Item #5 on the list: More Kitchen shelves

Today was another day of working on the list. We decided that the meager, but welcomed rain of last night had made it too muddy and humid to work in the garden, so we looked for something on the list that could be done inside. The project was to make another shelf for four of the cabinets in our kitchen. I have been thinking of this for a long time, and we had the shelves in the basement just leaning up against the wall in a room we don’t use, so there was that part of it. Next I came to realize there is a lot of dead space in each cabinet because things don’t fill all of the space. The only issue is that after we started, I began to worry that the weight would be problematic for the cabinets hanging on the wall. Hopefully it will hold. I did call  my sisters who are a bit more savvy in those sort of things than I am. But… If anyone else has any comments along that line let me know.

Before with one shelf missing


So here is what we did. We started with the small cabinet between the stove and the refrigerator. This area has been deemed breakfast. It is above the toaster and the coffee pot and holds the bread, butter, cereal and now two shelves of coffee cups rather than just one. As if I can actually drink out of more than one cup at a time anyway. I really hope this turns out to be a useful move. On the top shelf with the nearly empty bags of cereal, we also stuffed the bags of hot chocolate and the ingredients for making S’mores. Probably the best part of all is that the shelves are now clean including the sides and even the pencil markings from the installers were washed off in the process. I am embarrassed to say that it has only taken me 17 years to even care that it is on there. Yipee, only three of the upper cabinets were left out of the cleaning and that is fine because they were completely overhauled last summer.

Before–a junk mess

After, nice and clean!!

The second part of this was supposed to be clearing and cleaning out the area above the pantry. We even had discussed what would be put into the empty area. The only problem is that we never figured out where to put the items that needed to be removed from that area. We tabled that area until we can figure out where that will all go. In the meantime, we decided to go through the other cabinets that house the majority of our dishes as well as that last awkward cabinet that is above the peninsula where the extra large microwave wits on the counter. A few weeks ago when I was complaining about uselessness of that cabinet, Victoria suggested we should put glass doors on it and use it as an extra curio. Well we have not gotten to the glass door part, but I am a bit happier about how that area looks. With one exception, all of the items in that area were from my mother.

Our main dishes in the before mode.

Most used dishes, in the after mode

So the last two shelves were a little more complicated and took a couple of tries to get them right. We also ended up washing everything on both the top shelves. I am not sure the last time we even looked at those shelves. I also checked out some of the odd dishes on the internet and found that I have a few plates that range in value from $10 per plate to about $20 for a partial set. I was mostly looking to see if they were safe to eat from and it appears they are, so that is good, but I am still not sure when they will be used. HA!

Before mode  biggest mess

Best change, after mode

The real problem cabinet is this last one that I am posting. This had a total mess. I filled the new coffee cup shelf in the first cabinet from the middle shelf of this one. I was able to clear out some of the plastic from the other shelf that became the display area. There is also a very small box with a few items in it that will be put out on the rummage sale later this summer. And there is one small black plate that has been put aside for a daughter to get for her birthday or sometime, hopefully she doesn’t read this and find out. Victoria always had a thing for that black plate and I actually had almost given it away, but caught myself and salvaged it for her. Well, that was our big accomplishment for today. Hope we can continue to get as much done each day until it is time to start the harvest and James goes back to school, which ever comes first. Ha!!

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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