Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017 more garden

James in the garden picking tomatoes.

From the look of the recent blog posts, you would think that our life centers around the garden. Well yes it does and no it doesn’t. We realize that each day we need to go out and pick what is ready, but so far it has been the same old things each time. This morning James got up long before me and used his time to dig potatoes. I think he said he dug 32 hills. Good grief I didn’t realize we had that many. Well his answer was that was the second time he had dug that many and he has 2 more times to go. Add to that the idea that I dug about 4 one day and Paulina dug up some, too, but I don’t know how many she did. I would think we should have potatoes by the gunny sacks full, but not the case. We have three, 3 gallon pails about 3/4 full in the garage, a few in the pantry and those from today drying beside the house. (There is a picture of this same view on my post of Sept. 4) I guess there are not that many per plants, but they sure are good. This picture shows the current view of the garden. I took this while standing on the dike to the east of our house. I don’t have the screen wide enough to catch the corners so you can’t see the sunflower on the northeast edge. I think the deer has been by to nibble at it as several leaves are eaten off. I am glad to see the fence is keeping them out this year.

I did not help with the digging or the tomato picking. I took pictures of the butterflies on the zinnias. We have an amazing amount of butterflies in our area this year. I don’t, though, ever remember them being on the highways like they are now. It almost makes me sad to be driving because of how many I have killed. I want to yell out the window for them to move to the ditch so they are safe. I really don’t get why they just sit on the road until you get close to them then they fly up. I would think that the sunflowers and soybeans and corn in the fields would be more attractive to them, but I am sure they will head farther south soon.

Roger the photo-bomber

One day last week and I don’t remember which, perhaps it was Wednesday when James was at his city council meeting, I took some time to carry a chair and a table up the stairs to my room and out to the top deck. It is probably blowing over in the wind as I write this which is not good because the table has rather fragile legs. Anyway, I have wanted this little set up here all summer and I kept waiting for help in moving something here or getting something different to put here. Well nothing like a Little Red Hen, “I will do it myself attitude.” Sadly I still have not spent much time there. Oh yes, I was just about to sit there and relax on Wednesday night when the call came from the campers, now I remember. I ended up going over to the campsite and collecting from a few of them. James and I caught the other ones on Thursday just at the beginning of the Patriots vs. the Chiefs. Oh my goodness! I have never seen a TV on the outside of a camper before, wow! I told James we should just put the house up for sale and buy a camper when he retires. We can live in it and take off with it anytime we want. No more hotel rooms just bring our own place with us and go wherever we want. He is still not on board with the plan. I will keep thinking about how to make this work. Well, time to get to the message so I will call it good for today.

Prayers for those in the path of the storms today and all days!!!

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