Jam Thumbprint cookies

Jam Thumbprint cookies

This recipe is from Homemade Cookies Cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens.

Last night I made cookies. I was so sure that the chokecherry jelly was too thick and so would never spread that I dug around for a cookie recipe that could use up the jelly. Well surprise for me when I opened the jar, the jelly was the perfect consistency to spread on bread. I made the cookies anyway. James said I can make them again anytime with any jelly.


I, par for my style of baking and cooking, did not fully follow the recipe. I omitted the nuts and did not put the meringue on the cookies. I am guessing that is why they are a bit dry. Of course it could have been because I used vegetable shortening instead of butter. They taste like a cross between a sugar and a shortbread cookie. All I know is they go great with a cold glass of milk and I plan to double the recipe the next time I make them. We only ended up with about 32 cookies instead of 48, but then we may have made them a bit larger than we were supposed to.

What have you been baking???

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 23, 2017 @ 13:41:20

    These look really good. I use coconut oil in place of butter and shortening in a lot of my recipes. My homemade bread especially turns out really soft. I know coconut oil has had some recent controversies but really when you think about it it’s no different that limiting your butter intake. Everything in moderation



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