

Jessica, hope you enjoyed this day!!

So today is my oldest daughter, Jessica’s birthday. I won’t say her age because that is up to her to share. I just know that when I was the age she is now, I already had two daughters. She of course never wanting to be outdone by anyone has opted for the two for one in her pregnancy and is having twins. The picture to the left was taken by Paulina early last fall. I won’t give any details on it other than to say it was taken on the campus of the University of Jamestown. We will be traveling there with Jessica at the end of February for her wedding. She and Tony have decided to use the chapel on the campus. Interesting that two of my daughters will be married there. It was probably the building I entered the least, yet it was what attracted me to the campus. It is beautiful and cathedral-like inside. I love the sound of the organ blasting out one hymn or another, but I digress and today is about the birthday and not about the campus.

Jessica with Tiger at Grandma Patsy's house.

Jessica with Tiger at Grandma Patsy’s house.

Last year we were present with her for the big birthday. This year it will have to wait until the weekend. James sent her flowers for her birthday, and I have a card and a little something else to cover the event. I used to tell James that it is the mother who should receive gifts on the birthday. I was the one who did all the work after all and for the record, it was all done without any drugs. I have been remembering some of that day as of late. Mainly I came away from it with a different attitude about my mother. I am not saying that it lasted long, and I didn’t feel that way on baby two or three, but in those first hours after Jessica’s birth, I had a bit of a different respect for life and how we get here.

Jessica in our house in Jamestown

Jessica in our house in Jamestown

On the other hand, I am hoping that I will have lots of years to hang around and watch the dynamic duo terrorize their parents. If they are even a blending of their parents, we are in for trouble. I am thinking this grandmother will need to step in with lots of influence. As everyone who knows me will testify, I was always very calm and quiet and studious and do you have your boots on yet? I added a couple of pictures from Jessica’s earlier years to remind her of what she looked like, and that last one is what she acted like when she was young. It wasn’t long after that picture that the cupboards were childproofed. It was a pain, but very necessary. I couldn’t handle that sort of nose or mess, and it got real old washing those dishes over and over.

So, the bottom line is that I hope you had a great day Jessica, and I hope that we will have many, many more together and that the next time you have your sister taking your pictures on a fall day, with your children around you, the result will be quite different. Happy Birthday!!!

Jan. 19: Favorite chair

Chair in the tub.

Chair in the tub.

Last fall, in fact it was late October and November when I got this bug to take my favorite director styled outdoor chair upstairs to sit on my porch roof outside of my bedroom. It was nice in the evenings to just sit and watch the sunset, or the stars. And sometimes I had to tuck it against the house to prevent it from being blown around and one day it tipped over and I just left it. Then another day I heard snow was coming and I forgot about it. Two months later it had been stuck in the snow through several storms and near blizzards, and earlier this week, James decided to shovel all the snow from that porch roof. He had to use a ladder to access the roof because the rain on that stormy Christmas day froze the screen door shut. When he finally got to the chair and had it standing up, I took it inside. (James thought he would just toss it over the railing into a snow bank. I reasoned that it would likely shatter because it was still pretty cold) I took it inside saying that I could easily mop up any snow that dripped from it. I ended up going straight to the bathroom and set it in the tub to drip off. See the picture to the side.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Last night when I got home from the church office, I found Roger in the bathroom curled up posing on her chair. This was THE chair on the lower porch just outside the living room door that I would have to remove her from every morning in order to have breakfast on the porch. She loved the view from that seat. In fact if I dig hard enough I am sure I can find some old pictures of Tigee on that chair too. I am afraid that the treatment I have given it by leaving it in the snow for so long was not a good idea. Usually I am quite careful with my items to give them a little longer life and a few less dollars of me replacing things. I seriously don’t think I will find this particular item exactly again at near the cost, but that is how things go.

The fact is I am not so sure the chair will be leaving the bathroom anytime soon. My husband joked that we could use it as a shower chair as we age. NOT!

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