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Baby afghan

So, I have three items either on the knitting needles or with a crochet hook in them at this time. I am sure there are several more items around the room, but these are the three that I will feature today. I have been trying to get this baby afghan finished since I dreamed it up. There is also a “twin” version of this same blanket in my mind and I have the yarn for it, but so far have not picked out the needle. I think three at a time is enough, and frankly I don’t want to designate another bag to carry it around. This is made with the shell stitch, which is really the only one I like to use in crochet with these blankets. It is simple and solid and makes for a very warm blanket. I like to alternate the colors as you can see and hopefully this pattern looks ok when it is all finished. My husbands grandmother was famous for her chevron patterned afghans, but I never did learn that. She also was able to put a ridge into them. We have one that he was given for our wedding that has never been out of the box. He chose the colors and picked black and white and red and gray, and we have never ever had any room that fit that color scheme. It also has been saved from any cat hair. Perhaps someday after cats when we live in a southern climate, we will dig that out. Ha Ha on that idea.

The first of the other two items that I have been working on includes my standard beanie pattern in a blue and white color. I am trying to use up all that yarn from the church. I have made a deal with myself that the yarn from there will be used to make something that is donated, and not given to family or the track team. I would like to have a pile to donate either to the school in the community of our church, or to one of the area collection places for a women’s shelter or such. I currently have three beanies and a headband in the bag designated for that. I am thinking that they would all be warmer if they were lined with flannel and the ear parts were reinforced. I will have to work on that idea.

The final project is the one for which I currently have the most enthusiasm. It is an afghan and in the shell stitch so I don’t really have to think about pattern, but it is the one where I am trying to use up all those little balls of yarn that were left overs from the church when they used yarn in knotting the quilts to finish them. It has lots of yarn joinings, which I am doing with simple square knots, probably not the best idea, but this is just supposed to be a warm blanket to give to someone who needs one. The issue that has me working and thinking and using any semblance of designing in my system (which is not really such a developed talent here) is the idea of which color to use next. My choices are a bit limited and I did end up digging into the box that is not just scraps. I may also dig into some of my stash of scraps. This may end up being one of my favorite things to do as there will never be two of the same. I have to admit that nothing I do is ever two of the same. I could never be someone who turns out a plethora of items of the same kind because after making one of something the challenge is over and I have to move on to find something new to learn. Now if I could just transfer that idea into getting up the gumption to enroll in some classed to earn my degree in ministry, well I guess that is another story for another day.

Today was about three of my works in progress. What is on your needles? And now I need to go and clean house and do laundry so that I am able to watch some local college sports live streaming later today. Have a good one and stay warm!!!

This was written after several failed attempts to add the two little pictures below and even at that. I ended up retyping some of my original content so the pictures would be located where I finally gave in and let them go. Let’s just say I am tired of functions that don’t work, and don’t anyone tell me to use the newer version of writing a post. I, as in me, cannot resize a picture on that place and I just want to scream at the tech-eeze  who change things and never for the better!!!

Well I have been trying for half an hour to get the other two pictures into this post where they make the most sense and I guess I am not allowed to do things the way I want. I either need to upgrade to business or find a different blogging site altogether. Today I am leaning for the second one. I will let you know.


Lap blanket


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  1. crazywriterof6
    Nov 04, 2017 @ 17:08:38

    Computers are your friend! The software is the enemy! 🙂
    You have many skills. Out of all the things I fiddle in. My wife (and yourself) does something I don’t think I could ever have the patience for, Knitting and Crochet. I like creative people! Mmmm, lap blanket! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person


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