Easter weekend

I started this post on the Saturday before Easter, as in four days ago. I just can’t seem to get myself to take the time to sit by the computer and posting from my iPad is just not so easy or appealing. My age is beginning to show when it comes to technology. I frankly don’t enjoy watching television or movies on a 5×7 screen and I don’t like listening to music from my phone. I am not saying that the quality is bad, but when you grew up in the 70’s where everyone was into giant sized speakers hanging from the wall in perfect balance, and you tried like the dickens to afford a larger television because you were so happy to finally get away from black and white and have color, well…it is just different.

I always talk about being from the generation who touch the generation that survived the Dirty Thirty’s. My children can talk about being from the generation who touch the generation who began life with a black and white television. My has life changed. So below is what I was going to post last Saturday.

“What a weekend! I have been trying to put together a message for Easter Sunday and I can’t get past the second page. This afternoon, I couldn’t get past the first page without falling asleep in my chair. Good grief, you would think I had been up all night and that I was over worked. I admit it has been a long two weeks and there has been some stress, but I have really not been in the direct recipient of  any of it. In some ways, I feel more like one on the fringes, and I feel like it is selfish of me to feel stressed about any of it.”

For those of you who need a short recap, I was in Phoenix for a two short days at the beginning of the month because my uncle died, then we were running here and there after track meets both those we coach and one for our youngest daughter. The night of her meet, we all gathered to celebrate my big 60th birthday (a tish early) at a nephew’s pizza shop, Fire Flour Pizza, in Bismarck. Then we were back to track meet status until our oldest daughter called to say the twins were on the way. It was an unscheduled C-section the day after my actual birthday. The twins are a bit early, but it was a good decision and now they are able to grow and finish off their development with some pretty good eyes watching them.

Raja sitting at my feet today.

James and I spent one over night in Bismarck and then headed back to our home and all the things that entails. Vic and Nate and that set of grandkids was here for the weekend as was Paulina who brought Jessica’s dog, Raja. She had quite a trip too. They had a track and field meet in Aberdeen which from Jamestown to Aberdeen to here is a triangular sort of issue and would have made for lots of driving had she gone on the team bus. So, she opted for the drive herself with the dog in the car version, then she was able to come straight home from the meet. She got to Eureka in time to meet us at The Stop after Maundy Thursday services, which technically is a no-no. The jist of that service is to go home alone in silence and think about your life until Sunday. As you can tell, it is one of my least favorite days of the church year.

So Good Friday was wait for the Dickinson crew and Saturday was dye eggs with Jaxon and hang out with the family. We dug a ham and a bag of frozen potatoes that I picked up hither and yon from the freezer and that was our delicious Easter dinner after a church service that was like no other. We had several visitors as we do each year, but we also had two families that no one knew come in and join us. It was wonderful, and hopefully we didn’t scare them off from never coming back. James said at least one of them seemed to be enjoying the message, so hopefully….! I have resigned myself to the idea that we will not be adding members, so you never know.

Well, in a nut shell that is what we have been doing as of late. Hopefully, I can get to some of my work in the house and a few posts that have been on the back burner. I am not sure how far I will get before June. We have a full schedule of track and field meets as long as the weather cooperates. We have a wonderful set of junior high athletes and I just hope we do right for them. Paulina has some meets we might get to attend and this Saturday, we are planning to make a trip to Bismarck and hope to peek on the new grandchildren. Jessica started a Caring Bridges site, so we are able to keep up with their progress from afar. But, nothing like the first hand version.

Well, enough for now. I really need to get to the church office sometime today. We have a board meeting tonight and I should maybe get a report ready for it…. Yikes!!

The Between Saturday

This is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. As a child I never thought much about this day. It was just another Saturday with the idea that I would be wearing something new to church the next day and likely in a program reciting a special verse and singing special songs for the service. Other than those issues there wasn’t anything special about this particular Saturday.

As I grew older going to college and when I was first married, it occurred to me that the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday should really be a continuation of Good Friday, at least until the Easter Sunrise Service. And so in the book of Mark towards the end of Chapter 15, we find the account of what happened on that Saturday. It was the burial of the body of Jesus. It was the day that Joseph of Arimathea came to Pilate and asked for the body so that it could be laid to rest in a respectful way. He was the one who wrapped Jesus’ body and placed it in a tomb. According to Mark, both Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ mother were witnesses.

