Forgetful Monday

Roger hoping to get inside

UGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I don’t know how I will make the night. I feel like I am Linus and Lucy hid my blanket. I left my iPad plugged in behind the desk in school. I have been so out of sorts it took me two as in 2 hours to try to pick the songs for Sunday. At least they will be pretty good. We are singing: “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us’ as our slow deliberate song. Just before the message it is: “I Love to Tell the Story,” and for the closing walking out hymn it is, “Redeemed.” That last one should be fun. I went upstairs to see the lists and the suggestions about 6:45 and between phone calls, text messages, James coming home and me missing the iPad, I didn’t get the choices finished until nearly 9 p.m. All I can say is UGGGGHHHHHH! I hope television is good or maybe I will have to read. Hmmm I better get the clothes out of the dryer and think about what to wear tomorrow. This long pants thing all week might be a stretch. I should just dig into the long skirts for something different, then again maybe not. Catch you later, hope your day was better than mind. Maybe I need to write in my planner on what to take with me. Ha!!

Oh my goodness, James just asked if there is a cat outside. I let Roger out before Glenda came over and that was around 6 p.m. because the local news was on when she was here. I guess I forgot about her too. Well hopefully she won’t feel the need to go outside at 2:30 a.m. Maybe if she doesn’t wake me, I won’t miss the iPad!

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