Sale over/birthday cake

Sale set up!!

So the sale is over. The tags of all left over items have been removed. The left overs have been resorted and boxed into: give to Good Will, give shoes to Nicole for her fund-raiser, take upstairs to the cut up for t-shirt rug pile, stack in the garage for cut up jeans for quilt pile, and the send to the cousins to pick through then donate box. Sounds like we have too much left, but all in all I think we sold far more than expected. I really like that the bag of knee highs in the Free box disappeared. I love how nonchalantly that lady walked off with that bag. We also are free of those two old video chairs that we have toyed with selling for years. The funny thing is the one without a tag drew attraction, but when the young man picked it up, I said it was free only if he took both. The grin on his face was worth all the work we put in to the sale. There was even one Tupperware item and two books from the free box that found their way into the garbage when it was all said and done. Hurrah! Hurrah!

About the time that we were closing up shop it started to rain. We ended up dragging the tables into the garage with some of the boxes still on them then finished packing inside. Eventually everything was packed up, all the tables were folded up and put in place and even the vehicles were back in their stalls. As we were finishing up the sales, Paulina baked the cake for the birthday girl (Ana turned 3 today). Later Nate and Victoria decorated it and by that time everyone was ready for a nap, except for David who was just getting up from his. As soon as he was up, I headed to the computer room to finish the sermon. While I worked on that James got to grilling up another batch of hamburgers and hot dogs. We had German fry sausage and Knepfla soup for lunch, not the healthiest of meals, but good for a summer picnic.

Trolls cake

I will probably share more about the birthday girl and the rest of the family gathering tomorrow. For now here is Ana with that cake her parents, mostly her father decorated. I was out of blue food coloring when they started, and apparently now the red is empty. Yipee! One less container of something in the cupboard. I was only to happy to contribute to the cause. And let me just say that if I had a cake pan made to order, I would never have been able to come up with a cake that looked like that. To say they are creative is pretty much an understatement. So, how was your first Saturday in August???

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 08, 2017 @ 14:03:01

    It sounds like you had a very busy Saturday.



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