Garden to table

I was debating on whether I should tell you about my garden or show you what we made from the garden produce. I decided to do both in some stages. Today was an absolutely beautiful day outside. It was not too hot, but the sun was shining the entire day, and the garden dried out a bit. I don’t believe it will fully dry out anymore this fall because of the large plants that have taken over and shade almost every square inch of the place. As much as I enjoy my flowers, I will never let them have free reigns in my vegetable garden ever again. Three years ago when the hollyhocks tried to invade I was smart enough to say no. This year when it was the cosmos, I was a push over. You can see by the picture to the left what that has meant to my beans and beets. They have also overrun the onions, not to mention the poor peppers and even some of the tomatoes and one of the zucchini plants. At least James was tough enough to pull every cosmos plant from the north side of the carrots and so they alone have survived to have one entire side exposed to light of day.

I also allowed just seven sunflowers to grow. One is like the giant’s beanstalk. I swear it is nearly 12 feet tall. The view here is supposed to give you an idea. The post on the fence is about 4′ 6″ and those cosmos around it are as tall as I am which is 5′ 6″. The fence in the front has a few peas left on it. They are still producing though not all that many. I believe we used them in a stir fry one time and had some steamed with carrots another. Mostly Paulina and I have been eating them in passing when we are outside. I planted twice and both times only about one-fourth of them came up. At one point I suspected the local pheasants from behind the dike were coming in for a midnight snack before the poor little seeds could sprout. Mostly this garden is overrun with weeds and flower plants. I guess that is what happens when you are out of the area for six days and then the rain hits and you can’t get into the garden for over two weeks. Now it is so far gone that I don’t even want to try. The positive note is that when it frosts the flowers will protect the other plants, at least I hope.

Cucumbers on the fence

potatoes and beans, fried

The cucumbers are starting to fill in the fence line and for the past two nights we have had slices in vinegar and cream for our salad at supper. Tonight I was able to peel a few potatoes that Paulina dug up earlier this week, and with the handful of beans that I picked today, we had them both fried in butter for supper. I just love that for a meal. Add the chicken breasts that Paulina grilled and we were set with a great meal. The only thing better is when you add a fresh beat in that pan with the potatoes and the beets, then it has a nice sweet taste to it. Of course we are not counting calories or thinking of cholesterol with this meal. We also made some thumbprint cookies with chokecherry jelly for desert, but I will save that for the next post. Happy Gardening to you!!

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 23, 2017 @ 13:44:06

    Yum, it all looks great



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