Last night in Tennessee

Tonight is our last night in TN. We started the day by taking Paulina to the TriCity airport. I keep looking up what the tricities are and only get that it is in Blountville and services Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport. One place says that is for northeastern Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Another says it serves Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. I guess now I know what it is for. It is a bigger airport than Aberdeen, but not as big as Bismarck, and might I say the security was more difficult the closer we were to home, interesting.

Paulina really didn’t want us to leave because she was not looking forward to a long day alone. She was headed for Orlando through Charleston, which she said was a pretty big airport. There she had to grab her unchecked suitcase which would likely be stowed underneath and run to another gate to make her connection. Her report later was that she had to run, she only had a 30 minute lay over and the flights were tight. So we stayed with her until it was time to go through security. She made it without the pat down but the man there waved a wand over her head and teased her about how her top up pony tail nearly touched the top of the detector thing that you have to walk through. Later in the day, I saw several women with the same top pony tail in the mall.

wow just found this draft. I must have fallen asleep before I could post this.

We spent the day driving back to Knoxville because we had to be there early for the flight out in the morning. We stopped at a mall along the way and shopped a bit. We ate there at a Chick-filet then picked up dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. I had mine in the morning as breakfast, not really a good idea as I am not that fond of sweets early in the morning. It was the key lime flavor.

Musicians all over Market Square

After we checked in the man at the desk recommended that we go to Market Square and we did. We happened to hit the night of their Mardi-Growl celebration. Adie managed to find the residue of it just as James was saying, “Don’t step in that dog poop.” She got some on her shoes, but not as bad as some of the other tracks indicated others were hit. I will leave you with a few pictures of that place. Wish I had posted this earlier, but then couldn’t have used any pictures as they were taken with the little Canon and no way to download them during the trip. Catch you later!

Where oh where is the server?

Now I have done it. I missed a day. Now according to my calendar, I am on target, but when it is 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 25, in Linton, ND, it just happens to be Monday March 26 in the land of the WordPress server and thus the statistics counter. Now it looks like I have skipped a day of blogging by missing Sunday.

The real problem is that I posted two blogs on Saturday. I always try to have my sermon blog typed in and saved as a draft by either Friday or Saturday. As I have been digging up the old sermons and just tweaking them, it isn’t all that hard to do. BUT, Saturday when I was finishing up the sermon blog, I hit publish instead of save draft. It isn’t like they are on the same line or that close to each other, I just spaced out and hit the wrong button. Thinking that I could fix it by trashing the sermon and reposting it on Sunday morning, I thought nothing of it. Well, the server used the original posting time, and so here I am without a post on Sunday, but two on Saturday. So much for one a day for a year.

This almost brings me to the idea that I may be filling my mind with too many things as of late. First I forget the yeast in the dough, then I mess up the posts, next I will likely forget something like which seeds I put into the trays. Luckily I have already blogged about that, and I posted those in the order they are sitting on the shelf, so as long as no one moves them, I am pretty good. Actually, I have taped the seed picture on the Beefsteak tomato tray. I also used a permanent marker to write on the white seed boxes. It should help when I plant the peppers this year, so I will know what to expect coming out of the ground.

The big thing that I need to do is keep track of the recipes I use when I am canning. I always label the lids with the date that things were done, but there is no rhyme or reason to what I do on each date. I put up some pickles last year. Some turned out and some didn’t. I now have no idea which method was good and which was bad, so no learning curve on that one. I will have to try again this year and hope that I hit better, but I will keep track of what I do each time so that I can “weed-out” the bad recipes.

Not much else to report today except I am looking forward to tomorrow. I had thought that I would be in Jamestown by this time tonight. I need to go to a training session there that I will tell more about later. Anyway, as is my issue as of late, I crossed up the wires on the event. I somehow thought this was an all day thing. Today when I finally started digging into the itinerary, I found out that the supper part, which I was hoping to bail out on, is the meeting. So, if all goes well, James and Paulina will have time with the little rats-a-frats Jaxon, while I am off at a meeting.

I am starting to see that life will never, ever, ever change. It doesn’t matter where we go, or what I think I am doing, I eventually still am in the same boat. I guess the more you think things have changed, the more they stay the same. Glenda always said my tombstone needs to say, “the meetings are finally over.”

What a game!


No texting and walking!

I have just found out from experience, in other words, the hard way, that you should never text and walk at the same time. Actually, I wasn’t even texting. I was using the calculator on my phone to check something on a check. Does that sound confusing enough? Anyway in the sidewalk between my place and the community library, there is a drop off. I forget about that drop off, and this time, I hit it at exactly the wrong time. I think my pride was hurt a bit more than my body, but my hand is pretty scraped up right now. I had a picture, but of course, I left the cord at home, so I can’t download from the camera.

My phone even got messed up a bit. I should be at home with the super glue fixing my camera case right now. I don’t suppose Jessica wants me along at the big North Dakota Democratic convention with duct tape on my phone case. I am just a little nervous about this whole convention thing. I am afraid that the Dad and I will not be doing the correct thing at the right time, and will likely mess up the life of our oldest. I will want to watch the games on TV. Dad will want to go to sleep, and Jess will want to hang out with associates all night. Just drop us off at the room.

I am also hoping that I can spend at least a bit of time browsing in some sort of shopping area. I need to stock up on some sort of Easter supplies. Well, I suppose I can stop for now. Maybe I will add to this one a little later, and add the pictures later. See ya for now.

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