Weeds to no end!

South side of garden

Weeds, weeds, weeds! I don’t believe that I will ever get ahead of the weeds this summer. Yesterday I took a little less than an hour and worked in the garden to pull some of the weeds on the south side of the tomatoes. The goal was to free the zinnias enough to let them see the sun. They look so pitiful because the grasshoppers have chewed them into sticks and the weeds have choked them into spindly nothings. I cleaned to open things up for the tomatoes, but they didn’t seem to be very bothered by the weeds around them. It seems each year the tomato plants grow to the point that I am not able to get at all of the fruit they produce. Each year as I plant them I try to make myself give them plenty of space. One year, I even drove the tiller into the garden to help me with the spacing so that in the early stages at least, we could do the weeding from the seat of the tractor. Well, not so much this year.

For some reason this year, I was panicked about the lack of room in the garden. Perhaps because we reduced the size of the garden when we moved the fence about two feet to the west to be in compliance with the Corps of Engineers for the dike that runs along this edge of town. Now if the rest of the people who live here would just understand this is not an elevated road for ATV’s or a walking path to check out nature maybe we would be in business. But I am off subject. The other reason and the main one that I felt we were without room was because we planted the potatoes into this garden instead of in another area as we do some years (ok so that plot is off-limits now because of the dike thing).

I should have kept going with the weed pulling, but it was hot and I had set a goal of one garbage barrel full of weeds and that is what I had. I will try to get out there and do another container full in the next couple of days. I really do not have much time left beyond that. I start doing the long-term substitute thing on Tuesday and[there is the trip to Jamestown to get Paulina moved into here dorm, which she might be doing alone if she keeps up the attitude she has today. [My sister Adrienne said this is normal behavior on both our parts because if we are in the middle of a tiff/row/argument, then we won’t miss each other when the parting comes. Ha!!] After the moving thing we will begin with the Empty Nesters’ quilting work at church every other Wednesday evening through October and the beginning of September is time for Bible Study and Ministerial Association and on and on. And I won’t even mention the issues with the other two girls at this time. I have a feeling that those boxes I have been saving in the basement might be better used to fill than to tear apart and recycle. Enough said until it is all public knowledge.


Oh and did I mention that the plums are turning ripe and will need to be picked and turned into jelly soon? Well it sure would be nice if that happened before Paulina leaves for college, maybe!! So enough of all this today. I need to get to the message for church tomorrow. I just hope it does not offend anyone. It is sort of something we need to deal with. I will likely post it after church and you can decide for yourself if I crossed any lines. Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are!!

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