Birds on the lake

Pelicans and mud ducks in the water.

Last Friday as I was heading to the track meet in Linton, I stopped at one of the little lakes along the road to take some pictures of the birds in the area. Mostly there has been a rather large group of pelicans hanging around that little lake. It must have just the right food to keep them there. I thought I was taking a plethora of pictures and when I finally was able to look at them, there were really not all that many.

I also snapped a shot of a bird I did not know. It is great to be able to search images and find a match. The bird is an Avocet, something I never even heard before, but I have seen the bird at other times. It is really rather pretty, and though this picture is a bit dark on the neck, it is fairly similar to the one on the image I searched. I love the angles of the legs as it walk.

We have finally been having some nice weather in the last three days. It has been rather busy around here and though I have wanted to sit down and put together a post, I haven’t been sure where to start, there is so much to share, and yet….I am not sure where to start and what to include.

The babies are doing well. Lily was discharged last Monday and is doing well with Mom and Dad. Marshall will likely come home this week. They did spend this last weekend at home, which is 90+ miles from the hospital, but it was good for them to get some rest in their own beds and all the things that go with it. As far as I know they are back in Bismarck for the week or until Marshall gets out. I think the plan is to stay the first night in Bismarck as they have been then head home. The last report I read from the Caring Bridges Site he was up to 4 pounds and 4 ounces so that it pretty good. He ripped the feeding tube out, and they decided to just leave it out at that point. He is a fighter and that is great! He will for sure need to be with the cousins he is joining. We figure Ana will be teaching them how to stomp as soon as they can stand up, and David will challenge them to a, well I am sure he will think of something.

I feel rather silly now because we were in Jamestown on Saturday and I did not take any pictures of Lily. I even had the regular camera along, but never took it into the house. Good grief. She is filling out so nicely and even made some crazy faces for me when I was holding her. It seemed that she was having a night mare, hope not cuz I was holding her. I can’t wait to go back later next week and spend the night and take turns holding each of them. Well the only picture I have to share from the family is of Raja the day she was heading back home. She must have known this was her last day in Herreid for a bit, she wanted to be outside the whole time, until she realized I was packing the car then she jumped up on her seat and would not get out. She is a pretty smart dog. Maybe she will come back for a visit this summer. Well enough of my rambling for now. Hope to find some time to post more this week.

Easter weekend

I started this post on the Saturday before Easter, as in four days ago. I just can’t seem to get myself to take the time to sit by the computer and posting from my iPad is just not so easy or appealing. My age is beginning to show when it comes to technology. I frankly don’t enjoy watching television or movies on a 5×7 screen and I don’t like listening to music from my phone. I am not saying that the quality is bad, but when you grew up in the 70’s where everyone was into giant sized speakers hanging from the wall in perfect balance, and you tried like the dickens to afford a larger television because you were so happy to finally get away from black and white and have color, well…it is just different.

I always talk about being from the generation who touch the generation that survived the Dirty Thirty’s. My children can talk about being from the generation who touch the generation who began life with a black and white television. My has life changed. So below is what I was going to post last Saturday.

“What a weekend! I have been trying to put together a message for Easter Sunday and I can’t get past the second page. This afternoon, I couldn’t get past the first page without falling asleep in my chair. Good grief, you would think I had been up all night and that I was over worked. I admit it has been a long two weeks and there has been some stress, but I have really not been in the direct recipient of  any of it. In some ways, I feel more like one on the fringes, and I feel like it is selfish of me to feel stressed about any of it.”

For those of you who need a short recap, I was in Phoenix for a two short days at the beginning of the month because my uncle died, then we were running here and there after track meets both those we coach and one for our youngest daughter. The night of her meet, we all gathered to celebrate my big 60th birthday (a tish early) at a nephew’s pizza shop, Fire Flour Pizza, in Bismarck. Then we were back to track meet status until our oldest daughter called to say the twins were on the way. It was an unscheduled C-section the day after my actual birthday. The twins are a bit early, but it was a good decision and now they are able to grow and finish off their development with some pretty good eyes watching them.

Raja sitting at my feet today.

James and I spent one over night in Bismarck and then headed back to our home and all the things that entails. Vic and Nate and that set of grandkids was here for the weekend as was Paulina who brought Jessica’s dog, Raja. She had quite a trip too. They had a track and field meet in Aberdeen which from Jamestown to Aberdeen to here is a triangular sort of issue and would have made for lots of driving had she gone on the team bus. So, she opted for the drive herself with the dog in the car version, then she was able to come straight home from the meet. She got to Eureka in time to meet us at The Stop after Maundy Thursday services, which technically is a no-no. The jist of that service is to go home alone in silence and think about your life until Sunday. As you can tell, it is one of my least favorite days of the church year.

