More garden work: fence finished

Fence finished

trimmed spirea

The fence is finally finished and I believe that was item #8 under outside garden work. Now if only the first four items would be finished we could tear off that sheet. The items ahead of the fence include: weeding all of the flower beds, dig out the irises, move the strawberries and cleaning up the spirea areas, which I can also cross out now that I think of it.

weeding lilies

We have actually started on several of the other things, but unless I were to get up at 5:30 or 6 a.m. to begin before the heat, I can’t get ahead of the sun on the west side of the house. I tried a little yesterday as you can see from some of the pictures, but it was a bit much and though I didn’t get a major sunburn, I could feel the heat on my arms for a few hours after I came in the house. I finally dug out some of my summer clothes and put on a sleeveless shirt to try to clean up that t-shirt tan that is so flattering with my summer dresses.

All the cosmos taking over the garden.

We so badly need to get the rest of the cosmos thinned out of the garden. The picture to the right shows just how badly they have taken over the other plants. James pulled out two pails of them as I mentioned before and it is not enough. Now they are starting to bloom and I really don’t want to disturb them. I was successful yesterday in transplanting some, so I should find places and put the rest in. I will take them to church tomorrow and see how many takers we have. I think I will bring some plastic bags for those who failed to bring any pots to take them home. If you look at this picture closely to the far left in line with that lone sunflower is a row of carrots. Next is a row of beets then there should be two rows of beans, those are what really are not able to find sun. We did get many of the weeds out, but there are a few more inside the middle. I will just have to get in there on Monday morning early. I guess when James goes for his 6 a.m. bike ride, I will have to get up and get to work. Maybe I can sleep in front of the television later in the afternoon. Ha!!

More strings for morning glories

Freshly painted steps

After the fence project was finished today, I decided to hang a few more strings for the morning glories to crawl up. I even transplanted a couple of them that were found inside the beans. For a time we thought maybe I had planted climbing beans and then we realized that some volunteer morning glories had come through the compost. We really need to get a better system where it heats up enough to kill off the seeds that get into the bin. We currently have three plants in the tomatoes that came out of the compost. We believe that one is a pumpkin, one a zucchini and the other might be a cantaloupe or a gourd plant. We plan to let them go and just see what they are. Every year is another experiment in gardening. I should have kept better track so I would have proof of what works and what doesn’t. I sometimes think that after all these years I am forgetting more than I am doing correctly. You can see James relaxing on the swing when I took the string picture. He had already painted the steps before I got up for breakfast this morning. I don’t think he will ever get over getting up early in the morning, which he learned growing up on a dairy farm. Not sure some days if it is a blessing or a curse. Thankfully he doesn’t demand the rest of us join him. Catch you later.

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