Happy Blogging Anniversary!!!!!!

I was notified recently that it is my sixth anniversary with Word Press! Yipee!! I started my blog way back in 2011 with a short little post about how I was switching to this version of social media. Prior to writing on a blog, I was the newspaper editor and wrote a weekly column in that paper. I believe I started that weekly column on the last week of October in 1999 and wrote for it until 2011 just before I started with this blog.

As far as blogs go, I know that I am really not all that out there. I have only had 30,577 views with 2,916 comments about half of which are my replies to others. Since the stats only tell you about the last 1,000 comments the only thing I know is that my Aunt Glenda makes the most comments other than me and she is followed by: Christine from Scotland and Donna from Niagara Falls area (she comments from 2 blogs) and then there is Missy, a fairly new follower who gives me hope that there are new followers who might read my old boring posts, and the last one listed on my most commenters is Stitchinggrandma, who makes me wish I was more of a stitching grandma.

I have just 369 followers and have only posted 1,461 times in 8 categories (mainly Life in the Dakotas) with 2,347 tags most of which are gardening and cats. I had someone comment that I should quit referring to where I live as the Dakotas because there are two separate states with that name. I ignored it because I really feel that I live in both of them at the same time. The only difference is that I buy my electricity and water and pay real-estate taxes in South Dakota while earning the majority of our income (James’ income and part of mine) and pay most of our sales tax in North Dakota.

November of 2013 was my most visited month and Friday, Nov. 29 was my best day. The post that day was about the Nativity set and how the people were missing. I think maybe the post from the previous day of everyone gathering for the Thanksgiving meal was the ticket that opened the door for all the visits. It had pictures of lots of people eating on it.

Projects to work on including Paulina’s blanket.

In doing further break downs obviously most of my viewers are from the US as am I, but both Canada and the United Kingdom via for second place depending on the year. Other countries in the top ten include: Poland, New Zeeland, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Australia, India, Italy, and France. There are others, but I just don’t want to list them all. A few of the posts that get lots of hits are that goofy “fleece quilt” one that I did while we lived in Linton. Paulina and I were into buying up scraps of fleece and I was sewing them into strips then we were trying to make a quilt and the strips went way crooked and it nearly went in a circle and they are not straight on any side and I took a picture and gave up, and someone saved that and keep coming into the blog through that post.

Also my about page has lots of hits and the funniest is the tag with the most hits after my blog name and “fleece quilt.” The tag is youperen. I wrote a post on a Veteran’s day thanking my nephew for his service. It was titled: Thank You Peren. Well, youperen is the name of a beer in Germany or at least when you google it you come to a website about a beer. Anyway, my nephew is Peren and that search term always gets them to my blog. Great!!

Echinacea this year!

Well, I had planned to share some pictures of the garden and flowers and maybe even another jar of jelly, but instead I decided to look at some of the stats of the past few years. It is hard to think that I have really been writing here for 6 years and at the paper for so many years before that. I should dig up some of those old articles. I believe that I have every one of them. I was always going to put them into a book and publish them in some way, but never did get that accomplished.

Perhaps that will be my project right after I get those curtains sewed and the baby quilts crocheted, oh yes and that giraffe finished for Paulina and Ana’s doll fixed. But what about canning the tomatoes, and I think I am still working as a maternity leave sub until the end of September, and well I will quit now to get ready for Bible Study in the morning. I wonder what I should use as my verse of the month this time. Hopefully something about getting along with others. Enough for now!!

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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