Last night in Tennessee

Tonight is our last night in TN. We started the day by taking Paulina to the TriCity airport. I keep looking up what the tricities are and only get that it is in Blountville and services Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport. One place says that is for northeastern Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Another says it serves Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. I guess now I know what it is for. It is a bigger airport than Aberdeen, but not as big as Bismarck, and might I say the security was more difficult the closer we were to home, interesting.

Paulina really didn’t want us to leave because she was not looking forward to a long day alone. She was headed for Orlando through Charleston, which she said was a pretty big airport. There she had to grab her unchecked suitcase which would likely be stowed underneath and run to another gate to make her connection. Her report later was that she had to run, she only had a 30 minute lay over and the flights were tight. So we stayed with her until it was time to go through security. She made it without the pat down but the man there waved a wand over her head and teased her about how her top up pony tail nearly touched the top of the detector thing that you have to walk through. Later in the day, I saw several women with the same top pony tail in the mall.

wow just found this draft. I must have fallen asleep before I could post this.

We spent the day driving back to Knoxville because we had to be there early for the flight out in the morning. We stopped at a mall along the way and shopped a bit. We ate there at a Chick-filet then picked up dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. I had mine in the morning as breakfast, not really a good idea as I am not that fond of sweets early in the morning. It was the key lime flavor.

Musicians all over Market Square

After we checked in the man at the desk recommended that we go to Market Square and we did. We happened to hit the night of their Mardi-Growl celebration. Adie managed to find the residue of it just as James was saying, “Don’t step in that dog poop.” She got some on her shoes, but not as bad as some of the other tracks indicated others were hit. I will leave you with a few pictures of that place. Wish I had posted this earlier, but then couldn’t have used any pictures as they were taken with the little Canon and no way to download them during the trip. Catch you later!

Home to see the geese

Geese are coming home.

Geese are coming home.

When we were jut about home today we could see lines and lines of Canadian Geese circling in front of us. As we got closer to the open water just south of Herreid, we saw hundreds sitting on the ground and more coming in to land. We stopped to take some pictures, but with only the little Canon and no zoom the shots were not that great. I will share the best of what I have and hopefully find some time tomorrow to take some good versions of the 2017 north migration. I will also find time later this week to post a few more of the Tennessee pictures. Just like I told James for two weekends, as much as you anticipate something in a blink it is over and you are at home feeding the cats and looking out the window. Well, we are in the middle of Lent, and so I have plenty of church work to do as well as some personal and business. Just hope we find the energy to get it all finished. Then add to that the track team practice will start on Wednesday without me, oh well, I think they can handle it.

Bye-bye Tennessee

Over Knoxville

Over Knoxville

So as a write this we are in Minnesota at the Minneapolis airport waiting for our flight to Aberdeen.

see home and the cats soon.

Friday in Johnson City

Today was the day of the track and field meet. We were there by noon and saw the men’s weight throw and then Paulina threw. We still don’t have the complete results so we are not sure where she finished. We know that of the 8 placewinners 4 of them were from Hastings and two were from Concordia both of them are in Nebraska. One was from Ottawa in Kansas and that coach is a Jamestown graduate. The other was from St. Francis in Illinois.

We got to watch the men’s miler from UJ who just missed the finals, and the women’s 600 runner who did make the finals.



It was a good day and after for a fun time we went to eat at a place recommended to us by a fellow passenger on our flight into Knoxville. It is a BBQ spot and has been around for a long time. It is called the Firehouse and dummy me did not take a picture of the outside.

Paulina's meal

Paulina’s meal

Paulina and James had the half rack, Adie did to but she had chicken too and I just had a burger but it sure was good. The service was fantastic and everyone was super friendly and oh so fast.

Arrived in Tennessee

The pool has ice on it.

The pool has ice on it.

The room with James in the background.

The room with James in the background.

Ironic is what you can call the title beside the category of this post. We touched down in Knoxville about 8:30 pm picked up a rental car and made it to Johnson City around 11 pm. The hotel was a surprise because the doors are on the outside. That is not something we see very much in large hotels in either South or North Dakota. Well not much else to mention. The flights were good, the layover was ok, and the car was fine. The worst was trying to check in and the lobby was locked. We all so do  not get the side by side rooms we were promised. Then when we opened our suitcase we found an inspection notice and the worst was that neither of us put the toothpaste in.  I also knew ahead of time that I had forgotten my hairbrush. Long day, but wouldn’t change it, and through the whole thing I remembered to live in the moment. More later!

