Season Over

Team by the mini bus their mothers decorated for the state meet!! We took 16, 13 competed, and 4 placed, 1 won 4 plaques.

Well everything about this year’s track season is over except the awards gathering and the inventory. It was a pretty good year, all and all. As we always say, it went too fast. It seems that in this part of the country, you barely get started and then it is over. We began practice indoors sometime in March. It was just early enough for us to have 9 practices before we went to the one Indoor Meet in Fargo. We started just after we came back from the trip to Tennessee to watch Paulina. And that was only a week after we had Jessica’s wedding and shower.

Then in early April my siblings and I were in Phoenix for my uncle’s passing just before the first outdoor meet, which was at home. The first away meet was the day the twins were born and that was a wild day, too. We stayed over night at James’ brother’s place then borrowed a car from Jess and Tony to go back to Linton for well there was no practice, it was the day the pizza’s were delivered, so we were in on that. After all was said and done, we stashed our pizza’s and grabbed our van so we could take the borrowed car back to Bismarck and come home to get ready for the next day. Needless to say, I missed a Wednesday at church, which meant rescheduling of a Minister’s Meeting. Yikes. And we are trying to understand why we are so worn out this year.

Parade of Athletes on Friday morning.

I feel like I am carrying on about this like I am whining and complaining. In truth it is more of an on paper accounting to make me look at it and understand what really happened. In truth if I were to recount what is listed in the calendar it would sound like I am bragging about how super busy we are. Mostly it is just normal life. I will bet nearly everyone around does twice as much as we do, but they just don’t think about it all that much. We are starting to understand that at this age our metabolism is not what it was when we were 50 let alone when we were 4o. James keeps wishing he could eat something or take something to make him less tired. I told him it is called a little rest now and then, and maybe some sleep other than on the couch in front of the TV. I think most of the problem is the traveling. In order to do anything or see anyone, we drive 100 miles if not more.

These were my relay girls. They placed the 800 and 1600 relays. The girl two from my right is our jumper.

So the end of the season was great, as in really great. We had 2 relays both place 6th and it was the same 4 girls in each one just a slightly different order and length of race. Our jumper who was in both relays was 7th in the long jump and 2nd in the triple jump, and she was leading the entire competition until the girl who jumped right before her beat her by 1 1/2 inches. Crazy! It was a good meet and the young ones who also came and participated were very good spectators when their events were finished. Hopefully they learned what it is all about and will come out again next year and be hungry for their turn to take some places. I have a few pictures to share. Hope your opening weekend to summer was as fun as mine!!

Look what I found!

So today, while I was going back and forth to my mother’s house to do laundry and feeling sorry for myself because there is so much to do and I don’t feel so very good, and the wind is blowing like a mini hurricane and poor me….. I looked down on the gravel and found a smart card face up in the dirt. It is a Kodak 256MB and I don’t think I ever owned one that large. We are lucky if we splurge for the 8MB. So I down loaded and if anyone recognizes their images, by the way I recognize most of the people and places on the card, they need to call to claim it. I was pretty amazed that it still works, and this could be a credit to the technology of the device, and should almost be a commercial for the product. Seriously, the baby on one of the pictures is now in the first grade.

Paulina feeding Carson.

Paulina feeding Carson.

Elisabeth and baby brother, Carson.

Elisabeth and baby brother, Carson.

Melissa, Jessica and Carson.

Melissa, Jessica and Carson.

The four sisters, I think we are at Jessica's college graduation.

The four sisters, I think we are at Jessica’s college graduation.

Family at Jessica's college graduation. I was right about the earlier ones.

Family at Jessica’s college graduation. I was right about the earlier ones.

Jess, where are you?

Jess, where are you?

Kathy and Peren on their Chicago trip, other pictures in that folder show Wrigley Field.

Kathy and Peren on their Chicago trip, other pictures in that folder show Wrigley Field.

Here we are at Paulina's confirmation.

Here we are at Paulina’s confirmation.


Linton-HMB at state track meet several years ago.

Linton-HMB at state track meet several years ago.


I think this was the 4x200 Relay team.

I think this was the 4×200 Relay team.