I did not grow up with a sunrise service, but in high school when our little Congregational Church yoked with the Peace Lutheran and the United Methodists in Herreid, we did a sunrise service every Easter in the Lutheran Church. I was part of their Luther League and we had a major part of the brass section of the school band in those three churches, and the entire trombone section of which I was a part. We played our instruments instead of having the organ in the morning. I loved it!

I have nothing more, except a few family photos from this weekend. Jaxon is here with his mother. We spent Friday shopping, which is not my idea of how to deal with Good Friday, but it had to be done. Prom is on the horizon, and it will be the last one for me and James let alone our daughters.

Roger sitting on the box of Easter baskets.

Roger sitting on the box of Easter baskets.

I sort of suspect that Roger didn’t want me to get the baskets out to set up a display for Easter. On the other hand, she might just have wanted to sit closer to the sunshine.

Jaxon and Grandma made an Easter bunny out of play dough.

Jaxon and Grandma made an Easter bunny out of play dough.

I remember making lots of bunnies when I was younger. This is perhaps the worst one that I have ever put together. Of course the color didn’t help. Yes, I will keep using that excuse.

Eggs being dyed.

Eggs being dyed.

Sadly Paulina ended up doing all of the eggs by herself. Victoria and Jaxon fell asleep, so he really will believe that the eggs come from a bunny instead of from ourselves. I guess that works for now.

We always right names on our eggs then dye them.

We always right names on our eggs then dye them.


Funny instead of Dad, she has James. Apparently there are two for each of us, one with name and one with title. Ha!

Funny instead of Dad, she has James. Apparently there are two for each of us, one with name and one with title. Ha!


Fresh snow

So today was supposed to be another divide stuff day. Right now we are all sitting in flux trying to decide if we should put two of us on the road to decide if we want to go. It is snowing, but not as badly as it was earlier this morning and nothing like yesterday. This is what it looks like outside the living room window.

Snow on March 23.

Snow on March 23.

Sidewalk from the window.

Sidewalk from the window.

Apparently James had shoveled off the snow from yesterday before he left for school this morning. Yes it is Saturday, but he has some sort of report or plan of action that needs to be implemented on Monday morning and so he is working this weekend to get it finished. Teachers, I hear that public teachers are so bad around here, that is why the legislature tried to pass a bill to give a large chunk of money to the private schools, so that our North Dakota students could go to a good school. Ha! Such a joke. If our teachers didn’t care they wouldn’t be hanging out in school on the weekend trying to get things finished that they don’t have time to do during the day because they have students in their room every hour. Then again, maybe if they didn’t coach or if they didn’t do things like drive a bus so all the students could be transported to their trip to the legislature, maybe then they would have the time to finish those reports after school or during their lunch time, but I guess, enough of my crabbing for now.

As I am waiting for the laundry to finish and Melissa to call to see how bad the snow is over in Wishek and how good or bad the roads are, will continue to add a few things here. I should be dusting and putting out my Easter decorations. I haven’t taken out the Easter egg tree for two years, but I guess that can come out later. I now have three of them, so when the girls take things from my house they will each get one. Ya!

Ceramic Easter basket with bunny made from a glove.

Ceramic Easter basket with bunny made from a glove.

Wicker Easter bunny with various chicks on the side.

Wicker Easter bunny with various chicks on the side.

Ceramic Easter eggs with candles inside.

Ceramic Easter eggs with candles inside.

Stuff, I am beginning to think that we all have too much stuff and it is really time to get rid of some rather than divide other people’s stuff and take more to your own place, but so it is. I am beginning to understand that I accumulate stuff to feel closer to the people who once had the stuff. Thus anything of my mother’s that I have makes me feel like she isn’t really gone, which of course isn’t true, but …..

OMG it has quit snowing. I guess we are heading south to get more stuff!

Well, we did end up doing  a divide stuff. I think that we picked over most of the major items. There are a few more left, but the vases are gone and so are most of the kitchen items. I didn’t take photos today. I will have to snap some of what I got the next time I am in Herreid. By the way for anyone interested. I still can’t find my little bag of coins. I am beginning to think it was dropped walking from one house to the other.  If that is the case it is under the snow and we might need to have the aunt drag the metal detector out to find it. Well, time to watch the ball games.

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