Garden end of August

Moss roses in bloom

Dark holly hock

On Saturday, I realized that I had better go out and water the flowers in containers and check on how things are going in the garden. It wasn’t just that I was gone on Thursday and Friday, but with taking that substituting job, I haven’t been in the garden seriously working since last week. Monday with the eclipse, we decided to stay inside and hunker down. Also it has not rained, but has been rather wet and dewy in the mornings, so not really conducive to hanging out in the garden. Earlier in the year, Paulina had questioned what was in the short little container. I keep trying to get moss roses to grow in it, but each year it is a struggle. They are finally growing and blooming, but the container is so shallow it dries out too quickly. I will have to find them a new home next year. Maybe a little fairy garden would be best in that container. The holly hock to the right is a color that I have been trying to grow for a few years, and of all things this year it grows right beside the pond which is not where we want any flowers at all other than the hanging baskets. I will be sure to get some seeds from it and actually plant it in another spot.


The picture to the left is the container of sage. It is really growing, though I am not sure where I will ever use that. Maybe Victoria will want it. The basil is also doing quite well, but I didn’t happen to take a picture of it because I chopped most of it off last week and we dried a couple of trays of it. I told Paulina she is allowed to take as much as she wants after they finally move into the real apartment. They will have a campus food plan, but I know Paulina, if she has a kitchen, she will be cooking a few times a week, especially on the weekends. I bought her a small kettle set, she might have to bring them home on Labor Day. They were so cheap that we have to attach the handles and I think a tool set is the one thing she is missing. I may have to put one together for her. Sounds like a good back to school gift after Labor Day.

Roger chillin’

The final picture and of course the largest is of Roger. The whole time I was dragging the hose around the concrete and finding the dried up flower pots and dead heading all the petunias, there was Roger just chillin’ out under the table. She is forever looking for some “safe” spot to sit or lay. In this picture she is actually sitting up, sort of. Saturday night she came to the office and wanted attention. I was working on the message for Sunday and told her no to coming up on my lap. So she proceeded to lay on her back beside my chair with her paws folded trying to look ever so adorable so I would pick her up and hold her. Mostly she sits in cardboard boxes, which reminds me I need to pack up all the boxes we didn’t use to pack up Paulina. I really am so amazed at home open the house looks now that she has moved out again. I had no idea she had so much here.

Of course, she did take some things she never had before this year because she is moving into an apartment. Namely that lovely sofa that is left over from the days when Vic and Jess lived on campus in the Dean’s house that summer. The house has been torn down, but we saved that lovely couch. By the way it is not to come back to this house unless there is a signed contract that it is leaving with the owner again. There is still a chair and a stool in the basement that need to go later. Between the rummage sale and her leaving, I am starting to see the walls in the basement. I am thinking if we tackle just one or two boxes of stuff down there each week, we could have the place cleared out by spring. Oh Ya!!!

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 30, 2017 @ 16:44:43

    Pretty pictures. Rodger looks like he’s enjoying the mild weather this week.

    Liked by 1 person


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