Garden Progress: First zucchini

I picked the first zucchini today after we unpacked from coming home from the North Dakota Coaches Convention. I wanted to post more about being at the convention, but did not have a functioning laptop with me at the place. I did manage that one post from the iPad, but it is just not that easy to type from that thing. Sitting down to a real keyboard after a week without one is like, well I am guessing sort of like being able to finally touch a full sized instrument after being away from one for a time. But this is off base so I will more on.

James and I stayed through the final four sessions this morning then grabbed a few things here and there as we were heading out of town. There is a great sale at the fabric store and I was able to purchase some outdoor material to recover a pad for our old swing at a really cheap price. I picked up 4 yards of material originally priced at $20.o0 per yard. The discount was 60% off with another 20% from a coupon I had gotten on my phone (wonderful young woman behind the counter cutting for me earlier this week, signed me up for the coupons via text). The bolt had an extra 16″ which they were going to have to set aside as a remnant and I could get that for 50% off the discounted price. Wow. Total bill was something like $28.  I will let you know how that project turns out, if I even get to it, which I hope that I do and soon.

The garden, this was supposed to be about the garden. Paulina left yesterday to go to Devil’s Lake to visit her friend Katie, who will be her next year’s roommate. She promised that she watered before she left, but did text me to say that the pumpkin was out of control and would need some clipping. This was a volunteer plant that is now trying to take over on the tomatoes. It is bad enough that there won’t be any beans or peppers to speak of because of the volunteer cosmos, I do not need to lose the tomato crop too. I think I will cut most everything of that vine except two pumpkins in the morning.

I also found several raspberries again, but now understand the importance of cutting the plants off in their first year. I may have to mark which ones are the old plants so that when they come back next spring, I know to cut off the new ones right away. Someone told me that trimming them encourages better growth and fuller production. I am willing to try anything to make those things produce, since I am not so great with the strawberries.

Well, I have left a few pictures of what I found in the garden this evening. The peas need to be picked and the cucumbers need to be trained up the fence. All work for the morning I would say. It is fairly warm out there and I am about zoned out from being away from my own house and bed and cats for four days. I am beginning to think that I have spent more time away from my home and bed than in it this year. Time to stay home and get some things accomplished. I was thinking that when school starts and James goes back to work, I will get much done. Ha, ha!! I will be in school this fall on a long term maternity leave sub job. It will be nice to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, but it will also mean a little better time management. Oh well, enjoy the rest of July!!

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  1. rezinate
    Jul 28, 2017 @ 21:56:47

    Good looking zucchini and looks like you’re on the right track.

    Liked by 1 person


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