Jan. 23, 2017: Working on the clutter

Today I finally bit the bullet and worked on some of the clutter mess. It was nothing organized and actually sort of random. I packed up all the snowmen. I did the Santa’s on Saturday and today found a piece that should go in that box, but how I have no idea. I got everything in so neatly last year even with a new addition, but this year it was a struggle. The snowmen on the other hand went back in their box with room to spare. I guess it all depends on how I see the puzzle at the time.

Desk in place

Desk in place

The real project for the day was the laundry and clearing the laundry room of the desk that has been sitting there since we moved Paulina into the dorm. Jessica had volunteered to keep the desk, but at the time, I was not able to part with it, as if, but I figured it out today. First off I had to clean out the papers that Paulina left in it, so now she has a box to sort when she comes home. Next I had to clear everything extra out of my office room. It was quite a trip getting that little library table back into my bedroom, but mission accomplished. Tomorrow sometime I will work on clearing out some boxes and refilling the drawers. It will be nice to have a few less shoe boxes setting around in the room. The idea thing will be to sort as I go through them and toss items of no value. Hurrah for that idea. I actually have a tin or two of items from when I emptied my teacher’s desk in Mobridge. It might be a good time to sort those and toss the things I really would rather forget.

Now the next step is to move the big table out of there, although I am not ready to do that until I have that last skirt cut out and sewed up. Maybe next month on that one. As I was digging and moving items today, I moved a few things around in my closet again. Not enough to really count it, but little by little I am making a start on that area. I found a few easy, quick projects that I drug out to the light of day, and hopefully I can complete one or two this week. I also have a couple of items on the burner that I have been looking forward to doing, but am unable to speak of them here because certain nosy daughters don’t need to know of them until they see them in person.

One other thing that will be leaving my house with the garbage this week is a dead kalanchoe plant. I was sad to see it when I went around the house to water everything, but somehow it must have dried up and tipped out of its pot. It was not a fantastic plant and the pot really needs to be redone a bit, so instead of putting it all back together and trying to save it, I pulled it out of the dirt and dropped it into the garbage. It felt so good to be able to let go of it. Besides, I only have about 8 more of those plants in much better condition all over the house and several ways to make more, so no loss there. What have you clearer out today???

So true, so true!!

Sometimes it’s simple things that speak loudly. Just after looking at a recipe, I heard a POP and knew it was something in the fridge. My imagination did not prepare me. The biscuit tube I had thought to use, was overflowing its diagonal lines… How often are your hopes and ideas bursting before you get to […]

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Called Together

Not really feeling the greatest today, so I will post my message from church and call it good. Hope to be back posting tomorrow or later this week. We have a very full week lined up, so hoping that the snow predicted for Tuesday holds off or is mild and that the weekend is as good as is promised. Catch you later.

The title for today was as above and the scripture was: Isaiah 9:1-4, I Corinthians 1:10-18 and Matthew 4:12-23

A view of church from where I stand.

A view of church from where I stand.

Just for the record, three years ago on this Sunday, we called off church due to bad weather, and apparently it was not the best winter on record then either. A few weeks back if you remember, I talked about clearing out some of the clutter at my place, and though I had a decent start on that project, I have to admit that I got a little side tracked during that power outage over Christmas. Yesterday it occurred to me that the way I have been feeling the last few weeks, you would think that the outage was a week or two rather than just a couple of days. For some reason, I just can’t get back into doing anything and so if you are wondering why there is no Annual Meeting report booklet in the mailboxes yet, that is the main reason. I have missed a few Wednesdays in the office and the week before this past Wednesday, I really couldn’t get much accomplished beyond the Ministerial Meeting, the bulletin and the Board Meeting.

Last Wednesday Patty was in the office and we worked on the Historian’s Report together. And I will admit that I should have just left it as is, but when I get on a roll it is pretty typical stubborn German-Russian. I took the report home on my flash drive, along with the Pastor’s Report which is likely the last one in the book. On Thursday, I pulled out my stack of bulletins and messages for the year and went over both those reports trying to make sure that nothing was left out. Well, I know for sure that a couple of items were missed in terms of dates, but I see they are listed under the Memorial Report so they are covered. The bottom line is some people are not capable of making a long story short. I admit, (and I bet none of you knew this before) it is really easy for me to make a short story long.

