Day after the mini-storm



It finally rained last night. One gauge said 1.25″ and the other correctly said .75″. James has always been complaining about that first gauge, and I finally agree that he is right. There is something weird about how it is marked and it almost always shows double what the rainfall is. Before we went to bed, we knew that rain was coming and it would not be a pleasant easy gentle rain. We opted to leave everything outside rather because we were relatively sure that there wouldn’t be any hail. I don’t think that hail happens early in the morning. It seems to me that it has to be a pretty hot day for that to form. Anyway, the wind was awful. The system was coming out of the southwest, but in our garden the plants seemed to get blasted north to south. I think it has to do with the way the wind was swirling around the buildings here. The potatoes were laying nearly flat in some spots and on the south side of the garden they were poking out of the fence. Our tallest sunflower plant still is not in a standing position, and the willow tree dropped a few of the smallest branches which is pretty much the course anytime we have a little wind.



On a happier note, the raspberries are really taking off in a few spots. Yesterday I noticed one of the older branches was producing fairly well. I am thinking that the ones we cut off the first year are the ones producing the best. This is the first time that I have picked 5 at a time and these are the largest berries I have ever gotten. Also in the north side flower garden the milkweed is in bloom. I hope that means we will see some butterflies soon. The cosmos are starting to bloom too, so that should also start attracting pollinators.



I also took a picture of both the hosta and Echinacea that are now in bloom. The Echinacea is finally spreading out a bit and is really a pretty color at this time. I feel bad about how the columbine are being eaten up this summer. They used to fill the space beside the hosta. It seems we neglected the entire north flower garden a bit this year. I think it is because the lights were missing. The solar lights that go in that area were missing for the first part of the summer. James finally found them under a chair in the basement. It seems that is usually where things are found. Perhaps it is time to remove some of the boxes of junk from there so we can find what we want. Hopefully when we move Paulina to college this year, and she is going into an apartment, we will be able to get rid of a few items!! Yipee!!

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