Outside work on the list: tree trimming

Our row of ask trees

Pickup load of trees

Today James and I bit the proverbial bullet and did our yearly tree trimming. Yes, I know it is a little late in the season and probably was not the best thing for the trees, but we were mostly taking off dead branches and where we took off live branches it was with the idea that we wanted to take some stress off the tree. It is so dry here that the grass is visibly drying up. Fortunately we have a fairly high water table, but I have to wonder how long that will last. At any rate, it was an all day event. We filled the pickup before noon then stopped to have lunch with Paulina. We joined her at the Drive In because she was waiting for a pool representative to show up at noon. It ended up he was delayed, but I didn’t mind not having to figure out food for lunch. We took the load out to the dump ground after we got home and started on the second round.

Apple tree before

Apple tree after

We finished all of our trees and went to my mother’s yard and did the apple tree. For that we only took out three branches that were totally dead, and as we did it, we were really careful not to disturb the branches with apples on them. At one point it was a little scary because there was not a good angle to be had and I was not sure who would be hit by the falling branch. Probably the stupidest thing we did at the apple tree site was not clearing the ground so that we could jump away quickly. We ended up leaving part of a dead branch in place because removing it could have hurt one of the best new branches on the tree. Thankfully everything went pretty well. The worst was when I twisted up my knee while reaching down to pick up the little twig mess.

During the course of the day we used the chain saw and a couple of different clippers. I have this habit of using the clipper and standing directly under the branch I am loping off, so most of the time it ends up hitting me in the head. Fortunately none of those branches are very large. I even tried to cut my forehead a few times when I walked into branches jutting out and one time when I leaned into the saw as it was propped against the swing set. I swear I must have a blind spot at the edge of my glasses. Luckily my large sunglasses act as safety glasses. Well enough for now. It will feel great to cross tree trimming off that list.

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