Elisabeth is a few years older than this birthday. Adie and Steve in the background.

Elisabeth is a few years older than this birthday. Adie and Steve in the background.



Day two and it’s over

I wanted to blog after the track meet on Saturday, but as life works one doesn’t always get what you want. We had a semi-successful day. We didn’t have an athlete in an event until 2 p.m., so James decided to let them sleep in. Besides all of that, it was cold. No need to have them sitting out in the elements longer than necessary. He and Coach Sailer went to the Class B Coaches meeting. He invited me about 10 minutes before they were going to leave. I stayed back incase the team needed something. Besides my pillow was calling my name.

After they came back, we hoped in the vehicle and headed for McDonald’s and some breakfast. COFFEE!! Anyone who wanted to attend was invited. Most of the athletes decided to sleep a little longer. By the time we made it to the meet, it was cold and damp. The athletes headed for the tent, which was a good shelter from the wind. Paulina and I decided to cuddle up on the bleachers straight across from the finish line. It was easier on the arthritic knees than trying to jam in between a bunch of other people, but it was cold.

We stayed long enough to watch Tanner place in the 110 hurdles. After he made the award stand, we took a hike to the bus. There we grabbed a little food and snuggled up out of the wind. We could have gone to the tent, but just didn’t feel the need to interfere with the others there. Earlier, I watched the boys running the 3200 meters. I wanted to hear Corey’s name called for the record. It wasn’t broken this year. It was too cold and windy. Do you hear this as a theme?

Our girls were in the final race of the day, the Class B girls’ 1600 meter relay. They were not in the final race as they made it to heat two but not the ultimate, heat three. We were third in our heat and ninth overall. The top eight place. They did well, but it was hard to see the two seniors fall short of a place on their final try. Most of the athletes were cold and tired and ready to head straight home.

The senior girls were not. They wanted to eat. We stopped for them. They took their time eating; we waited. James did make them grab their bags, and we all snuggled into one bus. Mr. Sailer took Tayler, and we didn’t have to stop in Hazelton to switch busses. It was over.

When we got back to Linton, the senior girls took their time getting off the bus. I should have pulled out the video camera, but instead I decided to keep this picture in my mind. Both Kayln and Robin took their time saying good-bye for the last time to James. He had been their coach for six years. They shared a whole lot of good times, and it was hard for all three when it came time to say that last good-bye.

When it was over, Paulina and I kicked into gear. We had to unpack the bus and get everything packed up for the year, well sort of. Here is the part that no one realizes about a coach’s life. Everyone thinks that coaches have all the glory. Well, head coaches also have the piddly work. The tent was wet. It had been packed as needed to bring it home, but it couldn’t stay packed. We drug, literally, everything into the building, took it apart in his class room and set it up. The water ran off the top onto the floor. Paulina was mopping up the water with a towel as James and I were clearing off tables to drape the tent sides on so everything could dry over the weekend.

It is now Monday, and we are back checking on everything. The tent dried nicely, and it is now safely tucked away in its summer wrapper. The sides are dry, folded and in their bag ready for next year. The banners that go on the sides are also in storage. The only thing that wasn’t dry, and that was because we had run out of floor space, is the tarp. It is currently stretched out on the floor to dry until tomorrow. The uniforms are stacked in the corner to be washed tomorrow. Hopefully that will be the end of all of that and summer can start in earnest. Good night!!

Day one is in the bank

The first day of the state meet is over, and we did pretty well. Our 1600 meter runner took 8th which was more than expected. His time coming in was 15th. Since he is only a freshman, we all think it is pretty awesome. Next the senior made finals in the 110 hurdles, which he only ran about four times all year. Our senior girl made a personal record in the triple jump when she hit 33′ 1″, but it was not enough to get into finals. It took a high 33′ to place.

Our boys’ 4×100 was out of the money as were both of our high jumpers. The high light of my day was the 4×800. They were listed 7th going in, and they placed 7th. Some may think that isn’t a great accomplishment, but considering that the oldest runners on that team are juniors that didn’t even go out last year, and the other two include one freshman and one eighth grader. I was excited.

