Homecoming weekend

This past weekend was Homecoming at the University of Jamestown. This year they decided to host a full blown everyone reunion. Usually they pick the classes of 10, 25 and 50 years. That is way too far apart, but such is how it was always done. This year they encouraged everyone to come back and boy did we come back. They even had a parade. Granted it was only around the library square, and they only circled it once instead of twice like they were planning. Paulina and Katy and Alex were on the float representing the athletes. Ha! The throwers rode and the runners walked. Makes sense to me. In these pictures you pretty much see coach Clark, who has retired from being head coach but is still part of the team as an assistant. Throwing Coach Lemm is also in the picture, but she is walking. The track team won the float award. One of their posters bragged up the fact that the girls’ team has a very high GPA (3.5) and boys’ cross country is right behind with a 3.46. They have earned scholar athlete awards and the teams were recognized for that. I am glad they put an emphasis on that too. Anyway, thought I would share those pictures now that I found them on the card. I will post more as I dig them up.

Another Monday

Today begins my sixth week of this long-term substitute stint. I have one more full week and a couple more days after that. I won’t say I am counting the days because I really enjoy this school and this room. There is never a dull moment and no two days are the same. The students are pretty good and the other teachers and staff are great too.


The only real negative, which is pretty much my always negative, is that I have to get up so early. In the beginning we were leaving home with the sunrise, but lately I can’t tell because it has been so dark and gloomy and even raining, thus it is hard to tell where the sun is.

Today I will be late getting home because I have to wait for James to get through with football. Instead of having practice they are watching a motivational movie here in Hazelton. I am nearly starved and will probably by out the grocery store because we need to stop for a few items before we go home. Yikes!

I have been using some of my free time today to put together some “to do” lists for the rest of this week. We are heading to Jamestown to the college homecoming and I want to take some things along including some garden produce and maybe some baked goods. Hopefully I find some time to make somethings. I am so happy to say that my knees are feeling much better this afternoon. I don’t understand what happened, but it seems that since the heater was turned on it was much better.

Well that is it for now, have a great day!

Twins Baptism

Left to right: Sydney holding Marshall, me, Nate and Victoria holding Lily. Those were the sponsors. Marshall’s other sponsor was unable to attend.

Yesterday the twins were baptized. The silly officiant (grandmother) in her haste to move the ceremony along said Marshall Anthony as Anthony Marshall the second time she dipped in the water. They were darlings during the ceremony and that was a big thing. Not a peep from either of them as I handled them and got near the baptismal fount. I am not sure if it was because they just knew something was different in their fancy clothes or if they were familiar with grandmother. Perhaps neither, those two have minds of their own.

Grandpa and Grandma with grandchildren

We also found a bit of time at the end of the morning’s festivities to gather up the grandchildren and grab a picture on the couch in the fellowship room of the church in Jamestown. It is such a beautiful room and has been kept up very well. I remember when the whole big carpet remodeling project was completed then the women purchased the new couches and chairs and I wonder if some were not perhaps just recovered at the time. I should have taken a picture of those chairs so comfortable for meetings. So, this is it for now, we are off to another week of school.

Rain, rain and more rain

Rain water outside the school in Linton.

We must be getting some residual from the hurricanes or maybe just some normal fall rains, not really sure since I didn’t check the forecast. We knew it would rain today and oh boy do we need it. The garden and all of the fields will be happy to drink the wonderful water, but….it is so cold. There are reports of snow in Montana in the higher elevations, again a wonderful sound as it will likely put a stop to the fires where it is falling. All good as long as it warms up again when the moisture quits. We have not officially made it to fall on the calendar, so we are not so interested in seeing winter on the ground.

Today was Homecoming for the football team. The two schools, Linton and HMB both had some in school activities of their own then those who were free or so inclined, headed to Linton for the final big Pep Rally. Up in HMB where I have been working as a substitute, the high school finished off the interschool volleyball tourney early this afternoon, there was a mini-pep rally with introductions of the volleyball and football players and stats people then the entire school headed outside and down Main Street for a parade. It was pretty neat and I have some pictures, but cannot post them at this time.

I am in James’ classroom while the game is happening in Linton. I refuse to go outside because of the rain. I might melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. I would be heard fizzling into nothing screaming, “I’m melting, I’m melting!!!” We cannot have that because of the plans for the weekend. We are heading to Jamestown in the morning for a weekend with the girls. The twins will be baptized by none other than grandma, me!! It will be at First Congregational UCC there which is where all three of our girls were baptized as was Jaxon, so this is sort of THE place for us. Anyway, I will enjoy the weekend, I hope. We are packing the swim suits and hope to have a fun time in the pool with the grandkids on Saturday night.

Last comment about tonight. I would have gone home with my sister, but I heard the game was on the local access channel and I decided to stay in the school and watch. Great idea!! The game is on the channel that the school does not get, so I am listening to it on the radio, but not the same as watching. I still refuse to go out and stand in the rain. Every time I walked outside today, it felt like I was soaking wet when I got inside, not my idea of fun! Oh well, we love the rain, I will just keep telling myself!!! Enough your weekend!!!

Moving day…Paulina goes back to college

Paulina in with Jess and the twins as we parted after supper.

