Rollin’ up the sleeves

This morning I woke before 6 a.m. mostly because of the time schedule we had been on in Baltimore and partly because my knee was hurting so badly. I should make an appointment for today to get that hip back into place and hopefully things will smooth out. In the long run, I need to do a bit more in terms of exercising to strengthen my thigh muscles and then I won’t be hurting when I over do in the garden or with cleaning and lifting or just plan walking like we did the day we went up to see Ft. McHenry. I saw far too many people using scooters and walkers this week. I understand that some of that in not to be helped, but by golly I am going to delay my need for that as much as I possibly can. Enough on that.

Cleared off in case of storm

I also was up because I could see yesterday when we got home that there is just so much that needs doing, and we have so little time to get it all finished before either it all dries up or James is off to coaches’ convention and then to the start of football and school. At that point I will be alone in the house with the harvest and the cleaning and who knows what I will get involved with doing. I guess we need to prioritize and just get the sleeves rolled up and off to work. The big question of “where do we start?” might be easy to answer. We start where we can stand the temperature. If it is cool enough, we go to the garden. If it is tolerable we go into the shade and fix up the flower area. If it is oppressive as yesterday was, we head inside and if that is bad (I turned the thermostat to 74, it was so cold in here I have a sore throat.) we head to the basement which has needed cleaning for four years.

Coffee and make lists

Such ambition, but now out to have another cup of coffee, finish my breakfast and make a few lists. Hopefully we can cross off a few things before the end of the day. I bet if I put laundry on it I will be guaranteed of a few cross-offs. There is no wind at this time, and so I should really start right away because it is a perfect day to hang everything out. But I won’t because starting the washer will wake the others in the house and the best thing about an early morning is time to just be alone to think. Oh such a lovely day it will be. I may even start to like this early morning stuff (don’t tell the family) because it is only 7:30 a.m. and I already have 3/4 of my message for Sunday in place. I might just have a Saturday night for a change!!!

Out and about tourist style

Inner harbor

So James and I took the time we were given this morning and headed out and around the area. The first thing we did was hop on the orange line bus and go to the inner harbor where we went to breakfast at Miss Shirley’s. it was great. We each had the standard eggs, bacon, hash browns and a biscuit. We then added a shared stack of two mini waffles. It was fantastic!!

At the restaurant we met a young man who said he lived in Pierre, SD for three years and loved all the things you can do on the Oahe Reservoir. He recommended that we should visit Ft. McHenry and we took him up on it. We walked around a little and then got on the water taxi and did the inner harbor tour then went to Fells Point then out to Ft. McHenry. As we waited between boat rides we went into a creamery and had an ice cream treat.

Worship service

We made it back in time for worship then we were off to supper with the entire South Dakota group and then back to the plenary session. pastor Keith and Deb are here now and we spent time with them afterwards. This was by far the best day so far. I have lots of pictures but I am posting from James’ iPad so limited to what we took with it. Post others later. Hope this gives you an idea of what we have been doing.

Check out the view

July 1 was mainly  a day of workshops. The day started with a breakfast caucus with our conference and partners from Iowa and Nebraska. There we heard from the people who brought the resolution about Palestinian children. Next we had our second Plenary which is a fancy term for business meeting with speakers. Jim Moos who is the UCC head of World Ministry introduced the foreign guests. Two were unable to attend because their visas were not approved, seriously!

Toni Buffalo with two of the young people.

The big highlight was when Justice and Witness gave an award to 10 of the young people who began the organizing of Stand with Standing Rock. It was very moving. After lunch, James and I went to the workshop about the Standing Rock business. It was interesting to see that side of the situation. As it was going on, We saw the news from the police side of the situation, but they really didn’t focus on those who were at the basis of the movement. The news we saw focused on the radical part of it.

16 floors up

Afterwards we went through the exhibit area again then headed back to the room. This was the day James  considered going to the ball game. He was glad that he went last night because it rained today. The clouds looked dark and ugly for a time but it went through fast and the game went on. Later after I took a nap we went to eat at the jimmy johns in the bottom of the hotel area. For lunch we went to a little pub type dinner near here. I had to send my hamburger back because it was pretty raw. The next one was not really great. I think seafood will be the go to food from here on. Tomorrow night we are going as a group for supper. I think in the morning James and I will check out Miss Shirley’s for breakfast and take the tour bus to the harbor area.

Above I included pictures of the view from our hotel room and one of the workshop.


James by statute of Earl Weaver.

James near his seat.

Tonight James went to the baseball game at Camden yard to watch the Baltimore Orioles play Tampa Bay. They were ahead had two outs and ended up going into extra innings then losing, 6-4. Sad, but he had great seats and enjoyed the time there. He even won a t-shirt for filling out a survey.


Events have begun

Rubber duck nativity

Today was the opening of General Synod 31. I had a committee meeting to give us the background on it. We meet again tonight at 7:15. We had opening worship and our first business meeting this afternoon. Earlier James and I went through the exhibit hall. It was a first walk through for us, but we did pick up some items from some of the tables. One group was encouraging people to collect the rubber duck nativity set seen to the left. Of course we did it. I think it was the Education group. I can’t wait to use it this year. We looked at several items for purchase but have not decided on anything yet. Tonight while I spend 3 hours at my committee meeting, James is at the Baltimore Oriole’s game. We have some pictures of that on his iPad and I will share later when he comes back. For now, you know what is up. Oh yes we ate at a little place close to the hotel and it was great, shrimp for us both me with coleslaw and James with fries. Ok done for now!!

Checked in!

View from the Light Rail

So, we are here I need Baltimore. My posts will be shorter since I am using my iPad and it is not so easy to type on it. This was the view from the train as we were crossing to the hotel and convention center. We were just above the water while the cars and such were on those bridges above. We will be returning on those very early in the morning that we go back. I may need to be drugged to get in a vehicle traveling over a bridge like that.





I think the best joke of the day was when James and I opted to eat at a Subway as in the food chain for lunch/supper instead of trying to find something local. The issue was that we were exhausted and hungry. We had just registered and we’re sort of on our own. I took the picture to the left from the sidewalk outside of the Subway. From it you see the walkway that goes from our hotel to the convention center. In the background is an older looking building. That is the stadium of the Baltimore Orioles. We had planned to walk to the shop and the hall of fame walk this evening when it was cooler, but we fell asleep in the room (remember our flight left at 5:09) and didn’t wake until it was dark. Oh well we can go in the morning. My first official event is at 1 pm tomorrow when I am part of a committee meeting. I am on the group doing the resolution about minimum wage.

Heading to General Synod 31

Baltimore area from the air.

I think this is the head of the Mississippi. Taken as we were landing in Minneapolis.

Two years ago when I was asked if I would be a delegate for General Synod, I was ecstatic though I never really thought I would go. I kept expecting something to come up to ruin the trip. Well no such event. This morning we left Aberdeen, SD at 5:09 am. At this time we are waiting to board our flight for Baltimore. More after we check into the hotel there.

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