Countdown to Graduation Five Days Left

Paulina gave me this garden decoration for Mother's Day. I have gotten so many frogs over the years, it is now a family joke.

Paulina gave me this garden decoration for Mother’s Day. I have gotten so many frogs over the years, it is now a family joke.

It occurred to me that there is less than a week left until Paulina graduates from high school, five days to be exact. In just five days there will be no more worry about tests or papers or worksheets or quizzes, at least not until she heads off to college. As much as college was difficult on its own, to me it was better because mostly the classes were what I chose to learn. I hope she will find the same.

One of Paulina's medals earned this year.

One of Paulina’s medals earned this year.

It is also a countdown to the end of the track season. Tomorrow (postponed from today) is the Last Chance meet in Hazen and on Saturday we have the Regional in Bismarck. Those are the last two meets that anyone can qualify for the State Meet on the following weekend. So far we have NO one from the team qualified. Usually you have someone by this time, but with the weather this year things are really strange for most teams.

My box of organized ribbons and medals to hand out.

My box of organized ribbons and medals to hand out.

I am disheartened because I feel that my portion of the team (mid-distance and distance runners) have gone backwards from the first meet. Not every one of my group has done that, but the majority has. I blame it on the intense meet schedule that didn’t allow us time to work between meets. We also took some in between days off because of the intense schedule. Add to that the fact that a sinus infection went through the group and you have a mess. I blame the illness on the first meet that was extremely cold, like 30 degrees farenheit. The last two races we let all of the athletes run in sweats because it was so cold.

Anyway, back to the graduation, with the track meet moved to Wednesday, it cuts me a day of items to get ready. James ordered the meat yesterday. The meat market here will do up the meat, cook it flavor it and put it in a roaster for us to pick up on Sunday at a specific time. I love that plan!! I will order the cake and the buns from the bakery today. I wanted to do it a month ago, but they said wait until the week of the graduation. Wild!

I am hoping that we can do the little mints tonight. My sister Kathy talked of doing it, but I know she has plenty to do, so maybe if we run to Herreid tonight, we can get that finished up and stick them in a freezer. We really do need to go to Herreid because I have plates and cups and plastic cutlery stored there, and I need a count to see what we need to add. I am also picking up the punch bowl. Paulina is afraid that will get broken, but we are using it. What good do things like that do you if they stay in the cup board forever.

Today, Paulina and I will go scope out the community center that we are using for the event. I have been in it for several events, but have never seriously looked at how we would want to set it up. I am so happy that it worked out for us to use that place. I can’t imaging having to clean out the garage here and try to find tables and chairs for everyone to sit if we hosted it at home. Well, I will quit for now, again leaving you with a few photos to update you on life around here.

Below is an update on some plants I am trying to grow and what I did for my daughter, Victoria on Mother’s Day. I was a mother and helped her with the blanket she was giving to her husband for his birthday, which was the next day. Jaxon spoiled the surprise. Apparently when Nate got home from work, Jaxon asked something to the effect of, “Papa did you get your blanket? Your birthday present one.” I guess at age three, he might not understand about surprises, but then again, I have a feeling he may just do what he wants most of his life.

Baby Christmas cactus and some fruit seed that I planted long ago.

Baby Christmas cactus and some fruit seed that I planted long ago.

First part of fleece blanket.

First part of fleece blanket.

Back of fleece blanket. This thing is about 9' by 7'. It must be monster sized.

Back of fleece blanket. This thing is about 9′ by 7′. It must be monster sized.

I actually started called Victoria Fiona when we were making it.


I realize that I haven’t done anything on my sermons category lately, so this may be somewhat fitting there as well as my general category. I fell asleep on the couch last night trying to watch another recorded session of Y & R, I need to get caught up at sometime. We are almost caught up on The Voice. The next series will be Jeopardy. You can see from this pattern that television takes up way too much of our time. I guess that is a sign that in a small town we don’t have much to do, and we choose not to participate in the happy hour bar scene which seems to be the main stay of Dakota communities. Anyway, I thought I would take a little time today and write out a list of items for which I am thankful.

