Home again, home again

“To market, to market to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again jiggity jig.” It felt good to wake in my own room this morning, but it was not without its problems. My legs hurt like crazy thanks to my wonderfully cuddly cat who insists on sleeping against my right leg. She is also so heavy that I have a tough time moving her in the middle of the night. I finally shifted and then she proceeded to plop right up by my left arm. It is really a no win with her. Both Roger and Sophia were pretty happy to have me home and they stayed with me throughout the night. James said the week I was gone, he barely saw them.

Owl bird feeder

Flocked evergreen

Ice crystals on the chokecherry trees

This morning when I finally was awake enough to look out the window, it must have been around 8:30 a.m., I saw the fog rolling in and the trees were starting to look like they had been flocked before being set out. I quickly dressed and grabbed the camera. This first picture is from the upper deck facing to the east. For the others, I actually went outside and walked in the snow and found objects that were hit with the fog. It was interesting because when I took the first picture the fog seemed to be in the distance out of town or across the creek. By the time I made it downstairs and pulled on a coat to go outside, the trees had been hit and the frost on the clothes line reminded me it is time to remove the clothespins for another season.

The day turned out to be a sunny bright day, and while I am not out and about, I am in middle of trying to sort out the events of the week to pull together a message for church tomorrow as we light the candle of Peace. I will try to post that message so you can see how I have found the events of the past week to sort of throw a little irony into that whole idea of a Peace candle. Perhaps we should all stand shoulder to shoulder with lit candles protesting for the world to be at peace.

Enough for now, hope you have had a restful day!!

In Jamestown with the twins

This week I am taking some time to visit my family in Jamestown. I am specifically spending time with Jessica and watching Lily and Marshall this morning. What personalities! I still have that way old idea that at age 7 months babies should be about eat, sleep and some diaper changes. Marshall let me know when it was time for food while Lily crawled over to the toys and pulled out the one she prefers. What outfits. He has finally decided to nap and she is rocking in her swing. I made a dash for the bathroom now might find a snack before round two. I will try to enjoy this week as much as possible. Although the view out the window pretty much says housebound for now. We are being hit with the first December snow. I wonder if that counts as Christmas snow like in Frosty the Snowman

Catch up post on a snow day!!

Snow today

It was snowing most of the morning and has finally let up now that it is nearly noon. I took a picture of the back door of my mom’s house as I had to go and change the laundry there. I cheated and went over with the vehicle after I came home from getting the mail and stopping at the bank. I need to go back and switch the loads again and fold what is dry, but I am too lazy to leave the house at this time. If I would not have wanted the bank statements and to deposit some money, I might not have left the house today. Of course, I did need to go to the mail because some people seem to forget that winter shows up around this time in North or South Dakota. Paulina was home two weekends in a row, and never thought to take her heavy coat either time. Fortunately it wasn’t real heavy in terms of sending it through the mail. I found a second one that she had stuck away in another closet and forgot about. When I showed it to her on the phone as we were Face-timing, she declined wanting that coat. I promptly put it on and am keeping it for myself for now. It is super warm and has a hood. It is also black which seems to be the only color I wear lately. I am beginning to feel like the women of the frontier who always had their good outfits in black so they would have something to wear in case of a funeral. How bad is that. I don’t have black for that reason, it just seems that it matches with anything and so you don’t need so terribly many different outfits. Ha!! The worst part is that black shows every cat hair like there is a spotlight and a magnifier on them.

Apple pie

Last batch

I want to say I have been too busy to post lately, but that is only partially true. I have taken pictures of things going on around here, but I have just been too lazy to share them. The table of tomatoes is nearly gone. The last two times that I did any canning it was all whole tomatoes. The last batch was actually 12 quarts and 1 pint when it was all finished up. I didn’t think it felt like that much, but it took forever because so many of the tomatoes were really small. There are two boxes left on the table, but I am not sure if they will ever get made into anything. I also finished off the “bad” apples from the box I was given. I was going to do up all of them into some apple pie filling, but when I thought of how good they taste just sliced up, I decided to peel and slice the ones with bad spots on them and made a single pie. I will not give you a recipe since I didn’t really follow one anyway, and though it is edible, I have a little more practicing to do before it is really good. I had a few left over slices and ended up just eating them. So good. James agreed that we would just keep the rest on the counter eating them until gone. Last count gives us 9 apples, so they should last about 4 days or less.

