More Birthday: Ana is 3


According to big brother Jaxon all the pictures are always about Ana. In this post he is pretty much correct. These were some of the other pictures I took on Saturday that were just of her or her antics. We had hung some string to section off the “not for sale” area, and she got a hold of the scissors. In the picture here, she is trying to cut up an ant. She was having some trouble with that idea since she is pretty much a lefty and the scissors is for the right hand. David did sneak in on one picture, but the way he was trying to fix that toy lawn mower just begged for a picture. My sister Melissa had set up a sale on the north side of my house with lots of Carson’s toys. Of course Ana and David kept sneaking over and raiding that sale. Their parents so conveniently left the lawn mower here with grandma and grandpa. I suppose they think it is the only one I can use. David did get a bit upset that the grass was not disappearing when he was going over it. What a goofball!!

Opening the doll.

A couple of posts back, I have the picture of Ana with her birthday cake which apparently has something to do with the Trolls movie. I have not seen that one, though when we were digging up items in the basement, we ran into a treasure trove of original troll dolls. I think I have some of the really small ones that you could get in those old machines that were like bubble gum or candy machines. I probably had to put in a dime or a quarter to get some toy in a plastic container. I used to have a whole row of those things sitting on my dresser. Anyway. The picture to the right is Ana opening her doll from Paulina. It is a baby doll that you can play doctor with. There was a toy stethoscope and hypodermic needle and medicine dispenser and such items with it. The stethoscope makes a heart beat noise, but it took David all of three seconds to pull the rubber tube off. Ana let out a beller on that one. The picture off to the left here is Ana with her favorite of all things she received on Saturday. It was the singing card from Jessica. I know there were other gifts, but I lost track of them in the mix of the day. She is being silly as she shows off her card, but she made me listen to that card so often that we both could sing along with those creatures, lalalalalalala!!!


Sale over/birthday cake

Sale set up!!

So the sale is over. The tags of all left over items have been removed. The left overs have been resorted and boxed into: give to Good Will, give shoes to Nicole for her fund-raiser, take upstairs to the cut up for t-shirt rug pile, stack in the garage for cut up jeans for quilt pile, and the send to the cousins to pick through then donate box. Sounds like we have too much left, but all in all I think we sold far more than expected. I really like that the bag of knee highs in the Free box disappeared. I love how nonchalantly that lady walked off with that bag. We also are free of those two old video chairs that we have toyed with selling for years. The funny thing is the one without a tag drew attraction, but when the young man picked it up, I said it was free only if he took both. The grin on his face was worth all the work we put in to the sale. There was even one Tupperware item and two books from the free box that found their way into the garbage when it was all said and done. Hurrah! Hurrah!

About the time that we were closing up shop it started to rain. We ended up dragging the tables into the garage with some of the boxes still on them then finished packing inside. Eventually everything was packed up, all the tables were folded up and put in place and even the vehicles were back in their stalls. As we were finishing up the sales, Paulina baked the cake for the birthday girl (Ana turned 3 today). Later Nate and Victoria decorated it and by that time everyone was ready for a nap, except for David who was just getting up from his. As soon as he was up, I headed to the computer room to finish the sermon. While I worked on that James got to grilling up another batch of hamburgers and hot dogs. We had German fry sausage and Knepfla soup for lunch, not the healthiest of meals, but good for a summer picnic.

Trolls cake

I will probably share more about the birthday girl and the rest of the family gathering tomorrow. For now here is Ana with that cake her parents, mostly her father decorated. I was out of blue food coloring when they started, and apparently now the red is empty. Yipee! One less container of something in the cupboard. I was only to happy to contribute to the cause. And let me just say that if I had a cake pan made to order, I would never have been able to come up with a cake that looked like that. To say they are creative is pretty much an understatement. So, how was your first Saturday in August???

Twins time

I have a couple of pictures of the twins to share. This morning as we were getting ready to head for church I sapped a shot of them dressed up and sitting in their car seats. Last night when Jessica was a little over tired she suggested that she might just sleep in. We told her it would be fine, but I did say that everyone in church would be disappointed if they knew she and the twins were here but didn’t come. Well I was right, they were all so excited to have them there, and they were so good.

After we got home, Jessica changed both of them and I got to feed them. We all ate then sent Jessica to bed for a nap so we could have Marshall and Lily all to ourselves. James took Lily and Marshall and I went upstairs to watch cheesy Christmas movies on Hallmark. They both slept but funny thing was that neither one cooperated when we tried to put them down. I guess they were taking advantage of their grandparents as long as possible. This last picture was taken by Jessica before they left. Hope it isn’t so long till we see them again.

The twins are here

Chilling on grandma’s bed

Today James and I went to Jamestown and picked up the twins. The trip here was good and so far we have been figuring each other out. When they seem a bit apprehensive I just tell them not to worry because their mother will be here tomorrow night. Hope we are able to get a little grandparent and aunt time before she gets here. Aide stopped over tonight. She and Paulina both have tomorrow off. Yippee!

June Wedding

The couple at the altar.

Vic’s gift

Recently I was fortunate enough to officiate the wedding of a young couple of which the bride was a close family friend. Jessica was the Matron of Honor and Victoria was one of a group of bride’s maid type attendants. It was held in the country near Jamestown, ND and was quite a beautiful setting and set up. The bride and groom had put lots of thought in to the planning and many members of their family and their friends were there to make sure this was a special day. We didn’t stay for the entire evening of celebration because I decided not to take the following day off from church. It was a good decision since we have a few other things we will be doing later this year that will involve being away from Sunday service.

Jess signing something.

