Flower Garden tour

The clematis at sunset

Not much going on today. James went with his sister to check on some of the 4-H exhibits of their nieces and nephew. I tried to do some reading and a little weeding. The air was cool, but the sun was shining, and with the slight breeze it was a great day to get a burn because the temperature sort of fooled you into thinking it wasn’t so bad. I did not last long in the garden because it was hard to get at the weeds, and I was not real willing to pull out more of the cosmos. Yesterday James spent time weeding and found all of the red onions, and in the process he ended up with two pails of cosmos that he had pulled out. I am insisting on saving them and replanting them in another place or giving them away. I started a row beside the potatoes later this evening. I even replanted a couple of morning glories that we took out of the beans tonight. We watered them pretty well, so we shall see tomorrow how this experiment fared.

Day lilies

Oriental lilies

Single columbine


I don’t think that I have shared many other pictures of the flowers so far this summer. I will leave you with a few of those here. Hopefully I will get up earlier tomorrow and get to some of the flower bed weeding in the morning before the heat hits. The Echinacea is about to bloom, and I am guessing by Saturday or Sunday that will be the premier plant of the garden. I forgot to check the raspberries today. I have been finding at least two of them ripe each day. It will be nice when more of them begin to produce and it is not such a hit and miss thing. Paulina has also figured out where to move the strawberries so that they aren’t only for the squirrels. Hurrah, perhaps that is the project we should tackle in the morning. Ah, so many plans and so little ambition. Well perhaps if we wouldn’t be up until midnight sitting by a fire pit, we would feel more like working. How have you been enjoying your summer???

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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