Picking in the garden on Monday

Pick of the day!!

I went straight to the garden after coming home from school today. Well not exactly straight. I did go into the house to drop off the mail and change clothes, but you get what I mean. I started by digging some of the potatoes behind the garden.

We had to move our fence a little this year to comply with the standards of the dike that was put there by the Corps of Engineers. It is no wonder I watch the thing like a hawk. I get so tired of watching others use it as a walking path or even a place to drive everything from their ATV’s to small jeeps. I think that was the night I nearly lost it. Seriously that was during the height of the drought here, everything was dry as a bone and they were driving across tall dry grass with a motor vehicle. Just mowing was dangerous enough to start a fire. I am not sure what I would have done had they started a fire and jeopardized our buildings. Ok, so I am getting a bit off track here. It is just that I have been so worked up about some of the what I call selfish politics in our town lately, and this seems to be the piece of the pie that strikes my craw the hardest.

So, back to the garden. I dug potatoes, picked beans and cucumbers and pulled one beet. The cucumber picking on the fence is almost a joke. I was chasing back and forth from inside the fence to outside the fence trying to find a, as in one single cucumber like six times. I kept looking at it and thinking it was on the other side of the fence. Finally I started to look at exactly on what panel of the fence it was located as I went back and forth. By the time I was finished looking for the one cucumber, I ended up with four nearly identical cucumbers from pretty much the same area, two inside and two outside of the fence.

Most of my problem was because my sunglasses kept falling down as I was digging under the leaves trying to locate the buggers. Picking beans is really much easier. I won’t even get into the tomato thing because I finally gave up on that. The plants have overgrown their area so badly that I don’t think even Ana could get inside of them to look for any tomatoes. I also gave in and liberated the pepper plants. I took my little garden pruner along to the picking and used it to cut several of that large and overbearing cosmos plants away from the peppers. With the water I gave them tonight and the heat of the next four or five days, we might even be able to harvest one or two by Labor Day weekend. Hurrah!!

It was hot here today. It was also dry, I wish I could send some of our dry to south Texas. We will have a full week of over 80 degrees with no hope of precipitation. Watching the flooding on television makes me really wonder why things can’t just be at an even keel, but I guess that is how things go.

On a sad note, a very, very sad note the body of a missing young lady was located in the river near Fargo, North Dakota either last night or this morning. She went missing several days ago and her family somehow knew immediately that something was very wrong. She was about the age of my youngest daughter either 22 or 23. She was 8 months pregnant and that is what alarmed everyone. The baby turned up a few days ago with a couple who were not related and not people who should have had the baby. I just can’t get this incident out of my mind and I cannot even fathom the pain of the family and the horror that poor young woman went through as they stole that baby from her body. Today I have a hard time understanding how people can be so vicious and cruel and evil because things like this are just evil. News like this makes me understand why some people believe more in a God of vengeance instead of a God of love. If you have any better answers for me please share. I just don’t have any today. Here is hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 30, 2017 @ 16:58:02

    Sounds like you will have some good garden snacks. That story on the news was completely heartbreaking. How anyone could do such a thing.



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