Tired cats



Tonight James and I worked to get the house ready for the weekend. Paulina and her roommate, Katie, will be coming. She is allergic to cats so we were doing our best to get rid of the hair and dander. I have been falling asleep since I got into bed. My legs ache badly and having Roger curled up beside me really helps. Well midnight now so time to get some sleep.

Garden end of August

Moss roses in bloom

Dark holly hock

On Saturday, I realized that I had better go out and water the flowers in containers and check on how things are going in the garden. It wasn’t just that I was gone on Thursday and Friday, but with taking that substituting job, I haven’t been in the garden seriously working since last week. Monday with the eclipse, we decided to stay inside and hunker down. Also it has not rained, but has been rather wet and dewy in the mornings, so not really conducive to hanging out in the garden. Earlier in the year, Paulina had questioned what was in the short little container. I keep trying to get moss roses to grow in it, but each year it is a struggle. They are finally growing and blooming, but the container is so shallow it dries out too quickly. I will have to find them a new home next year. Maybe a little fairy garden would be best in that container. The holly hock to the right is a color that I have been trying to grow for a few years, and of all things this year it grows right beside the pond which is not where we want any flowers at all other than the hanging baskets. I will be sure to get some seeds from it and actually plant it in another spot.


The picture to the left is the container of sage. It is really growing, though I am not sure where I will ever use that. Maybe Victoria will want it. The basil is also doing quite well, but I didn’t happen to take a picture of it because I chopped most of it off last week and we dried a couple of trays of it. I told Paulina she is allowed to take as much as she wants after they finally move into the real apartment. They will have a campus food plan, but I know Paulina, if she has a kitchen, she will be cooking a few times a week, especially on the weekends. I bought her a small kettle set, she might have to bring them home on Labor Day. They were so cheap that we have to attach the handles and I think a tool set is the one thing she is missing. I may have to put one together for her. Sounds like a good back to school gift after Labor Day.

Roger chillin’

The final picture and of course the largest is of Roger. The whole time I was dragging the hose around the concrete and finding the dried up flower pots and dead heading all the petunias, there was Roger just chillin’ out under the table. She is forever looking for some “safe” spot to sit or lay. In this picture she is actually sitting up, sort of. Saturday night she came to the office and wanted attention. I was working on the message for Sunday and told her no to coming up on my lap. So she proceeded to lay on her back beside my chair with her paws folded trying to look ever so adorable so I would pick her up and hold her. Mostly she sits in cardboard boxes, which reminds me I need to pack up all the boxes we didn’t use to pack up Paulina. I really am so amazed at home open the house looks now that she has moved out again. I had no idea she had so much here.

Of course, she did take some things she never had before this year because she is moving into an apartment. Namely that lovely sofa that is left over from the days when Vic and Jess lived on campus in the Dean’s house that summer. The house has been torn down, but we saved that lovely couch. By the way it is not to come back to this house unless there is a signed contract that it is leaving with the owner again. There is still a chair and a stool in the basement that need to go later. Between the rummage sale and her leaving, I am starting to see the walls in the basement. I am thinking if we tackle just one or two boxes of stuff down there each week, we could have the place cleared out by spring. Oh Ya!!!

Garden helper

Last week when I was working in the garden, I soon found I was not alone. When I looked at the tomato plants, I found a guard cat watching me. Roger often stands guard in the area where I am working both inside and out. I sometimes wonder if she thinks she is a dog. Haha!

I had started a longer post today about cleaning out some of my closet and sorting through boxes from the basement, but early this afternoon I had to back off and am currently sitting up in bed trying to rest until whatever hit me goes away. I am blaming my ears, but am not real sure what this is. James made an observation that Tuesday’s are not my best days especially when I do lots of laundry on Mondays and hang most of it on the line. I think it started yesterday already as I kept feeling like I was walking sideways. I just know that I don’t want to think about going out in the heat,but now I am under the covers because I am cold. Maybe it is a psychosomatic reaction to sorting and throwing away stuff saved forever. Enough said, just wanted to share this picture of my guard cat, Roger. Hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Back to winter, again

Gift from Paulina

What a weekend! We thought that we would be spending time at home getting some things accomplished, maybe getting to the message for church a little early, and instead we got a phone call on Friday night asking us to please come and get Paulina from the airport in Bismarck. Apparently when they went to the airport, they were crowded and no one figured on her coming back with them. They also had some sort of glitch in Orlando and ended up in the airport over night instead of staying in a motel nearby. What a thing to be in a strange place, tired and have all your luggage and not being able to sleep because you were not sure what was going to happen. It sounds a bit to me like there needs to be a leadership change in the group in terms of the adult advising it. The only thing that I could tell Paulina is those going into teaching received a hands on education of why the adult needs to be mature and they know more about how to treat students in their care. End of that lecture. She brought us this little Minnie Mouse ball to put on our van antenna. I put it on the crochet hook because I don’t want it to blow away or be faded by the sun or ruined by the snow or rain. Roger thought it would be a great toy, so I have to keep it away from her too.

