Frosty morning…

This is what I could see from my upper porch this morning. I tried to capture it better than this picture does, but the sun was so bright it was hard to know what I was getting until I up loaded. I should have spent my time cleaning the bathroom or taking the dead leaves off the plants that we brought into the house from outside this summer. I am just so tired of dragging those plants in and out and trying so hard to keep them alive. I don’t know that I will have all those plants next summer and I don’t think that I will be keeping any in the house anymore other than a select few. I am about to toss all of the geraniums because they look terrible and it just seems to bring plant lice into the house, and actually, I have had enough. I think that maybe I have outgrown my indoor plant days. Oh, yes I will keep the aloe-vera and the kalanchoes that seem to multiply like guppies around here, but other than the snake plants and a few others, the rest are out the door within the next day or two. I am really just so over house plants.

I might be over some other things too. I am tired of piles of things that serve no purpose. I will give you an update on what gets tossed later this week. I can report that yesterday after I returned home from the shopping trip I went on after my Aunt Glenda was finished at the dentist, I did some tossing in the pantry. There was a jar of syrup that is used to make candy, like the old stuff from what we used to use on our pancakes when we were kids. I think I moved it with us when we came from Jamestown in 1999, I am not kidding either. That went out. There was also some unused bags of this and that from years ago. I decided if we had not eaten it in a year, out is was going. I might be throwing a few more of those items out later today.

My next room is going to be this office that I work in. I was in here most of the day, and I am about sick of seeing things piled on the ground while there are empty shelves I cannot reach because of the junk in the way. I have a plant stand that is getting filled before the night is over with some of the plants that get to stay. Then the books that were arranged on it once upon a time are being put back in order. I will also toss all the pencils and pens that no longer work and will go down to only two pencil holders here. Next are the pads of paper, they are going in a container to be pulled out one at a time for actual use not just stacking up.

I have been slowly putting up the holiday decorations and I am getting a little weary about all the crap I have to deal with first in order to find a place to set out what I would like to put on display. Today was my only day this week to get anything done in the house and I spent the entire day working on the songs from now until the end of Christmas. At least I am nearly finished with that business. I have two Sundays left to choose and one is going to be the service of Lessons and Carols, so that will be interesting. We are holding that on Christmas Eve day which is a Sunday this year. So, no extra service to plan, which is actually sort of sad. I may have to make up for it by doing something fun the following Sunday, since it is New Year’s Eve Day, or maybe just more fun stuff during the Lenten Services. Not sure yet. Anyway, thanks for listening to me crab about the loss of a day, well sort of. I can still get a few things finished. Mostly I was not feeling the best, so that always slows down the progress of the day. Teach me to order something different when I eat out. I guess my digestive system is getting old and mostly boring. Here is to hoping you are having a good day. Also prayers and thoughts with those who have lost loved ones in Texas.

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