Moving day…Paulina goes back to college

Paulina in with Jess and the twins as we parted after supper.

Sunset as I was going home. Not sure what is just over the horizon that looks like a second sun.

So yesterday was the last day that I got to go along to help my last daughter move into college. This is it. When she moves again it will be to her own place, and she won’t be coming home again (we hope/haha). I hung around perhaps longer than I should have, but when your children go to the same college that you once went to, it sort of stirs up old memories, thoughts of days gone by. Those were the best times.

We didn’t have much money, but we really didn’t need much. It is that time of semi-independence, but no real adult responsibilities. You have just enough cast to get you through if you are lucky. If you live on campus the housing and food are provided (or you pay later in your student loans) and your entertainment is doing your homework and hanging out with your friends or going to the student activities that are part of the fees with the tuition. Wait, could we go back to those days please. I hate it when the bills come due and you actually have to have earned the money to pay for them.

Anyway, it was an experience. We started near noon trying to get our hands on her keys to the temporary apartment because the real apartment is being fixed since it rained into it while repairs were being made to the roof. The key really didn’t work to the temporary place. I eventually got it open, but there was no way we could get it to lock again. The lock when we opened the door and looked at it didn’t have the guts in the wall part and I am not really sure how it was supposed to work. The doors to one of the bedroom closets was lying in the hallway outside of the apartment. The shelves in the cupboard spaces were either dusty or covered in some weird rubbery shelf liner. The internet was hooked up so that the living room area was a complete mess of cords. And the kitchen table looked like something my mother would have thrown out of her café and there were a whole two chairs. Oh and I forgot to mention that the bathtub was rimmed in mold on all of the caulk. I think perhaps it was a good plan for her to go back and suggest she was not going to live in it.

Paulina’s bed made and ready to sleep in but still in the midst of chaos.

Sofa is off to Melissa’s right.

They finally placed her on campus with her current roommate. The place they have is like a larger dorm room rather than an apartment style, but should only be for two weeks. We hope. I am not sure how she is going to move the little sofa that we brought up, but hopefully she finds someone with a pickup to help her out. It is basically across the street and over one block, maybe a couple of PE scooters would work to move it. Ha!!

Melissa was on campus to move Elisabeth into her dorm for the first time. Well as James says, we won’t be without someone on campus now for a few years. Even if Paulina is finishing with the other one starting, that will guarantee we have a reason to go visit. I am just wondering if Jaxon and Ana will let me help them move onto campus and listen to my lame golden oldies stories when they move to college. I can only hope that I am still here in another 11 years to watch that process start.

Well enough for now. I need to get the message for tomorrow finished. Not sure what that will be about. I don’t suppose it will work to rant about playground equipment. HA HA!!

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 30, 2017 @ 19:48:40

    Is Melissa always on her phone?!?!



  2. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 30, 2017 @ 16:38:57

    Good times to be had. Boy I miss those days of no real adult responsibilities

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