10. Green grass. Looking out the window today, I see the lawn is green, oh how good that feels after this long, long winter.
9. Birds singing in the morning. The other piece that goes with this is the ability to open the window and smell fresh air…Hurrah!!
8. Dry sidewalks…Again this is a weather, season thing. I can walk to the mail, walk to school, walk any where and not worry about slipping on ice. Don’t laugh, the older we get the more important the ice free walk ways become.
7. Washing machines that keep clothes clean for future use. I am in middle of washing for the next track meet. I also had to wash my shoes from walking through the sand to get to the bathrooms. Next I had to wash the towels that I needed to wipe up the water the cats spilled.
6. Growing plants that need water that cats spill. I don’t understand why that plant water tastes better than what is in their dishes, but in our house it does.

Tomato plants.

Tomato plants.

5. Clothes lines and fresh air that make things smell so good when they are dry…..opps, forgot to take a photo of that one.
4. A daughter who oomes home after the Jr/Sr banquet to prepare and rest for the track and field meet the next day rather than going to the “party” that the others from the class decide to attend.
Paulina the night of Jr./Sr. banquet. She couldn't be serious for the camera.

Paulina the night of Jr./Sr. banquet. She couldn’t be serious for the camera.

3. A daughter who comes to track practice and teaches starting blocks. Actually the thankful part is that the athletes actually listened. She noted that most just needed a tweaking, but she did find one boy who had his legs in the wrong positions, and now he said it is so much easier to do. Wow!
2. Snickers and coffee to get myself through another round of computer work in preparation for the track meet tomorrow. I am so tired that I don’t have the drive to help James set up the meet to get the most points, actually who cares. I must be tired.
1. A family who makes supper and does the dishes so that I can watch some old shows on tv, but mostly so I can just sit on the couch and rest. Anyone tired of this tired theme yet. Well, by next week, I should be back to normal.
OK, so I need a few photos to jazz up this post. Let me see what I can conjure up, right after I throw some uniforms (Paulina’s and something for James) in the laundry.

Well ok, my favorite thankful in this exhausted state is the cd that I bought on the last shopping trip. It gets me moving in the morning, especially when the others are out of the house. I pop it in the player and crank up the volume. I wish they would go for a walk so I could listen to it now. So I get a little weird every now and then. I think I best start helping James with the meet line up. He is about fried right now because I keep nagging about why he is putting this or that one in the relays.

I’m going to bed now!

So I guess I missed it. I missed the chance to blog on May Day (May 1) then I missed blogging about the “Run for the Roses” (May 4), and then I missed blogging on Cinco de Mayo (May 5). How can a freak about blogging on special days person miss all of those things at one time, not to mention that I missed writing poetry blogs at the end of April. I guess it is called life.

Life is the thing that happens when we get out and do things and writing happens when you sit home and think about all the things you could do. So, as you can see, I must be living, since I am not writing. And of all things, I have been thinking of all the things I could be writing in some actual stories that might really be worth writing and sharing. Weird.

I have no photos for now, but I will fill you in on the past week in a very quick nut shell. I need to back up a bit, so you get the whole picture.
Friday: April 26, no school went to Bismarck so Paulina could job shadow and tour BSC. James and I met Jess for coffee will Paulina job shadowed. Went for lunch. Tour of BSC was long. Did a little shopping and home.
Saturday: April 27, track meet in Hazen. Paulina placed the discus. Back to Linton, packed up for a weekend in Herreid to see Peren. Got to Kathy’s in time for the fire pit and visit with Wanda and Roger Larson for a bit.
Sunday: April 28 In Herreid, Melissa stayed at Grandma’s house. James and I did a little yard work. Visit more at Kathy’s. Peren and Tiffany are engaged. Who would have guessed that was coming? Back to Linton in time to go to the honors piano recital to hear Alex G and the others play.
Monday: April 29 Sub for the math teacher. Worked on track stuff in spare time. Track practice, OMG, Paulina realizes she has to go to the awards banquet to get her music award. Set up meet after awards night.
Tuesday: April 30. At 11 a.m. take van and mini bus to Sterling to pick up the track fund raiser items. Store it in the locker at the meat market in Linton. Home track meet. Started after school, very cold. Very late, wiped out tired afterwards, but do up the stats and send them out to the coaches.
Wednesday: May 1. Go to meat market after lunch and load the fund raiser items and take them to school, spend the entire afternoon sorting, pass out to students afterschool, no practice, just have them deliver them.
Thursday: May 2 Sub until 1 p.m., Conference track meet at home, worked clerking. Vic came to watch, stayed overnight. We doubled checked stats and sent them out to the coaches.
Friday: May 3: Wash clothes, pack some lunch, run stats, go to Jr. High Track meet in Mobridge.
Saturday: May 4: Varsity Track meet in Bismarck. Get up and load van head to Jamestown to help Vic move. Finished team stats at Jessica’s place. She gave us our Mother’s and Father’s Day presents early. I will post a photo of them soon.
Sunday: May 5: Up at 7:30 spend the day moving and cleaning at Vic’s place, get a haircut from Lindsey, load van and green neon, move Vic and Jaxon to Herreid to our house there. By the way great-aunt and aunts, go visit, they will be feeling pretty lonely.
I’m going to bed now!!

