June Wedding

The couple at the altar.

Vic’s gift

Recently I was fortunate enough to officiate the wedding of a young couple of which the bride was a close family friend. Jessica was the Matron of Honor and Victoria was one of a group of bride’s maid type attendants. It was held in the country near Jamestown, ND and was quite a beautiful setting and set up. The bride and groom had put lots of thought in to the planning and many members of their family and their friends were there to make sure this was a special day. We didn’t stay for the entire evening of celebration because I decided not to take the following day off from church. It was a good decision since we have a few other things we will be doing later this year that will involve being away from Sunday service.

Jess signing something.

Vic holding David

Well, just want to leave a few of the photos that we–mostly Paulina took during the wedding. Also there is the wedding gift that Victoria had made for the couple. The plan is to finally deliver it next week when we head to Jamestown to pick up the twins. It will be their first visit to the Haak version of grandparents without their mother or father in tow. Oh my how will that be? I think it will be fun and we are eagerly anticipating the day when we get to hope in the van to go get them. Hopefully we have a bit more of the house organized before they arrive. Each day another thing is getting done. Hurrah!!!

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