Anyway, I would like nothing better than to spend the rest of the night lounging, but it is off to supper in a few minutes. Hopefully, I will have this finished before we leave. Let me get a move on a few more items here.

Last night as we were waiting in line to eat, Adie texted to let us know that Sophia finally came home. I imagine she will be passed out for a day or two. I am sure all three of the cats will be pretty happy to see us when we get back. Sort of a dirty trick to take them to Herreid then leave for three days.

Paulina and I have tried to sort through our schedule for the beginning of summer. Well, Saturday night after we get back to Linton we head for Herreid. Sunday get the memorial flowers on the graves. Monday sit on the porch and rest, that is between pulling weeds in the flower gardens. On Tuesday we need to be back in Linton for the evening when Paulina has skills camp and open gym. I need to get to work on the curriculum for the Day Camp on Thursday. Wednesday is open. Thursday is Day Camp for Emmons County Farmers Union. Paulina will likely be helping at the volleyball camp.

By Friday, Paulina is on the way to Jamestown with the Wishek lifeguards to do their training. Hopefully she passes that. Apparently they return on Saturday. In the meantime, James has a Relay for Life with the Haaks in Napoleon and I committed to the South Dakota UCC annual meeting in Aberdeen for Saturday and maybe Sunday. We haven’t quite figured all of that out. I wonder if I can through in a box of cans to take to one of those drop off places in Aberdeen. It might cover the cost of a pop or something at the meeting.

I guess with all of that summer will have officially started. Now to finish off the rest of this track meet. Since it is Saturday morning, I see that posting last night did not happen. For some reason the computer would not link to the wireless when we got back from eating. We are not leaving here today until 11 a.m. Our first event is at 2 p.m. and the last at 5:30. This should give the athletes just about enough time to warm up and prepare. No sense keeping them outside in the elements longer than needed. It looks like rain, or at least cold for most of the day.

One mother brought her boy his winter coat yesterday when she came to watch. It isn’t a big old parka, but it is much warmer than the light jacket he had along. Mostly the parents were here with extended family cheering on their sons and daughters. I think that is what I like best about these events, people come together in support of their friends and neighbors and team members. You could see that all through the stands if you stopped to listen to the different conversations. Nice to have that positive. I decided today to focus on that instead of any negatives that might have been. Well, enough for now. Catch you when I can find service again.

Pre-state track meet

Here we are in Bismarck the night before the State Track and Field Meet. I think James has convinced himself that next year he should really stay home each night and just drive up in the morning. When he was thinking about it at the beginning of May, it seemed like such a chore. Tonight with several hours of dead time on our hands, it seems like a sensible thing to do.

The only real problem is getting the team area including tent in place and picking up the packets. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just cruise to town, set things up and grab the goods, then head home to a good night’s rest in ones own bed. When you are only 60 miles away, maybe not a bad idea. However, if you would have vehicle problems such as blow a tire, hit a deer, or any number of things, then maybe it is better to be in town already. It is hard to say which is better.

The athletes that we have along are fairly young. Of the 12 running and jumping, only four have competed at state before. The alternate participated two years ago, but eight of them have never been at a state track meet. Of those eight, five participated in state basketball or football or volleyball, but three of them have not been to anything before. Hmmm. I guess that is not as inexperienced as I thought, but it is still somewhat inexperienced.

So, about time for lights out…James needs to make one more tour of the hallway. I don’t hear anything out there right now, I believe they all went to bed. I think they were a bit surprised when we stopped into the rooms and the only thing I said was that I didn’t want to see any of the girls in the hallway alone.

Seriously, I am a little wary of everything. This hotel is full and not all of the people here are staying because of the track meet. Sorry, but I don’t see any reason to take chances with young ladies when there are lots of older men around. Call me an old nerd or prejudice of gender, age, occupation, whatever, I just don’t think you can be too careful.

Anyway, everyone is now in bed. The older, wiser and more experienced athletes are actually interspersed among the young. Interestingly enough it all worked out on its own as James put them in rooms according to relays they are in. It all worked out pretty well. I will have an update of the events and outcomes tomorrow including a picture of the tent that is finally back from the shop that put on the lettering. It looks really good.


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