Laundry woes

Today was not the best day to do laundry at our place. I prefer doing laundry on Monday but sometimes it just doesn’t work out all that well. I should have known by the haze to the south that something was up. So the first load that I did was the sheets and towels. I hung them up then went to the garden to pull out as many weeds as I could.

I freed the zucchini and tried with the beans but ended up giving up on them. There is no hope with the growth of the cosmos. I also pulled a few weeds near the peas growing on the south fence. Afterwards I did what I could to unwind the pumpkin vines from the tomato cages. One might be interesting before the summer is over.

By the time I was finished in the garden the rain started. It looked like it might pass so I decided to leave everything on the line. Then it started to blow like crazy. When Paulina came home she found one of the sheets on the ground. So, I ended up going out and taking everything in. By then I had another load finished and now it meant there would be a back up to the dryer. I threw the towels and the clean sheet in the dryer, the other needed to be re washed.

As we sat down to eat the dryer started to have a fit. We tried to ignore it, but it squealed one last time then died. Paulina was afraid to look in the room. She thought there might be smoke. In the meantime the sun came out so I took everything back out on the line. Guess what, the next batch of rain hit. Grrrr!

Before that, we took the dead dryer to the garage and brought the other one in. It was good we never sold that set after we came back from Linton. Of course there was a glitch with that too. James had to switch out the cords before we could plug it in. I was about done at that time.

It all would not have been so bad except I had a real struggle trying to get the bulletin finished. I finally finished up around 5 pm. I hope the next laundry day is boring. I personally think the dryer missed its partner. That Maytag set was together for 35 years as James and I got it from I said parents for our wedding in 1982.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Aug 01, 2017 @ 07:00:53

    Quite a story. We have never had a dryer in Scotland. Our lives depend on our pulley in the dining room! Best invention ever.



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