I have also been trying to keep my hands busy at night while I am watching television and not playing on my iPad. This has been hard, but not really so hard since I started this crazy crocheted lap blanket. I recently ended up with all of the left over yarn from church now that we have officially finished up any possible quilting there. We did up all the quilt tops that had been made in the past by women of the church and so any left over yarn went to me, and the left over material that could be used to make more tops went to the Lutheran Church in Eureka. They still have a fairly active group, and we thought it was best that the material is used in a good way. I did take one small box home of the stiffer material. I hope to make some of the drawstring bags to give away in the future. I have a post about them some place titled “sling bags.” I will have to find that and at least get the date for it in case anyone is interested in it. Maybe if I ever get that table cleaned off in my room, I can work on that plan. For now I have made a bigger mess as I sorted out the yarn and reboxed some of it into thinner, medium, and thicker thread sizes. The lap blanket I am working on is the medium-sized yarn. I will have to post my three main projects, but not here. I am almost tired of my tendency to jump from one task to another or do several at a time. I finally see how it is more of a time waster, but I realize that I do it because I get bored doing one thing for too long. Oh such a life. Ha!!

Great day for soup!

here is what we just saw outside. 

Roger had to look too.


I made some soup to ward off the cold

Still winter here

This morning

This was the view from our van this morning as I joined James in heading to school. I had agreed to substitute for the elementary special education teacher today, so we were off early. It is still snowing and more is expected over night. Ah such fun.

Leaving …

The shop

The shop

Today we are leaving on the trip to Tenn. to watch Paulina participate in the NAIA National Indoor Championships for Track and Field. She always says it should be Field and Track. HA! This will be our first trip on a plane since we went to D.C. back in, well I can’t remember. It was to visit Jessica who was an intern for Senator Conrad of ND. Bush Jr. was in the White House, which we didn’t get to tour or even drive by. Means we need to go back, maybe when Oprah is there. Ha!!


Back steps

Back steps

Today James is about going out of his mind because we had a bit of snow over night. Pictures to the side. Roger was not too pleased when we were packing. She kept putting a toy into the carry on and this morning she laid on the big suitcase. I think she would sneak along if she could. They have both been so needy since we returned from the wedding, this trip will likely send them for a spiral. I am just so relieved we are at home the following week without even a day trip. Hurrah. Wait, we will have to go to a grocery store someplace, we don’t even have bread in the house, but that is ok, nothing will spoil while we are gone. So, I have my iPad with and hopefully can drop a post in before we return. Happy March to you all.

Moving the last child, again!

The room with a view.

A room with a view. Ha, ha!!

This past weekend we were in Jamestown to move Paulina from her room at Jessica’s place to a dorm room. As all things work out, I think this will be for the best. Considering the extent of the winter with all the snow and ice and cold, the big bonus will be walking to class instead of driving. It is also a win for Jessica because it will give her time to consider how and when to start getting ready for those two little ones coming this spring. Their items will take up enough space to fill both of those rooms upstairs so not really sure where Jessica and Tony are supposed to fit in the future. They have been thinking of cribs and dressers and changing tables and car seats and baby holders (strollers–bouncy chairs–walker type things) and in the meantime no one has even considered at least not out loud all the toys that will show up because of these twins. I suspect Raja will want to take her little toy area and hide it in a corner of the basement or the garage so they can’t touch any of them.

The view from the doorway

The view from the doorway

For Paulina dorm life means a smaller space, but she is in the end going to enjoy the change of how she is now part of the campus. Something she has not experienced since transferring to U of J. I am a serious advocate of campus life. I moved off as a senior, and it was an interesting experience for one year, but lonely in the end. That last semester when I was student teaching in town, I should have come back and stayed on campus for the convenience. Water under the bridge and not the topic, so back to the moving.

The closet before unpacking

The closet before unpacking

Paulina and I went up on Friday and threw, literally, stuff into boxes and bags and suitcases. I laughed because it was one of those hasty moves, not the type I like to join in where you carefully pack for where you will unload. Since this was all going into the same little space it really did not matter. It was so great that Tony and Jessica came to help with the unloading. James and Paulina and I had filled the cars which was the easy part, seriously. The hard part was getting the two heavy items (small fridge and little plastic bathroom carrier) up three flights of stairs. Yes, she is living on the third floor in a small, private room looking north out at the throwing area. That is probably the best part of her room is she goes down the steps and across the parking lot to practice, that is after the snow melts sometime in July according to our best estimates. Sadly school is out in early May. Hmmmm now I am not sure how that was a benefit. At any rate, the room no longer looks like the pictures in terms of where everything is placed. She spent Saturday after we left and some time on Sunday getting things in place and working out the kinks on Monday. Hopefully this works for everyone. She stopped at Jessica’s place yesterday and said she was greeted rather happily by Raja. I suppose the dog is wondering where the afternoon napping buddy went. HA! Enjoy your January days, we might be wishing for some of the coolness come July, but I am not banking on it.

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