The point of all of this is that in taking the time to write up those reports, I stopped and looked through the papers and notes that I kept from this past year, and I was reminded of some of the things we did as a group, some of the discussions we had, and the scriptures that we studied. I also learned something from the notes that I kept in regard to our attendance. I was amazed at how many times we have visitors in church with us. Sometimes one or two, sometimes several, and so many different people here just seemingly on a whim, not always with someone as a guest. And through the whole thing, I was amazed again at how much we were able to do together. The key word being: Together.

I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that every year about this time there is a scripture lesson that touches on how Jesus “called” his disciples to follow him. Last week we looked at how John wrote of Andrew and Peter coming to take a look at the work Jesus was about. This week we look at the passage in Matthew when Jesus very specifically passes by the boats where Andrew and Peter and then down the shore a bit where a second set of brothers, James and John are working, and he calls out to them to follow him. The actual text before translation was “come behind me.”

As Jesus calls these two sets of brothers he asks them to come and fish for people. He recognizes that they know how to fish and he invites them to fish not for the creature in the water that is sold as food, but to fish for humans that are looking for a fulfillment you cannot get by eating. In the Old Testament there is a place in Jeremiah that refers to fishing for people and it means “fishing” more like we think of as “fishing” for information so you can catch someone at something. They were more about “catching” someone to send them to judgment. The “catching” Jesus was referring to was to catch someone in order to lead them to salvation.

One of the readings I came across this week gave me some new information about these men and their occupations. I was always had the belief that these fishermen/ disciples were likely poor in relation to someone like Matthew the tax collector or some of the religious leaders of the time. Apparently the water that they fished was very productive and they likely made a decent living, in fact it was noted that James and John’s father employed other fishermen and so it was a fairly good business. When they answered Jesus’ call, their lives were disrupted and it was sort of a big deal. For some reason, I just had this idea that they were young men who really had not established themselves and so accepting this call wasn’t much of anything. So, I learned something.

But the difficulty of their call is not really the focus of today. The focus is the idea of them being called, together, at the same time, to join in a group to work with and for Jesus and be with him as he fulfills his mission and then to carry on his mission. We see the importance of that when we look at the words written by Paul to the Corinthians.

This passage which we read at the beginning of Corinthians is about the early church there and how something is happening that is causing friction inside that group of believers. Paul writes to them reminding them of the grace of God that has been given to them and then flat out says that he has heard of some division among their members. He appeals to them in the name of Jesus and says that they should be in agreement with no division among them. Mostly he was meaning division about which person: Paul, Appolos or Peter has the correct view of how to follow Christ. Paul reminds them that the only one they need to follow is Christ.

As we read this scripture today we are reminded to work together as a fellowship of believers. Just as the fishermen were called together from the seashore to follow Jesus as he walked throughout the area teaching and healing and preaching the way to salvation, we are called together as a church to share the message of Jesus with those around us. And as we are called, it is not just as individuals in our own corners of the community or of the world, but we are also called as a group, as a church to fill a void, a mission in our community. And as we do so, we do it together, maybe not all of us at the same time or even most of us, but some of us working together doing what we can to share the mission and love of Christ.

Hopefully next Sunday I will have another power-point for you of what we accomplished this past year. I have been digging around in my photo stash and Marva sent me some of what she took, and I have plans to put them together this week so that during the service we are reminded of what we did, so that when we get to the meeting after church, it will help us decide what we should continue and what we should perhaps change.  And though some of us might want to say, but what we did was great, why mess with it, change is ok too and so I hope we all are willing to speak up about what we liked or didn’t and add a new idea or two.

Our Old Testament reading, the text from Isaiah is something we probably want to associate more with the words that we read during Advent. Note: especially the second verse where it says, “The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness, on them light has shined.” We only read a small portion of this chapter that clearly points to the birth of Jesus the expected Messiah. The light that is mentioned is clearly a metaphor for Jesus who is considered the Light of the World.

If you were here on the 23rd when we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, as we were about to do the candle lighting at the end, you might remember that I said something about how when a candle gives its light to another candle, it doesn’t lose any of its own light, I found the place I read that the other day. The exact words are: “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle” and the author is unknown. Apparently I was bored one day when I was substituting and I wrote down several quotes.

