DIY: Lighthouse

In place by the pond

reason for the lighthouse

For some time I have been wanting one of those cute light houses in my yard, and I really thought it would be perfect beside the pond. Well, I have looked at them in the store over and over and I was not about to spend that sort of money even though it really is not all that much. I began to look around the yard and decide what might work to make one, and make one I did. I wanted it mainly to cover the cords that belong to the lights and the pump inside the pond. See the mess off to the right side.

washed pots


I began by looking for four pots that would stack from largest to smallest. I even had to repot two plants to free up the pots I needed. When that was finished I took them inside and washed them up, then I took the small black one to the shop and spray painted it white. I may need to take the thing apart later and paint the tan pot to make it white so it all matches better. As for this box, it might be large and sort of a pain in the shop, but it sure saves on the clothing and surrounding areas to be able to place the object to be sprayed in the box rather than out in the open.


Light on!

Later I assembled all the pots by putting them on top of each other and jamming them pretty hard. The top is a light that we bought last summer. It runs on batteries and really is a mosquito repellent. I ended up wiring it to that pot that was painted white. I am not sure at this time if it will withstand a strong wind, but I will deal with that if and when the time comes. I am sort of wondering if maybe I should be doing a bit of hot glue on it or at the best perhaps a couple of lengths of rebar. I will have to think on that a little. At any rate, it was quite interesting last night after sunset when we turned it on. And, perhaps we should paint the green pots red, James doesn’t think it will work, but I sort of think it will. Any thoughts??

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 12, 2017 @ 06:37:22

    Very enterprising of you! A homemade lighthouse will probably stand the test of time better than a store-bought one. Impressive!

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