Leaving …

The shop

The shop

Today we are leaving on the trip to Tenn. to watch Paulina participate in the NAIA National Indoor Championships for Track and Field. She always says it should be Field and Track. HA! This will be our first trip on a plane since we went to D.C. back in, well I can’t remember. It was to visit Jessica who was an intern for Senator Conrad of ND. Bush Jr. was in the White House, which we didn’t get to tour or even drive by. Means we need to go back, maybe when Oprah is there. Ha!!


Back steps

Back steps

Today James is about going out of his mind because we had a bit of snow over night. Pictures to the side. Roger was not too pleased when we were packing. She kept putting a toy into the carry on and this morning she laid on the big suitcase. I think she would sneak along if she could. They have both been so needy since we returned from the wedding, this trip will likely send them for a spiral. I am just so relieved we are at home the following week without even a day trip. Hurrah. Wait, we will have to go to a grocery store someplace, we don’t even have bread in the house, but that is ok, nothing will spoil while we are gone. So, I have my iPad with and hopefully can drop a post in before we return. Happy March to you all.

Home from the wedding and the Shower

All I can say is that I am tired. It was a crazy busy weekend, yet we knew it would go way too fast. James and I actually talked about how crazy it was as we were in middle of it, yet we knew that we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and that it would all end too quickly without us being able to do it all, which is how most things go. For instances some of the little ones were in the pool with Adie while we were at the reception, which made them happy, and made it easier for us to visit.

So here is how it went: I left home on Thursday about 1 p.m. then stopped in Linton to pick up James. He had scheduled a track sign up meeting in Hazelton for a little after 2 p.m., which was a little clever because it got us farther up the road a bit more quickly. When we hit town, we stopped off at the Civic Center to see the end of the UJ men’s basketball game. It was their final game there as next year they will be in the new complex on campus.

Afterwards we went to check in which was interesting because we had so much stuff to drag up the steps, and then I really needed to have some time alone to get things ready for the rehearsal. James ended up going to Jessica’s for a quick visit and some pizza. We met at the chapel later and went through how things should go. After that we went out to grab a few more needed items and went back to the room so I could get the rest of the vow on paper and the message finished. Thankfully I had the ending written and the beginning in my book in long hand. We did our shower shopping on Friday morning, and so glad we did.

My rose

My rose

The wedding was likely the most interesting that many have attended. Tony wound up with a nosebleed at the end of the message and Kenlee’s necklace would not open. There were no attendants other than Tony’s daughters and before Jess and Tony exchanged rings they gave the girls necklaces. At the point of the pledges when they said the “I do’s” we had a part for the girls to say “I will” and Jess and Tony did the same to pledge to join together as a family. It was sort of interesting. I found that in our Book of Worship. Also Jaxon as ringbearer threw way more flowers than Ana as flower girl.

The only part that had me in a panic was when the mic did not work at the beginning. It was working fine earlier, and in fact a few people were messing around with it as we were setting up, so I was afraid someone had wrecked it. The issue was that when Lindsey stopped the music, she did it by fading the volume. Thankfully on about my third “welcome” she caught on and we were good to go. I have no pictures yet, so I will share the rose that I got as the mother of the bride. There were some really special moments, and I will always cherish the little time that Tony and I had together before the ceremony started. My mother always said you don’t need sons if you have daughters, sons will eventually appear. She was right.

working on the shower

working on the shower

The reception afterwards was just right and we spent time visiting and telling stories and laughing. It was good. I was so tired and when I finally went back to the room I found Victoria and Paulina working on the center pieces and decorations for the baby shower the next day. They had decided on a Dr. Seuss theme and Victoria went all out. I at one point told her to quit and go to bed. She and Nate and Jaxon and David were heading to Bismarck by 6 a.m. to go to a little kids wrestling tourney and I wanted to sleep. More on that shower later.

Saturday we were at the shower from 10 a.m. until later in the afternoon. We stayed overnight and hung out around the pool then on Sunday we went to Jessica’s for a bit and up to the campus for a bit then some shopping and headed for home. We walked in the house about 4:30 p.m. and spent the evening unpacking and putting away. I did a couple of loads of laundry, which was great because I got a call to sub today and that is why I am writing now. Hopefully I will have time to do more tomorrow, but at some point I need to finish the message for Ash Wednesday, so not sure when I will catch up here. Have a Happy Fat Tuesday tomorrow.

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