Also on that sheet: Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” Vince Lombardi said, “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” And at the bottom of the sheet, I added my own version, “There is no I in teamwork or cooperate.” Last week we talked about being called, sort of like the disciples were called individually to join Jesus in his earthly walk around the Holy Land. Today I hope we have heard that when they were called it was not just as individuals, but together as a group, as a fellowship of disciples.

We as a church are made up of individuals who are similar in some ways, but different in many ways, which is really a benefit when we have jobs to fill in the life of the church. Mostly we as a church are called to work together to fulfill the mission of the whole of the congregation. We are here to be the light that Christ needs in this place and time. Let us continue to do that as best we are able. Amen!

Jan. 19: Favorite chair

Chair in the tub.

Chair in the tub.

Last fall, in fact it was late October and November when I got this bug to take my favorite director styled outdoor chair upstairs to sit on my porch roof outside of my bedroom. It was nice in the evenings to just sit and watch the sunset, or the stars. And sometimes I had to tuck it against the house to prevent it from being blown around and one day it tipped over and I just left it. Then another day I heard snow was coming and I forgot about it. Two months later it had been stuck in the snow through several storms and near blizzards, and earlier this week, James decided to shovel all the snow from that porch roof. He had to use a ladder to access the roof because the rain on that stormy Christmas day froze the screen door shut. When he finally got to the chair and had it standing up, I took it inside. (James thought he would just toss it over the railing into a snow bank. I reasoned that it would likely shatter because it was still pretty cold) I took it inside saying that I could easily mop up any snow that dripped from it. I ended up going straight to the bathroom and set it in the tub to drip off. See the picture to the side.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Last night when I got home from the church office, I found Roger in the bathroom curled up posing on her chair. This was THE chair on the lower porch just outside the living room door that I would have to remove her from every morning in order to have breakfast on the porch. She loved the view from that seat. In fact if I dig hard enough I am sure I can find some old pictures of Tigee on that chair too. I am afraid that the treatment I have given it by leaving it in the snow for so long was not a good idea. Usually I am quite careful with my items to give them a little longer life and a few less dollars of me replacing things. I seriously don’t think I will find this particular item exactly again at near the cost, but that is how things go.

The fact is I am not so sure the chair will be leaving the bathroom anytime soon. My husband joked that we could use it as a shower chair as we age. NOT!

Bread baking disaster!

The yeast is working

The yeast is working

Bread baking 101: Epic fail! Yesterday I tried to make bread from scratch. I used to make wonderful loaves of bread–from dough that I had done up inside my bread machine. Every now and then for whatever reason the dough would over rise and plop, fall into the cellar just before or as I transferred the pans from the top of the oven inside the oven. Yesterday was such a day with the dough from scratch took a nose dive. At first I was going to blame the yeast. Well as you look at the picture to the left, I don’t believe it had anything to do with the yeast.

Bottles and containers of all sorts of things with which to cook and bake.

Bottles and containers of all sorts of things with which to cook and bake.

So, let’s back up a bit. I took my recipe from the bread machine booklet and converted it to a regular scratch recipe. Paulina does it all the time and it works for her…. I started by putting the water into the bowl for the big mixer and adding the yeast. Now Paulina warned me that she thinks the last time her water was too hot. I pulled out the candy thermometer and tested it. I even dug around until I found the original recipe with the optimal temperature listed on it. Something between 100 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. I boiled water then needed a few ice cubes to get it right, but it was spot on. The yeast bubbled and fizzed for a bit. I covered the container with a dishcloth until I thought it had worked its magic.

Dough hook at work

Dough hook at work

In the meantime I mixed together all of the dry ingredients including the powered milk that is called for in this particular recipe.  The picture in the paragraph above and to the right is of some of the containers on the counter. The short one is where I store the powdered milk. I love those older unusual containers for things and  when they are all full and waiting to be used, it makes the baking or cooking go so much faster. Anyway, after adding the dry ingredients to the yeast mixture, I let the mixer with the dough hook do its magic. It was great and I love how that dough hook works!!

Covered dough

Covered dough

Final product, nearly flat bread, yikes!

Final product, nearly flat bread, yikes!