So Good Friday was wait for the Dickinson crew and Saturday was dye eggs with Jaxon and hang out with the family. We dug a ham and a bag of frozen potatoes that I picked up hither and yon from the freezer and that was our delicious Easter dinner after a church service that was like no other. We had several visitors as we do each year, but we also had two families that no one knew come in and join us. It was wonderful, and hopefully we didn’t scare them off from never coming back. James said at least one of them seemed to be enjoying the message, so hopefully….! I have resigned myself to the idea that we will not be adding members, so you never know.

Well, in a nut shell that is what we have been doing as of late. Hopefully, I can get to some of my work in the house and a few posts that have been on the back burner. I am not sure how far I will get before June. We have a full schedule of track and field meets as long as the weather cooperates. We have a wonderful set of junior high athletes and I just hope we do right for them. Paulina has some meets we might get to attend and this Saturday, we are planning to make a trip to Bismarck and hope to peek on the new grandchildren. Jessica started a Caring Bridges site, so we are able to keep up with their progress from afar. But, nothing like the first hand version.

Well, enough for now. I really need to get to the church office sometime today. We have a board meeting tonight and I should maybe get a report ready for it…. Yikes!!

Dec. 29, Little dog goes home

Raja playing out in the snow.

Raja playing out in the snow.

Today was finally the day that little Raja was allowed to go back to Jessica and home to Jamestown. Raja came to our house with Paulina when she came home for semester break. We were on dog watching duty because Tony and Jessica went to Green Bay to the Packers vs. Vikings game on Christmas Eve. It was Tony’s birthday gift from his parents. James was so upset about them going on that trip because of the prediction of bad weather. Little did we know what was going on. While they were there, Tony proposed to Jessica on Lambeau field. His text was, “She said Yes!” It was great.

She accepted!!

She accepted!!

Tony proposing

Tony proposing

Considering I didn’t get a proposal and neither did our middle daughter Victoria, we thought this was pretty great. Jess got the romantic moment that we missed. Of course I would probably have yelled at James for acting so silly. Sometimes I wonder how I got so matter of fact in things like that and then break down to sobbing tears watching some Olympic game event or talking about something nostalgic. Just a weirdo I guess.

The little tree with the gifts before we divvied them out.

The little tree with the gifts before we divvied them out.

Today, Jess and Tony were in Bismarck because Kenlee had an appointment with a surgeon to remove her tonsils. The surgery went pretty well and she was able to go home with her mother for over night. They will pick her up later this weekend for some time with them before school starts up again. We met up with them at the Perkins restaurant and had a little lunch and a rather hasty exchange of Christmas gifts. I didn’t do any big presents for anyone this year just a small pile of little things. Alyse was heading back to Jamestown with them, and she was able to open her gifts with us. Fun!!

Ok, so I haven’t mentioned this on the blog before and not really for any reason other than it just didn’t fit the post. Jessica is due to have twins sometime in May, or possibly late April depending on how all things work out. I had almost given up on her even having children, and now she is having two at once. I predict that they are one of each or both boys. I just keep dreaming about caring for a little boy. I just pray that they are both fine and all goes well for them and her. She is currently fighting a bad cold and sinus issues. Yesterday her ear hurt pretty badly so she went to the clinic and was told to take Tylenol and wash her hands. She is miserable, but I guess it is better not to overdo the antibiotics, though I have been in that situation when you feel rotten and there isn’t any help. I am thinking that lots of fluids and rest will help some, but the ear thing is miserable. Victoria yesterday had some ideas about using some scents and rubs to get some relief. Hopefully she is doing that and will be feeling better soon.

Not much else to report. I called a few of the older members today to see how they fared during the power outage this past week. We apparently have a major build up of ice outside of the church elevator and side door. We will drive to Eureka tomorrow to look it over and see what can be done about it or if we will need to call off services on Sunday. I am getting to the point where I may not remember how to hold services. Not quite, but it is beginning to feel a bit off.

Happy 60th James

James at Linton graduation this past May

James at Linton graduation this past May

I don’t have time to write a long post, but wanted to send a shout out to my husband on his 60th birthday. We have each lived longer with the other than alone. Wow!! Today we are once again heading to be with a daughter. We are on the way to Jamestown to attend a fundraiser with Jessica for the local Democratic party. Should be a fun filled evening and we will get to see a few old friends and listen to Senator Heitkamp address the group. What could be a better birthday gift than that? Well James’ gift, a new Bible arrived this morning and he was able to open it on his day. Hurrah.

James walking Raja at the parade in Jamestown this summer.

James walking Raja at the parade in Jamestown this summer.




