Work not on the list

Cabinet and open area where washer was.

Left over carpet as the counter top.

Today I need to get my message ready for tomorrow, but I am not ready to sit down to all of that, so in the meantime, it was off to work in another corner of the house. So after a little consultation we decided to take a stab at the garage in the northeast corner and deal with the counter top and the area where the garden items are. Mostly the picture to the left shows the east wall of the garage. The space where the washer was in now filled with boxes that hopefully we can fill and send out of the house as the summer goes along. The cabinet has no counter on this picture. We cleared it them took off the board that acts as the counter top so James could sort through the drawers without a hindrance. We also took off the cloth that we cover it with and washed it. Instead of putting the cloth back, we decided to try a carpet remnant that has been rolled up in a corner for a couple of years. Now to buy some staples to hold it in place. As we were working on it, we did a few other things that I am hoping to post soon, but have to wait for the sun to set to get the last picture in the project.

Washer on the pick up

Bye-bye old Maytag!!

The issue for today was to remove some items that are no longer of any use and to open up a little space in the area. We also wanted to clear the counter so that we can use it to do things rather than have to work on the little yellow cart or the freezer. It seems that every counter in the house or garage is so full of junk that we can’t ever work on it. The biggest deal of the day was my agreement to toss out the old Maytag washer. It was a gift from Albertus and MaryAnn (James’ parents) for our wedding which was 35 years ago this August. It worked up until last spring. When we tried to have it repaired we were told the drum was out and because it was so old there was no way to get parts for it. Quite sad.

Rearranged inside the porch

Blinds are down. Flag shows no wind today.

I also rearranged and sorted out my planting pots. By the time I was finished I decided to repot a few plants and moved some larger and some smaller and ended up opening up one of my big coffee cups so it could house a spider plant. Next James found one of our shades in the big shop. Somehow it was taken down last year because he thought it was broken. We made a few adjustments to how it was arranged, and yes it was partially broken, but we repaired it and hung it then expanded both it and the one beside to block some of the west sun. Sure makes the porch cooler and in turn the living room. Nice. So none of this was on the list from this week, but it was on the “all-time clean-out everything” list, and this was a nice start. My goal for the rest of the summer and fall is to toss out at least one bag, hopefully two and repurpose at least one other bag of something each day. I would say with the half a bag of garbage in the container and the removal of the washer we hit the garbage goal today. By rearranging and restacking the plant pots, I am hoping I can count another bag of repurposing. Now for a shower and get to that message for the morning. I am pretty sure there won’t be a power point this week, but maybe by the week after Father’s Day.

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