When that was all finished, I dropped the dough into another container and set it on the stove covered by a clean dishcloth. The trick that I used when the dough came out of the bread machine was to put it on the stove under cover with the oven warming at 150 to 200 degrees. This would keep the dough warm and help it rise. OK, duh in the past it warmed in the bread machine then I took it out and put it straight in the pans not into another container. After a little bit, I divided it and put it into two pans. The problem is that I didn’t get it into the oven at the right time. Instead I turned the oven to 350 and put in a double batch of banana bread, which if you have made that, you know it takes forever. So, now the dough was in the pans in an area to hot to gently warm for too long. By the time I got the actual bread dough into the oven, it had fallen flat. This will learn me! Next time only bake one item at a time and put the dough straight into the bread pans. Yikes!

Vegetable soup made last night.

Vegetable soup

On the other hand, I was able to pull together a kettle of vegetable soup and a “killer” kettle of Knepfla soup. The vegetable in our house yesterday was made with: 1 quart of whole tomatoes, 1 quart of tomato juice (the really runny kind made when skimming the excess liquid off spaghetti sauce or salsa before adding the seasoning) a couple of cups of cubed frozen beets and carrots and cubed pre-boiled potatoes. I also add a cup or two of slightly boiled rice. The flavor comes from adding some beef base. I prefer Orrington Farms because of the no MSG.

Because I can never boil just a cup of rice, I ended up with enough left over from that to make a bread loaf pan of baked rice. This amounts to the rice, about 3 tablespoons of butter, 1/2 to 1 cup of whipping cream, about 1/4 cup of sugar and a handful of raisins all sprinkled with cinnamon then covered with aluminum foil and popped in the already warm oven.

Paulina begged for Knepfla soup. She thought it would make her feel better. She did eat, finally.

A pot of Knepfla soup.

The Knepfla soup took a little more work. The picture to the left is an old one from way back, but it is the same soup. It involves an egg or two, a bit of oil and about a 1/2 cup or more of milk. Then add flour until you have a thick dough. This time I made it in the large mixer and it was much easier, but I had it a bit too thick for the mixer. There is a good explanation for how to make it on a post on Feb. 2, 2013. After the dough is made, I cut it up and drop it into boiling water for a bit. The boiled dough balls are technically noodles. The broth is cream of celery with milk, half and half and some water. I add cubed potatoes and carrots partially boiled. Celery is also good, but this time I didn’t have any. I have also made it without cream of celery if I have almost a full stock of celery to cube and boil into oblivion to get a broth. I also use chicken base, again, Orrington Farms. I love this soup, but I am developing an intolerance for milk products and this really gave me a sore stomach today. I don’t know how I survived teen years and adult life as I was quite intolerant as a child to whole milk. Perhaps the 2 percent and the skim were ok then, but sure not now. We have tried the lactose free and that is good, just didn’t have any in the house, and it seems rather sweet so might not work in this soup.

Jan. 17, 2017

Sunrise Jan. 17, 2017 from my side door.

Sunrise Jan. 17, 2017 from my side door.

For six years beyond our mother’s passing we have watched the sunrise and set. The brilliant colors this morning are a testament that life goes on. She also strictly forbid us not to print poems or tributes to her after she was gone, but I am doing this anyway. She also wanted no funeral, only a memorial in the funeral chapel, and I point blank told her funerals are for the living so they may grieve. I think her big concern was the cost to us, but we managed.

She also didn’t care about the flowers sent for her funeral, but would rather have had them prior to her passing. I kept buying her rose bushes, but we never got them growing and blooming. There is still one in her yard that is a pain to clean and mow around, and if I trusted myself to transplant it I would, but I don’t want it to die.

Yesterday we gathered at my house for soup and botched bread (she would have laughed at me) and in our own way, though we didn’t speak of it much, we remembered that weekend of her passing. We each have our own story of how we were told, most stressful, some expectant.

I will never get over not spending New Year’s Eve with her that last year. It was the first time since we moved to this area that we did something with friends. James accepted the invitation in a neighborly gesture, and I was beside myself, but not sure how to bow out without a fight.

I am pretty sure that I went to her house earlier that day. We were all (her, Glenda and me) working on a puzzle in the living room of all places. She kept leaving to go on her oxygen. She told Glenda of these vivid dreams of walking through a beautiful garden with her mother, holding hands, and she was a little girl again. The story of that dream gives me more hope than almost anything else I have ever heard.

