Another season is nearly over

Girls’ team at the end of the regional.

Another year of track and field is nearly in the books at our house. James and I have been traveling to school this past week for the practices for all who qualified for state. With the various injuries and near injuries that we have, he decided that we should bring along the next two best sprinters to help out in case of a dire emergency. The bottom line is the real qualifiers will run unless, as said before, a dire emergency. The issue is that we had a few other young ones qualify and the more we can take this year and get the first year jitters out, the better next year will be, or so we hope. I insisted that we take a picture of the group at the end of the regional meet. I am proud of how hard this group worded and I just wanted a picture for myself of this crew. I didn’t get one of the professional group ones, so this is mine and the mish-mash of shirts makes it a little extra special for me. Also we have a girl from Norway on the team. Don’t suppose anyone could guess which one she is. My only hint is that she is standing. HA!

washing the uniforms

So other than going to practice and trying like the dickens to clean out and clear out some of the junk around the house, I have been washing up the uniforms and sweats that were turned in at the end of the regional. It is my contribution to the efforts of the parents by not making them wash the items for the final meet. It is also easier to collect them into large garbage bags on the bus and take them home and sort them out and wash them. I have several sweat tops that need their pockets mended. I guess that is part of buying a grade less than the best. My only problem this year is that the weather has not been as cooperative as in the past. It has been cold and windy and not really drying weather, just rip things off the line weather. I will also give a shout out to the new clothes pins that were all I could find. No wonder they are always found in craft pins. They are not fit to use pinning clothes to the line. I need to try to find some like my old ones, but so far that has not worked for me.

Oh seems I forgot to mention what athletes and events we have going with us. James was pouting most of the season, and especially after the girls started qualifying the relays. He was good when our girl jumper made it in the long and triple jumps, but when the relays made it, he began to fret because no boys were qualified. I told him to buck up and realize that girls have value too. In the end we have all 4 of the girls’ relays qualified. The 400M, 800M and 1600 Meter all with the same 4 girls and the 3200 Meter with four different girls. The jumper was on the three shorter relays, but will be out of the 400 because of the 4 event limit. We have a young substitute for that one. Also our girl and boy javelin thrower made it on Saturday. Our boy 400 runner and 300 Hurdler qualified Saturday and our girl 400 runner made it by time earlier in the year. All in all we have 16 running with 2 alternates and a student manager in 11 events. It should keep us really busy this weekend. All that and trying to make it to our nieces graduation reception, we are pretty sure the actual event will be impossible. Hope they video so we can watch the speech later.

May track updates

Today is an exciting day and a sad day. It is the last regular season meet for this season. On Saturday we will have our regional meet which is the last opportunity for any of our athletes to make the state meet. Today is called the Last Chance Meet, which means it is the last chance to qualify by time or distance. We have hope for a few more to make it in today, but mostly it is a fingers crossed sort of day. We are fighting a few injuries and so hoping for the best.

Shot put

Getting award for 3rd in Hammer.

Last week, I left after the Thursday meet and headed for Jamestown to watch the second day of Paulina’s conference meet. I didn’t get to see the hammer throw in which she set a personal record of 46.40 meters which is 152′ 3.” It was good enough to land her at second place on the all time list of throwers. She said her PR of shot put was 10.56 meters which is 34′ 7.75″

OK, James just came in from loading the bus and I need to head out. Check back later.

Sick Day, uck!!!

Every year at this time, or near this time, I end up down for the count. Today was the day. It could have been Monday or even Sunday afternoon, but no, it had to be Saturday morning as we were getting ready to head out the door for the State Indoor Class B Track and Field Meet. It technically is not a State meet, but it is open to any Class B teams and hosted by NDSU. We didn’t used to go, but lately James is trying to push some of his athletes a bit harder.

Breakfast for the sickee

At any rate this morning when we were packing up to leave, I just couldn’t do it. My throat felt like someone was pulling a rake up and down it, and my head was about to explode. As I was digging in my track bag from last year, I found an elastic pony tail holder and two of the decongestants that I normally use for these bouts. I downed them with my orange juice and headed to bed as James went over to pick up Kathy and head to the meet. Actually, as you can see from the picture to the side, I took a little breakfast with me to the upstairs area and watched a bit of tv before nodding off. The oranges were those I would have taken to the meet. O, well! Roger was more than happy to curl up beside me and know that she wouldn’t be home alone today.

