Room with a view?

James and I are at the North Dakota high school coaches convention and this is the view from our hotel room. Not sure if you would call it much of a view, but this is what it is. They are all currently at the big “social” and I opted to leave after supper. I am not a drinker and was not super impressed when the pitcher of beer was parked in front of me. In the first place the smell does nothing positive to my sinuses and my personal diagnosis is an allergy to the junk. If I were smart I would hope in the car and head to the fabric shop to buy more of the outdoor material that is on sale. We need to recover the cushion on the old swing. Last night I found some great material to cover the spools that we plan to use as tables. It was 60% off then we got a coupon for another 20% off the total. I think I ended up with 3.8 yards for just a bit more than the regular price of one yard. Yah! So I realized that someone needs to measure that cushion and send me the size before I can buy the material. I guess I will be making a call to that someone later this evening. So how are you spending your last week of July?

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Jul 28, 2017 @ 00:05:46

    In hot Arizona! 109 yesterday and 107 today! Tomorrow it’s only supposed to be 100! Yippee!



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