Work will have to wait.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to sleep until 8 a.m. this morning. I was up at 3:30 doing bathroom break and letting the cat eat a bit. She wanted to go outside, but I told her “no–get back into bed.” She eventually complied and curled up on my ankles which was quite welcome. It has been chilly here the past few days, and I thought we had the furnace kicked on, but I guess not as I had thought. It felt good to snuggle deep under the covers last night.

chair massager

My knees were a bit stiff this morning when I got up and the ache in my right knee was a little intense. After the heat was turned on and had a little time to kick in, and I had taken a shower things were a bit better. The gift that came in the mail from Paulina will be a great help to eliminate some of my aches, especially in my back!!

Since we had quilting night in church and I knew I would be there until nearly 9 p.m., I didn’t hurry over in the morning. In fact I didn’t get there until noon, but it was plenty of time to get the bulletin worked up and the newsletter written and I even have the article ready for the Blade for next week, Yee Ha! Not really such a big deal since I used basically the same thing for both with just a few modifications. I could post it here since I have it on the email and I can access it when I want. I might just have to do that tomorrow.

Baskets of produce every day.

I was planning to make up a batch of spaghetti sauce when I got home, but after I looked at the small amount of tomatoes that were ripe and ready, I decided not to bother. We will be taking the larger, slicing tomatoes along to Jamestown and could make up some BLT’s at Jessica’s house for lunch some afternoon. We are also dragging some of the cucumbers and whatever else I decide to throw together with us. I asked my aunt and sister to check in on the cats and suggested that they take what they want from the produce setting out and about. I sure hope they do because I hate like the dickens to have to throw away spoiled tomatoes or cucumbers or even those onions in the basket. James bagged up some of the tiny little cherry (they look more like the grape kind) tomatoes to take to Jessica, but there is no way we can get them all eaten or even given away. Ok, tired for now and need some rest to make tomorrow. Catch you later!!

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