When I woke at noon, I felt human again, but since the decongestant has worn off, not so much. I took a second dose hoping it will help, but I am a bit afraid of tonight and tomorrow since there is no more in the house, and I don’t really feel like going out to get any more. Well this is all for today. I have been monitoring the track meet and Jaxon’s wrestling from the computer. Looks like the poor little guy should have stayed in bed, too. Victoria called to say he had a positive strep earlier this week. Sounds like she is her mother’s daughter. She went to play basketball in a YMCA tourney the week we finally realized her back and stomach problems were not normal growing issues, but a bit of something called Crone’s Disease. Yikes what we don’t do for sports. Actually as for today, I only stayed home to protect the others from getting sick, and to make sure I could get up tomorrow and get to church. We have had enough Sunday’s off in the past few weeks.

Friday in Johnson City

Today was the day of the track and field meet. We were there by noon and saw the men’s weight throw and then Paulina threw. We still don’t have the complete results so we are not sure where she finished. We know that of the 8 placewinners 4 of them were from Hastings and two were from Concordia both of them are in Nebraska. One was from Ottawa in Kansas and that coach is a Jamestown graduate. The other was from St. Francis in Illinois.

We got to watch the men’s miler from UJ who just missed the finals, and the women’s 600 runner who did make the finals.



It was a good day and after for a fun time we went to eat at a place recommended to us by a fellow passenger on our flight into Knoxville. It is a BBQ spot and has been around for a long time. It is called the Firehouse and dummy me did not take a picture of the outside.

Paulina's meal

Paulina’s meal

Paulina and James had the half rack, Adie did to but she had chicken too and I just had a burger but it sure was good. The service was fantastic and everyone was super friendly and oh so fast.

Leaving …

The shop

The shop

Today we are leaving on the trip to Tenn. to watch Paulina participate in the NAIA National Indoor Championships for Track and Field. She always says it should be Field and Track. HA! This will be our first trip on a plane since we went to D.C. back in, well I can’t remember. It was to visit Jessica who was an intern for Senator Conrad of ND. Bush Jr. was in the White House, which we didn’t get to tour or even drive by. Means we need to go back, maybe when Oprah is there. Ha!!


Back steps

Back steps

Today James is about going out of his mind because we had a bit of snow over night. Pictures to the side. Roger was not too pleased when we were packing. She kept putting a toy into the carry on and this morning she laid on the big suitcase. I think she would sneak along if she could. They have both been so needy since we returned from the wedding, this trip will likely send them for a spiral. I am just so relieved we are at home the following week without even a day trip. Hurrah. Wait, we will have to go to a grocery store someplace, we don’t even have bread in the house, but that is ok, nothing will spoil while we are gone. So, I have my iPad with and hopefully can drop a post in before we return. Happy March to you all.

She did it!!

Happy Birthday Paulina, one day early! Tomorrow our baby is 22 years old. Some days I wonder how I got past being a teenager to all of a sudden I am a grandmother of 3, with more grandchildren coming at every flip of the calendar. Next week on Friday when Jessica and Tony make it official, we will add his two girls and we will have 5 grandchildren. In April or May as the case may be when the twins are born, we will have 7 grandchildren. It should not get to add up that fast. I was always good at math and love statistics, but this is starting to make us look  like we are getting old so fast, and it is crazy.

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Now as for how to stay young: today James and I agreed that we will keep up this running around and seeing what our children and family members are involved in as long as we are able to get into and out of the car. And since I have begun to master the “write my sermon in the passenger seat while traveling down the road,” we might get to go more often. Although I look forward to having the next two Sundays off, I still have a message to deliver at the wedding on Friday night, and next week before we can leave town on Thursday, we have an Ash Wednesday service to get through. Oh well!!

throwing area

throwing area

So for the big news: today we were in Brookings, South Dakota at their hugmungous or should I say ginormous track and field complex with an indoor football field in the middle. We were there for the North Star Conference Indoor Championships. It was fun, but we again missed the ending where the University of Jamestown girls’ team picked up the team trophy for the third consecutive year. Paulina looked at it earlier in the meet, and her comment was something like, See our trophy, it is much bigger than last year’s, nice. Ha! I think what she really meant is that she felt more like a part of it this year since she placed a little higher than last year. If you look at the picture above and notice the checkerboard sort of area you can see where they threw. Paulina’s toss just about hit the white goal line to the right of the checkerboard.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Last year she was 6th in the weight throw and made finals of the shot put but ended in 9th (only 6 place and only 3 medal). This year she was 8th in shot put and won the weight throw. We looked at the marks, and although she and her coach said it was her last throw, that was her best, we looked at the marks and saw that her first throw was better than every throw there, except her own last throw. She did as her dad tries to promote, go out and set the tone with the first effort and make them come catch you. It was not a PR, but seriously it was the second best throw she has done. She hit a 15.64 to take first place.