Vic holding David

Well, just want to leave a few of the photos that we–mostly Paulina took during the wedding. Also there is the wedding gift that Victoria had made for the couple. The plan is to finally deliver it next week when we head to Jamestown to pick up the twins. It will be their first visit to the Haak version of grandparents without their mother or father in tow. Oh my how will that be? I think it will be fun and we are eagerly anticipating the day when we get to hope in the van to go get them. Hopefully we have a bit more of the house organized before they arrive. Each day another thing is getting done. Hurrah!!!

Bad news/good news

Last night when I finally made my way to bed, I realized that I had not posted anything yesterday. Wednesdays are my “office” day, so usually I am busy working on church related things, and while I am physically in the office, I don’t really feel it is proper use of time to be working on my personal blog. Yesterday was even stranger because of all the other things going on around me, or at least things that were bothering my mind.

First off there was a church board meeting last night at 7:30 p.m., so on those days I sometimes go to the office a bit later so it isn’t a 12 hour day. Then there was the funeral for the “neighbor boy.” We went to that as a family including one of my sisters. Rodney, or “Pudge” as was his nickname was a grade ahead of me in school, but was a bit delayed in terms of academics, though he probably had more sense then lots of people we know. He was fiercely loyal, and my mother always told the younger generation to treat him fairly and he would be a friend and advocate for life, and that was very true. He had not been living in the family home for a few months. He had health issues and so he moved to another town with his older brother. There he was part of the family business and apparently from the words of the priest at the funeral, he was still able to do some mowing jobs and hang around the shop, which were all things he enjoyed. It was sad to see that he had gone, but we all know he is in a better place and reunited with his parents who passed away a couple of years ago.

Next James and I left for Eureka to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the hospital being built there. It will be attached to the current nursing home facility and will be a one floor design, which will be great for accessibility. According to Dr. Susan (just a little older than me and delivered my first two children) the old building was constructed in the late 1920’s so well past retirement status. This new place will only have four rooms for hospital, but it will have a clinic and emergency area, and assisted living places. This is about what is needed in a small rural area. I visit some parishioners that live in the current nursing care facilities and can’t complain about what I see. It seems the workers are genuine in their care for and treatment of the people and several of them live well into their 90’s and even past 100, so something is going right.

On our way to the ground breaking Paulina called to tell us of something she read in one of our local papers. We get the weekly paper from the town we live as well as the one where James teaches and we both coach. They are published by the same company, but the news and especially the sports is different for each. Anyway, she noticed an obituary that hit us pretty hard. One of our tracksters lost her father on July 2. She is our miler and really was coming into her own this past year, and is only an 8th grader. She and I talked often because I knew that her father had been battling cancer. It appeared he was doing better, but this spring had some other issues. Apparently the scans being done on him had not detected that the cancer returned and centered in his brain. He was put into hospice care with the expectation that it would be about a month, but he passes away before the week was over. I feel so bad for that family, and especially for that young girl. To be starting high school as the oldest of your siblings and now your father is gone.

Marshall and Lily coming to our house, our house!!

Anyway, I don’t want to end on a bummer, so I will close with the really good news of the day. Jessica called me and we will be able to bring the twins here for a couple of days next week. Nothing like having grandchildren in the house, and especially having the way little ones here. It will be the best!! Can’t wait to go get them, maybe we should go today. OK, I realize there is a reason why we will get them when we get them. Still, just saying…. OK, I will stop before the plans change. Hope you are having a great day. Remember sometimes it is not what rotten things are happening to you that is the issue, it is how you are dealing with them.

Returning the children

So, last week Thursday, we packed up the Clark grandchildren and headed to Bismarck to meet their parents. It was a long night at our place on Monday when Jessica and her family had left and we were alone with these three. Ana was not having the time without parents anymore. She had a major melt down in my room and it took lots of comforting and a little creative story telling to get her calmed down. Jaxon used to love stories about himself, so I tried it on her. I ended up telling her the story of all she had been doing while visiting at our house and ended it with how we would be packing up and going to look for her parents at an airport.

When we got to the airport on Thursday right around noon, we went to the fence to watch for planes landing and sure enough, we were able to spot their plane on the runway taxiing to the gate. We quickly went inside, but not before a pause for the photo seen above. Ana was pretty wired up about seeing PapaMama. Jaxon said the word only with Mama at the front. Just hilarious these two, and David simply followed along. He was quite funny about finally seeing his mother. His answer to the whole thing was not to let her out of his sight. Even on Monday when we went there to watch Jaxon’s soccer match, David would not come near me for fear that he would have to go with us. We tried to promise Jaxon that maybe next summer he could come for a visit without the others. We shall see. He is now at the point of doing summer sports and there are things like plays and such that he can be involved in, so not sure if there will be time for grandma’s house. Maybe we will just take the sister out of his hair.

Grandma and Grandpa with all of the grandchildren!! What a great crew.

On the other hand, we have others to choose from so who knows who might spend time with us. Off to the left I have included the great picture that Jessica snapped at the Herreid City pool on Monday afternoon. I am thinking this will be a great Christmas card.

Jaxon was able to take swimming lessons here this week. He enjoyed it, and did fairly well, but wasn’t quite able to master the back float and back stroke parts. He is beginning to be pretty confident in the water and even went off the diving board several times. Kenlee and Alyse are like two fish in the water, so they were able to do about anything. Ana and David and grandpa and grandma stayed in the baby pool, and even then we had to walk beside David the entire time. Lily and Marshall were not at the pool the entire time, but they did don their suits and joined in the family fun staying out of the heat as best as we all could. All I know is that I am looking forward to their next visit whether it is in the summer or not until later this fall.

What have you and your family been up to this summer??


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