Flower Garden tour

The clematis at sunset

Not much going on today. James went with his sister to check on some of the 4-H exhibits of their nieces and nephew. I tried to do some reading and a little weeding. The air was cool, but the sun was shining, and with the slight breeze it was a great day to get a burn because the temperature sort of fooled you into thinking it wasn’t so bad. I did not last long in the garden because it was hard to get at the weeds, and I was not real willing to pull out more of the cosmos. Yesterday James spent time weeding and found all of the red onions, and in the process he ended up with two pails of cosmos that he had pulled out. I am insisting on saving them and replanting them in another place or giving them away. I started a row beside the potatoes later this evening. I even replanted a couple of morning glories that we took out of the beans tonight. We watered them pretty well, so we shall see tomorrow how this experiment fared.

Day lilies

Oriental lilies

Single columbine


I don’t think that I have shared many other pictures of the flowers so far this summer. I will leave you with a few of those here. Hopefully I will get up earlier tomorrow and get to some of the flower bed weeding in the morning before the heat hits. The Echinacea is about to bloom, and I am guessing by Saturday or Sunday that will be the premier plant of the garden. I forgot to check the raspberries today. I have been finding at least two of them ripe each day. It will be nice when more of them begin to produce and it is not such a hit and miss thing. Paulina has also figured out where to move the strawberries so that they aren’t only for the squirrels. Hurrah, perhaps that is the project we should tackle in the morning. Ah, so many plans and so little ambition. Well perhaps if we wouldn’t be up until midnight sitting by a fire pit, we would feel more like working. How have you been enjoying your summer???

Bad news/good news

Last night when I finally made my way to bed, I realized that I had not posted anything yesterday. Wednesdays are my “office” day, so usually I am busy working on church related things, and while I am physically in the office, I don’t really feel it is proper use of time to be working on my personal blog. Yesterday was even stranger because of all the other things going on around me, or at least things that were bothering my mind.

First off there was a church board meeting last night at 7:30 p.m., so on those days I sometimes go to the office a bit later so it isn’t a 12 hour day. Then there was the funeral for the “neighbor boy.” We went to that as a family including one of my sisters. Rodney, or “Pudge” as was his nickname was a grade ahead of me in school, but was a bit delayed in terms of academics, though he probably had more sense then lots of people we know. He was fiercely loyal, and my mother always told the younger generation to treat him fairly and he would be a friend and advocate for life, and that was very true. He had not been living in the family home for a few months. He had health issues and so he moved to another town with his older brother. There he was part of the family business and apparently from the words of the priest at the funeral, he was still able to do some mowing jobs and hang around the shop, which were all things he enjoyed. It was sad to see that he had gone, but we all know he is in a better place and reunited with his parents who passed away a couple of years ago.

Next James and I left for Eureka to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the hospital being built there. It will be attached to the current nursing home facility and will be a one floor design, which will be great for accessibility. According to Dr. Susan (just a little older than me and delivered my first two children) the old building was constructed in the late 1920’s so well past retirement status. This new place will only have four rooms for hospital, but it will have a clinic and emergency area, and assisted living places. This is about what is needed in a small rural area. I visit some parishioners that live in the current nursing care facilities and can’t complain about what I see. It seems the workers are genuine in their care for and treatment of the people and several of them live well into their 90’s and even past 100, so something is going right.

On our way to the ground breaking Paulina called to tell us of something she read in one of our local papers. We get the weekly paper from the town we live as well as the one where James teaches and we both coach. They are published by the same company, but the news and especially the sports is different for each. Anyway, she noticed an obituary that hit us pretty hard. One of our tracksters lost her father on July 2. She is our miler and really was coming into her own this past year, and is only an 8th grader. She and I talked often because I knew that her father had been battling cancer. It appeared he was doing better, but this spring had some other issues. Apparently the scans being done on him had not detected that the cancer returned and centered in his brain. He was put into hospice care with the expectation that it would be about a month, but he passes away before the week was over. I feel so bad for that family, and especially for that young girl. To be starting high school as the oldest of your siblings and now your father is gone.

Marshall and Lily coming to our house, our house!!

Anyway, I don’t want to end on a bummer, so I will close with the really good news of the day. Jessica called me and we will be able to bring the twins here for a couple of days next week. Nothing like having grandchildren in the house, and especially having the way little ones here. It will be the best!! Can’t wait to go get them, maybe we should go today. OK, I realize there is a reason why we will get them when we get them. Still, just saying…. OK, I will stop before the plans change. Hope you are having a great day. Remember sometimes it is not what rotten things are happening to you that is the issue, it is how you are dealing with them.

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