The only reason it was not a PR is because last week in a super big meet when she threw on day one, not even in with the big colleges and universities, she hit a 15.51 (breaking the school record) and then a 16.08 which re-broke the school record and qualified her for the National meet in Johnson City, TN. In the end she was 16th of 77 participants so she should count that as pretty good. And we had to hear about it on the phone because she threw on a Friday, and we were not able to go. I guess that is why we say, we go when we can as long as we can. One mother who came from Devil’s Lake, ND today told her daughter it was worth the trip because in two years, she won’t have anyone to watch anymore. Yup know that feeling. Well, just stopped here today to give Paulina a shout out for her 22nd birthday, and I guess her best gift was the one she gave herself, the medal she earned and the 15 minutes she spent holding the team trophy knowing she was part of the group that earned it. When we were involved with track and field in Mobridge, we had t-shirts that said, “The view from the top is worth the effort.” I asked Paulina today if it is true. She just smiled.

Paulina article

I have not posted anything for the past two days, and then it was not really much. I will post a few different items tonight and then likely take another few days off. James and I are heading to the next indoor meet tomorrow. We had thought about staying home. Initially we were thinking that financially and physically we should just take a break. Then we really thought about it. How many more times will we really get to do this, and even if there are lots more, why should we sit in the house fussing and fretting about what we might not afford later. It is about time we do something now.

I believe that one of my New Year’s thoughts was to “just live.” What I meant was to live in the moment and to enjoy what is going on now at this time. It is why I negotiated the right to be gone from Sunday mornings an extra time or two if I really need it this year. I just find a person to fill and make sure they are paid. I may not need to do it, but the possibility is there. It is also time that we begin to do things that we really like instead of hunkering down at home and, well just sitting at home all the time. Of course if you really think about it, that is sort of a joke. My mother always said we drive the wheels off the car to be with out girls, and I say what is wrong with that, she did it for most of hers.

So, the article below was printed in the local newspaper this week. I even had a couple of people come and comment to me about it today when I was volunteering at the local mobile food pantry. It was a good time today, and it felt good to pick up items for the two that I got things for. I know one of them appreciated it. Haven’t heard from the other yet, but I am sure it will be good. Anyway, check it out below and see why we are headed to another college meet tomorrow.

Paulina was the UJ female athlete of the week in early January

Paulina was the UJ female athlete of the week in early January

Photo from University of Jamestown website. Thanks!!

Photo from University of Jamestown website. Thanks!!

Paulina Haak has had a successful beginning of her second indoor track and field season with the University of Jamestown Jimmies. Haak took first place in the Bag Throw with a toss of 14.15 (46’ 5 ¼”) at the Bemidji Super Open in Bemidji, MN on Jan. 14. Haak was also seventh in the Shot Put with a toss of 34’ 2 ¾”. She was later named Optimist Female Athlete of the Week for the week of Jan. 9-15.

On Jan. 20, at the St. Thomas Showcase in St. Paul, MN, Haak increased her distance in the Bag Throw to 14.84 (48’ 8 ¼”) placing third in the event and moving to second on the all-time list of UJ women in the Bag Throw.

On Jan. 28, at the Cobber Double Duals in Moorehead, MN Paulina was fifth of 32 throwers in the Bag Throw with a toss of 14.69 (48’ 2 1/5”).

Haak with a 3.80 was one of 15 Women’s Track and Field Athletes named to the Dean’s List at the University of Jamestown for the 2016 Fall Semester. Haak is a 2013 graduate of Linton High School and my youngest. HA! I changed that part.

Someday maybe I can watch one of the grandchildren do something along this line, as in David… And then who knows about Thing 1 and Thing 2, or is it Baby A and Baby B, I can never remember what we are calling them.

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