It’s April!!!:)

April bulletin board in the lunch room. Thanks cooks!!

Wow, it is finally April and almost Easter. Even though there is a hint of snow in the forecast for this weekend, it is always such a relief when the calendar finally hits April in the Dakotas. Now we can relax and think thoughts of spring. Well, maybe with that snow looming, I won’t quite set the geraniums out on the deck. I did that a few weeks back, and we just had to drag them back in when the sun went down.

I am mainly excited because in April the track meets start in full force. James is taking the varsity team to a meet in Mobridge on Thursday, and the weather looks to be beautiful. I think we will have to pack sunscreen and umbrellas for shade more than anything else. I did grab my track hat for the day. If I don’t wear that thing, my scalp burns so bad that I look like I have a weird skin disease for the rest of the year.

I was considering driving myself to the meet so that I could stop in Mound City and deal with the property taxes, but I might wait with that until a later date. The taxes are due any time in the month of April. I don’t know why I should pay them at the beginning when I can wait until the end of the month. Do I sound a little like a conservative right now? I guess that I am only in the matters of my own money.

Being conservative with money is something I learned from my mother. She never put money in the bank until she knew that she had written a check that needed to be covered. She had some crazy methods of keeping her accounts. Legal to be sure, just liked to keep the money close. I suppose that was the result of being a child of the aftermath of the Great Depression.

My mother talked about going through at least one year of high school with only two pair of socks. One pair would be drying while she wore the other pair. I don’t think she had an excess of anything when it comes right down to it. It was probably the same for more than just her at that time. The way we have extras of many things, it is almost a shame to think of how wasteful we are.

One of the things James, Paulina and I have learned this year as we have been tightening up the purse strings since I don’t have a fulltime job is how to do without the extras. It is amazing how long you can go without purchasing extras when you put your mind to it. One small example is shampoo and such. I used to keep two full bottles of shampoo in the closet just waiting for the one in the shower to be empty. We also find ourselves actually eating the food in the refrigerator rather than letting it spoil then throwing it out just because we didn’t feel like eating that particular item on that day.

Perhaps I am just a total nerd, but I like the whole “reuse, reduce, recycle” has always been part of me. I have always been trying to figure out how to repurpose things. Last Saturday when the lawn chair collapsed around me, James was thinking we should haul it away with the leaves and grass and such. I am still thinking of how to take it apart and use it for something constructive.

My kids make fun of me because my favorite line when we are out shopping is, “We could make that.” It is a great line and a great idea, but it doesn’t happen too often. That is the sad thing in the whole discussion. I was pretty much on my way to doing more of that this past fall, and now I find myself in school three to four days a week, which sort of cuts into the time for creativity. Oh well, so it goes.

Well, I should close and get ready for the next group to enter the room. I am in for a teacher, who has reading in the morning and music in the afternoon. Great fun, at least you would never be bored in a room like this. I love her calendar. I would share it, but it seems a bit creepy to do that without asking. I will have to find one that I have permission to share.

Anyway, I wanted to say how true is the saying that often when you don’t know what to say, the words do the work for you. I had wanted to comment today about this being the beginning of a new month, and so it is time to review accomplishments. Maybe later! Another issue I need to ask about is, “What on earth makes people go back and read my post from Dec. 31? It is titled, “Happy New Year Maybe” and it gets at least five hits a week. Really, I just don’t get it. It has become the joke of my statistics. Weird how that works.

Now everyone stop this computer reading and get outside and enjoy the day. April is a beautiful month!!:)

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