Sunset as I was going home. Not sure what is just over the horizon that looks like a second sun.

So yesterday was the last day that I got to go along to help my last daughter move into college. This is it. When she moves again it will be to her own place, and she won’t be coming home again (we hope/haha). I hung around perhaps longer than I should have, but when your children go to the same college that you once went to, it sort of stirs up old memories, thoughts of days gone by. Those were the best times.

We didn’t have much money, but we really didn’t need much. It is that time of semi-independence, but no real adult responsibilities. You have just enough cast to get you through if you are lucky. If you live on campus the housing and food are provided (or you pay later in your student loans) and your entertainment is doing your homework and hanging out with your friends or going to the student activities that are part of the fees with the tuition. Wait, could we go back to those days please. I hate it when the bills come due and you actually have to have earned the money to pay for them.

Anyway, it was an experience. We started near noon trying to get our hands on her keys to the temporary apartment because the real apartment is being fixed since it rained into it while repairs were being made to the roof. The key really didn’t work to the temporary place. I eventually got it open, but there was no way we could get it to lock again. The lock when we opened the door and looked at it didn’t have the guts in the wall part and I am not really sure how it was supposed to work. The doors to one of the bedroom closets was lying in the hallway outside of the apartment. The shelves in the cupboard spaces were either dusty or covered in some weird rubbery shelf liner. The internet was hooked up so that the living room area was a complete mess of cords. And the kitchen table looked like something my mother would have thrown out of her café and there were a whole two chairs. Oh and I forgot to mention that the bathtub was rimmed in mold on all of the caulk. I think perhaps it was a good plan for her to go back and suggest she was not going to live in it.

Paulina’s bed made and ready to sleep in but still in the midst of chaos.

Sofa is off to Melissa’s right.

They finally placed her on campus with her current roommate. The place they have is like a larger dorm room rather than an apartment style, but should only be for two weeks. We hope. I am not sure how she is going to move the little sofa that we brought up, but hopefully she finds someone with a pickup to help her out. It is basically across the street and over one block, maybe a couple of PE scooters would work to move it. Ha!!

Melissa was on campus to move Elisabeth into her dorm for the first time. Well as James says, we won’t be without someone on campus now for a few years. Even if Paulina is finishing with the other one starting, that will guarantee we have a reason to go visit. I am just wondering if Jaxon and Ana will let me help them move onto campus and listen to my lame golden oldies stories when they move to college. I can only hope that I am still here in another 11 years to watch that process start.

Well enough for now. I need to get the message for tomorrow finished. Not sure what that will be about. I don’t suppose it will work to rant about playground equipment. HA HA!!

Twins time

Me with Lily and Marshall

Yesterday was twins day. Paulina was all packed up to go back to college. I will have more on that tomorrow. For tonight,  I will give you a picture of me with the twins and call it a day. Let’s just say, I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday.

Time of transition

Here we are at the end of summer, at least the end of summer vacation for teachers and students. James was at in-service today and tomorrow we are both off to meet the new year with students in the classrooms. I am covering for the special education teacher in Hazelton during her maternity leave, for the next few weeks, so this will be an interesting fall. On Thursday morning Paulina and I will pack up and head to Jamestown to move her into the apartment dorm for her last year of college. It will also be niece Elisabeth’s first year at University of Jamestown. Now you would think all of that is enough for one immediate and extended family to handle, especially when the week begins with a solar eclipse. But that isn’t how things roll around here. More on that in a bit.

View of the yard during the eclipse

Paulina and I quite sadly have been pretty nonchalant about this whole eclipse thing. I don’t think it hit me until we were watching the Today Show this morning and heard Savanna Guthrie’s reaction about how important the eclipse is. She nearly flipped when another member of the news team made a remark that seemed like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Well, since we didn’t have the glasses, or the wisdom to make a viewer thing, we watched the tv version and noticed that the outside was getting just a hit darker as the eclipse passed overhead. James said someone had glasses at the in-service and they shared so he was able to take a peak and noticed that it was pretty amazing. We really could have made a trip to Wyoming to watch and turn right around for home, but I would say we are all probably better off for not trying to pull it off. Maybe in 2024 we will head south. The picture to the side was all I got of the day, it was supposed to give an idea of how the light had dimmed, but I didn’t really notice the difference until it got brighter.

So, for the rest of the family news. I have not mentioned it here before, but there will be some changes again in this family in the near future. First off our oldest daughter, Jessica has accepted a job in Bismarck and will move there as soon as they have their house in Jamestown sold and another one purchased in the Bismarck area. This will be great for us because it means the twins will be only 60 miles away when we are in school at Linton. We can go up and back to Jamestown on the same day, but it makes for a really long day. It will not be so great for Paulina and Elisabeth, but that’s how things go sometimes. I remember being so excited about my uncle being in Jamestown when I was heading to school there, and then he moved to Devil’s Lake before I got there. The other transition is that Victoria, daughter two, will be having her fourth child next April. Oh my, the family is expanding! At the beginning of 2017 we had three grandchildren and by my next birthday we will have 8. Oh well, I better close for now and get some sleep, 6 a.m. will get here sooner than I can imagine.


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