I used to dream of her, but don’t much anymore. My daughters do. One day one of them called me and asked what the thermostat was set at in her house (my sisters and I were given that house and still have it pretty much as she left it). That daughter, Victoria had a dream with grandma in it and she said her house was too cold. It was winter and we had the thermostat on something like 55. James and I went to check if the furnace was working and the pipes were ok. Her kitchen sink used to freeze up, but it was ok.

Thinking about her today and trying to count the years, I for some reason couldn’t do the math. I was so frustrated, I kept counting it out the way I do in terms of some one’s grade in school or where I was working. Paulina was a sophomore in high school, so 2 years more of high school, 2 years at BSC now 2 years at UJ should make 6. I kept looking at the date on my heading: Jan. 17, 2016 and the math didn’t work. I finally realized that I had the wrong year on the heading, and have since changed it. I realize that some things just make me too upset to think correctly.

Tonight I will watch the sunset to see if it is a pretty as the sunrise. I know that no matter how beautiful the sky is for us to see, those who see it from the other side see a beauty we can only imagine. The song that our family has sung or listened at funeral’s since my great-grandfather Jacob Fuehrer passed away is “Beyond the Sunset.” Someday we will get to join them all there, what a wonderful day that will be.

The lyrics of that song written by Virgil Brock and Blanche Kerr Brock end with this as the fourth verse according to the hymnal we use. “Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion, with our dear loved ones who’ve gone before: In that fair homeland we’ll know no parting: Beyond the sunset, forevermore! Is there anything else we can ask? I don’t think so.

Jan. 15: Message on calls

This is the message from Sunday, Jan. 15. The scriptures were: Isaiah 49:1-7, I Corinthians 1:1-9 and John 1:29-42. The title was “God’s Call for Us.”

Pink beanie about to be finished.

Pink beanie about to be finished.

Most of you are well aware of the fact that I like to sew and knit and do other crafty things in fact far too many different ones if you want the truth. In fact I just finished up an orange headband and have a pink beanie quite close to being finished with the yarn that was in the church stash in the basement. And because of this like, or passion or hobby as some might call it, I have accumulated lots of “stuff” to go with the idea of someday creating this thing or that thing. Some of you might also know that I like to write and that I used to write more publically, but now mostly I write what is needed for church and I journal. This week I spent a little time looking back at some of my journals as I was pondering a purpose or a plan for this year, and how to resolve all the stuff that I have accumulated especially in terms of sewing and knitting and such, and I found that at least once a year, usually near the beginning of the year, I have written about how this is the year that I am going to clean out the excess junk involved with all my fabric “hobbies.”

Headband front.

Headband front.

Headband back

Headband back

After seeing all the times I wrote about it, I mostly decided that this year I will not hold my breath on the issue, something that James and the rest of my family stopped doing long ago. The truth is that I really, really need to do some sorting and mainly I need to finish more than just a few projects not only to prevent all of us from suffocating under the volume of what I have to work on, but so that the items being stored become of use to someone who is in need. So for the time being, I am going to take these projects as my “calling” to do something good for others. But maybe that is selfish of me because in the long run doing that is really doing something good for myself.

So what is a “calling” if it isn’t a decision or a plan to do something that is worthwhile? According to most Christian beliefs a calling is a summons to serve a church in some capacity or in a place that has a Christian, church like purpose such as being a chaplain in a hospital or on a college or university campus or in the military. In secular terms the word “calling” can also mean a vocation, an occupation, a job. So is there a way to resolve all these meanings into one. Could we be “called” to various occupations in general, to positions of civic leadership, to volunteer tasks, even to groups or organizations in order to be a Christian presence in the midst of a worldly place in order to bring a witness and example for Christ?

Last week I mentioned here during the announcements and Wednesday during the board meeting that our denomination is looking to change the definition of who is eligible to answer the call to be clergy. A change that may take years to implement, but if nothing else, it will force our membership to look at how we think of call and how we interpret leadership in our corner of the Christian world. I for one like the heading that is at the top of our bulletins where it says: Every member minister because in truth we are all called to minister to each other in Christian fellowship.

In all of the scriptures that we read for today “call” was the central theme. In Isaiah, in the second verse that we read, the prophet spoke of being called before birth. This gives us the idea that God chooses us before we even know what we are capable of accomplishing. God knows, and God pushes us towards what we are to do, if we will only take the time to listen, to hear and obey.

