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Sophia asleep under the table. She doesn’t get why all of this stuff is on the table she normally claims to look out the window.

Racks waiting to be marked

Today was day two of getting ready for this crazy rummage sale. It is always an excuse for me to drag boxes after boxes of crap out of the basement and closets and corners of the house to try to remove them. Mostly it doesn’t work, and I pack things back up for the next year. Time to stop that part of the scenario and get serious about removing all of it from our house permanently. This time I dug out some things that the two oldest will have to say, “Mine or don’t want this anymore.” At that point I will feel off the hook in terms of keeping it any longer. I don’t want to be the mother who burns her daughters dolls and forbids said daughter to even notice that they are being destroyed. Some days a bad memory would be a good thing.

I finished up the laundry that goes with the sale and James and I stripped the beds for the families coming home then washed, dried and remade the beds. In the meantime, I dusted my room and cleaned the bathroom counters and James did all the floors of the upstairs. We also did some rearranging and vacuumed the computer area so there will be a place for David to sleep. From the looks of it, we will have someone in every room possible. I am hoping that by the time we hit Thanksgiving or Christmas, whichever one is our holiday, we are able to have an additional bathroom and a fully functional basement pad. Perhaps I am just dreaming.

I should scour the rest of the house for some misc. items to add to the sale as that is what I mainly advertised. Thankfully I did not advertise plants. I had a few to put out, but the storm of the other night toasted most of them out.

I tried to keep a list of what we had cleaned out. I took a piece of paper and put three columns on it: eliminated, rummage sale, save. So far the lists are even with saved lagging behind a bit (hurrah)!!!

A few points of reference that I have to throw in here about what to keep and what to toss. I have been reading these posts and pins of how to contain clutter. So many of them list 25, 50 60, 100 thing to throw out. Well let me tell you if I have to put: old papers, broken electronics, torn clothing on the list then I might as well put on, well ok, I am not out to insult anyone, but I was looking for ideas that I had not considered before. I enjoy the lists of what not to toss. They make sense. Throwing just to throw must mean you have had enough of everything and out it all goes.

I told James this morning if I were really serious about cleaning out this house, we would back a truck up to the east deck, open the door and throw every box in the house inside. I can guarantee that if we did that, the very next morning we would be out in the area where it was unloaded looking for a particular piece of important paper or some gadget that we needed right now. In our major closet renovation, we took down the rod near the floor that was for our pants. I wanted to put it on the sale along with the holders, and James reminded me that the minute we sell it, we will figure out where we need exactly that, and the brackets alone are $5. each.

What I am looking forward to removing from the house after or with all of the items that are leaving either via the sale or the trip to Good Will, is the boxes they were in. If the boxes do not go with the items, they will be headed to the recycling center the very next chance we get. I began to realize that reusing anything that I can recycle such as cardboard boxes makes them not such a great idea to use for storage in the future. On the other hand, it is much cheaper than purchasing loads of tubs. Going forward, I will try to reuse only the items that have no chance of being recycled, so that will be my way of keeping them from the landfills. The center we go to currently does not take glass, so that will be a thought when I go to purchase items. I either figure out how to reuse it, or how to purchase something in a different container. Mostly I would like to see less in terms of containers and packaging, but I realize that mostly it is about safety in terms of packaging.

Well, I am getting off task, and it is time to clean out the garage, meaning back out the vehicles, sweep and set up the tables. We can then drag all of this clean stuff out there and begin the long task of marking the items for the sale. I may wait to do some until Victoria is home. She has promised to help decide what is worth putting out and what goes into give away, and what just might go straight to junk. In that vein, I have a pile of old t-shirts that were already set aside to cut up for crochet rugs, and a few jeans that went straight to the “cut me up for a lap quilt” pile. Enough for now, update later or tomorrow after the sale.

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Aug 08, 2017 @ 14:00:57

    Too funny. If my husband had his way we’d fill a truck load up like that at least once a year. I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder I just collect craft supplies. Now my kids rooms is another story



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