Paulina and I are planning to make him pick out a bike for himself later today if we ever leave home so we can do a bit of shopping in Jamestown tonight. Well that is all, have a good one, and super Happy Birthday James!!

Cats on Sunday

Roger enjoying the sunshine

Roger enjoying the sunshine

Here are the cats this afternoon as we, or shall I say as Paulina, was putting together something to eat for lunch. It is always a hassle to get home from church in time for her to grab lunch and head to the pool. We are a chatty crowd when the service is finished and it is really nice to be able to catch up on each other’s events. So the first picture is Roger enjoying a little sunshine from the security of the kitchen floor. She really wasn’t interested in going out into the wind today.

Sophia hiding out.

Sophia hiding out.

As for security, Sophia is deathly afraid of existing in the house with the little dog who is here on a weekend visit. She even went as far as staying outside all night. We didn’t think she would come in when we left for church this morning. Instead of staying in the box/bed that Paulina made for her, she decided the middle of the hutch would be a good hiding spot.

Raja here for a visit.

Raja here for a visit.

So here is the little dog that barks at anything new and scares Sophia. Actually Raja is a pretty good dog (and only barks when Paulina instigates it). She has been having a great time running all over the yard here. She has even been with on a few van rides when we have been over to the campsite and Paulina along. We haven’t let her out to run though, there are plenty of dogs with the camper crew and I have a feeling she might be the one who drops into the long tube that houses the water pipes. That thing scares me and I don’t know how we cover it. Maybe one of the sisters will have an idea. I guess I should ask.

Well enough of all this fun for now, so have a great Sunday afternoon!!

Beautiful Monday

The heat of last week has broken and today was cooler, but not as cool as yesterday. The thermometer wasn’t quite at 60 degrees when I checked it this morning a little after 9 a.m. Roger and I enjoyed the morning until Paulina came out and interrupted us about a bird of prey in the area. We decided it was best to get all the cats and Raja inside.

Roger relaxing on my bag.

Roger relaxing on my bag.

Roger posing at the end of the table.

Roger posing at the end of the table.

After, I ended up working on the laundry so Paulina can start packing to head to college later this week. We have not decided yet which day we will be taking her there. James has football practice every day, so if we do it on Friday he is out of the mix, and then I have to drive home alone. I am not sure I can handle that. Driving on the interstate is bad enough for me, but doing it after leaving Paulina behind might be more than I can stand. At least when she went to Bismarck to school, we knew she would be home each weekend. That will not be the case this year. It will be interesting.



Now it is evening and everyone has gone to bed, except me. I want to at least post something today. I just found out that Raja will be leaving us on Wednesday. Paulina is meeting Jessica part way and they are making the exchange. We used to pick up and return Jaxon for weekends or a week visit. Maybe next year he will be able to come and stay with us for a few days on a thing like that. Oops, hope no one noticed that he was the only one mention. Ha!! Not sure Ana would even be willing to visit without her mother.

Well, not much else to say here, will be posting a garden update on the lucindagardens site, catch you later.

House Guest (4-legged)

One of the things that happened when we went on the family trip was that we arrived in Dickenson with three humans and left with three humans and a dog. Jessica and Tony were heading to Minneapolis with his family for an outing and had no place for Raja. Paulina and Jessica had arranged this some time ago, but no one ever tells me anything. No wonder Jess got me that coffee cup a few years ago. It has a picture of Sally from the Peanuts gang and she says, “No one ever tells me anything.” Perfect.

Raja resting in the grass while I pick in the garden.

Raja resting in the grass while I pick in the garden. I told here she was in her own personal dog park and could do as she pleased. I think she was happy to just sit and look.

So Jess is now concerned about how Raja is doing. I will tell her that she may have lost her dog. The crazy mutt will not leave Paulina’s side. And, being that Paulina is moving to Jamestown to live with Jess and Tony while she is attending the University of Jamestown, I am wondering who the dog will chose. Oh by the way you may contact me later to place bets on who survives. For now the odds are even up, but that may change depending on how the dog leans. Ha! Ha!

Raja supervising James paint.

Raja supervising James paint.

Help, I need inside

Help, I need inside

On the front porch

On the front porch

She has been pretty good, but currently a bit mad because Paulina gave her a bath. In the process Paulina noticed that the ears were the source of the smell and cleaned them with a bit of peroxide. Boy was there an angry run around the house after that incident, but she does smell much better and I am sure will feel better in the long run. Now if Paulina would just clean out Sophia’s ears, but I am thinking the cat would scratch her harder than Raja does.

Well that is all for this afternoon. I am hearing the zucchini calling my name fro the kitchen. Oh man do I need a new food processor to deal with them. Oh yes and if you want to see some pictures of the crops in our area check out lucindagardens. I borrowed some of Paulina’s pictures to show off what things look like currently.

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