In I Corinthians, Paul talks to the church there and speaks of their call as a church to be saints for Christ. That is to do the work of Christ no matter the sacrifice, no matter the hardship. And in turn, Paul instructs those church members to call on Christ for strength and leadership and love and all the things they need to endure whatever they will be asked to endure, even the petty everyday disagreements that happen within any group of people.

The gospel lesson, which we read for today, is not a new story to any of us. We have heard it before. It is the story from John’s viewpoint of how Jesus called his disciples. It is the story of how John the Baptist was busy declaring the importance of Jesus when he came by and two of John’s disciples (one of them is later identified as Andrew brother of Peter) decided they would rather follow Jesus than John and so they did. The story also goes on to list others that took up the call to be Jesus’ disciples to accept whatever it would take to be part of that inner circle. In fact, according to this version by John, Jesus didn’t even say, “follow me” to some of them, he just walked by and they went. They felt this calling without a formal invitation. It was something they were willing to do, something they were inclined to do and if we are able to believe it, this was what they were destined to do.

If you continue reading beyond where we stopped, you will find the words, “follow me” in the calling of some of the other disciples, but today’s lesson didn’t have it. The words we read today give an implied “call.” It is sort of that intuition thing of just knowing without anyone needing to say the words. I am guessing that most of us here at some point in our lives just knew what it was we were going to do as adults in terms of jobs. We had this feeling of how we wanted to devote our time earning a living. Some felt the need to be in health care, some working in education, some felt the tug of the open spaces talking to the animals or riding across the fields planting and harvesting, or running a business or a household, or doing something where you were serving others or all the many things that any of us have done over the years.

In going through this whole business of “calling,” I can’t help but think of that phrase: If you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. It doesn’t literally mean that you won’t work because sometimes what you do is hard work, but if it is something that you enjoy, it won’t be a burdensome work. I also believe that if we answer God’s call for our lives and if we complete our tasks in a Christ like manner what we do is not a burden. But when things are hard, and tasks are overwhelming, Jesus has another answer for us. Jesus calls us not just to work for him, but to come to him. In I Corinthians Paul spoke of being called as an apostle to go out and spread the good news of Jesus. But there is also the call to come to Jesus to lean on him and to learn from him.

In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus says, “Come to me all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Jesus doesn’t call us only to endure hard, challenging or impossible tasks, he calls us to so the things we are capable of doing and when things seem too hard, we are able to rest in his love and care. Jesus wants us to be successful, but he also wants us to follow his example of kindness and gentleness and honesty and sincerity. He wants us to care for others in a welcoming and fair and just way. And actually, another thing that I have come to learn over the course of these three years is that when you do things with the attitude of caring and concern that Christ would have, burdens are a little lighter and smiles are a little easier to use.

At the end of this month after our morning service, we will meet in the basement to review the events of the church year of 2016 and make some plans for the coming year. The nominating committee has done their job to give us a full slate of officers and for those who have agreed to serve (those who said yes when called), I say thank you from me and on behalf of the congregation. For those of you, who don’t have your name on the list; don’t think that means there isn’t a task for you someplace in the course of the coming year. If nothing else we are expecting something good to eat at the meal after the meeting, or maybe after one of the Lenten services, and besides that there are several more quilt tops that need stitching up next fall. Just remember that song we watched a few months back, “All God’s creatures got a place in the choir, some sing low and some sing higher…and some just clap their hands.”

One of the things we need to consider at our meeting is again what is our call as a church? We do actually fill needs in our community perhaps not as we once did or not necessarily as some think a traditional church should, but we have a real purpose, we have a real call. Let’s ponder that, let’s prayerfully ponder that between now and our meeting so we can all join in working together in answering God’s call for us individually and as this body of believers. In Christ’s name Amen!

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It's not really about me...

...its about a creative journey of faith

Grassroots & Gardening

A passion for journalism and gardening

The Renegade Seamstress

Refashions Beyond My Wildest Seams

go go little red

Craftin' each day as if it's the last!

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Birthplace of James Madison and Southern Plantation

The Inbox Jaunt

From Doodle to Design

Travel. Garden. Eat.

Enjoy the good things in life ~ you can always clean tomorrow!

Lake Superior Spirit

Blogging from the Upper Peninsula North Woods...