The shop this evening

At any rate there was a storm coming into the area yesterday and today, and so we were a bit leery about getting on the road. We made it to Bismarck fine and by the time we picked up Paulina and Katie, the snow had let up. Jessica left Jamestown as we were leaving McDonald’s and we met at the truck stop in Steele. It was really nice of her to brave the elements for a sister and friend. Paulina hopped in the driver seat and Jessica curled up in the back to sleep on the way back to Jamestown. Today Jess said she could feel the babies drop. I sure hope they hang on for their duration to grow and develop as needed before they come out to meet this cold world.

In between inside and outside door.

Well, this morning was even worse in terms of weather. It did not snow much overnight. I would know because I wasn’t finished with the message for today and pulled one of those write until I can’t hold my eyes open, sleep for an hour or two then wake up and write some more than sleep, and that is how I made it to 7:30 a.m. and was about to do the last half a page and the prayer when James looked out the window and said it was time to call for a road report. A dial to 511 and a text to one of the farmers, and we had determined there was no travel advised in our area and so the phone tree was enacted to call off church. What a deal. The rest of the day was spent watching Hallmark movies, taking cat pictures and alternating between knitting and crocheting and eating.


I also had a hard time keeping Roger off my lap. She is really having a hard time staying warm as of late. I think maybe it isn’t so good for her to be in Sophia’s special thyroid food so much. [Evidence is in this picture. I am finding her sitting on the heater vents quite often.] I will have to make sure she eats more of her own food. Speaking of food, I am currently so stuffed with taco soup that I can barely sit, but it was really good. I guess I will go back to the chair by the TV and work on the afghan some more.

Empty house!

img_8984The house feels empty because little Ana had to go back home Sunday night. It was not a happy time at our place  when we got the call inviting us, quite strongly might I add, to meet her family in Bismarck so they could have her back. Of course Roger and Sophia did their best to keep things interesting and me entertained. Roger relaxed on the kitchen floor which seems to be one of her favorite things to do to try to gain my attention, other than crawling onto my lap, that is.

img_8987Sophia on the other hand has been busy trying to beat up a “stranger cat” outside on the east steps. She is hilarious because she will stand by the east door growling or making the weirdest noises. One time she even started hitting at the other cat and when it came towards the door, she fell over backwards. Today she sat on the chair and growled until her tail fluffed up like a wire bristle.

Stranger cat

Stranger cat

Fluffy tail

Fluffy tail

Roger’s antics

Looking for attention as always!

Looking for attention

Since I have not posted anything for a bit, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my cat, Roger, the poser.

She does things like you see to the left if I am not giving her enough attention. Other times she just sits and stares at me. You know that creepy feeling you get when you are deeply into something, that someone or something is looking at you, and I will look up and there she is just staring at me.

Laying on the floor looking to see if we care!

On the floor

Sometime she will lay in a strange position like the one to the left and the thumbnail to the right. I don’t know what is up, apparently she is hoping that we will look at her and give her some attention. It seems she never has enough attention, until she does have enough and then she lets me know with a bit to my hand. I was not pleased with her over that last night, and I barely touched her.

Sitting on the railing and scaring me horribly.

On the railing

Here are some other pictures of her, the one on the railing really gets in my craw. She does that every now and then, and it is her ultimate attention getter. She knows that she is in a spot that is not ok to be, and it could be quite a drop, though cats usually land on their feet, this would be onto steps, so who knows what could happen. It freaks me out and I think she does it on purpose, and then who can reach for her because you never know how she is going to jump. And she just stares at me like, “What are you freaking out about?”

Roger refusing to pose!

Refusing to pose!

This last one is her refusing to pose. I can’t figure her out sometimes. Cats, they are sometimes worse than kids!! At least she likes me enough to lay on my cold ankles when it is really cold outside and the arthritis is acting up. As I write this she is fast asleep on that chair waiting for me to finish so we can go watch tv together then go to bed.

Jan. 19: Favorite chair

Chair in the tub.

Chair in the tub.

Last fall, in fact it was late October and November when I got this bug to take my favorite director styled outdoor chair upstairs to sit on my porch roof outside of my bedroom. It was nice in the evenings to just sit and watch the sunset, or the stars. And sometimes I had to tuck it against the house to prevent it from being blown around and one day it tipped over and I just left it. Then another day I heard snow was coming and I forgot about it. Two months later it had been stuck in the snow through several storms and near blizzards, and earlier this week, James decided to shovel all the snow from that porch roof. He had to use a ladder to access the roof because the rain on that stormy Christmas day froze the screen door shut. When he finally got to the chair and had it standing up, I took it inside. (James thought he would just toss it over the railing into a snow bank. I reasoned that it would likely shatter because it was still pretty cold) I took it inside saying that I could easily mop up any snow that dripped from it. I ended up going straight to the bathroom and set it in the tub to drip off. See the picture to the side.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Last night when I got home from the church office, I found Roger in the bathroom curled up posing on her chair. This was THE chair on the lower porch just outside the living room door that I would have to remove her from every morning in order to have breakfast on the porch. She loved the view from that seat. In fact if I dig hard enough I am sure I can find some old pictures of Tigee on that chair too. I am afraid that the treatment I have given it by leaving it in the snow for so long was not a good idea. Usually I am quite careful with my items to give them a little longer life and a few less dollars of me replacing things. I seriously don’t think I will find this particular item exactly again at near the cost, but that is how things go.

The fact is I am not so sure the chair will be leaving the bathroom anytime soon. My husband joked that we could use it as a shower chair as we age. NOT!

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