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NE corner flower garden

Today was sort of the day that hit me in the face. I didn’t wake until 8 a.m. and then I was tired right after I got out of bed. I think the biggest issue is the sinus thing that came back with a vengeance the minute we left the airport in Aberdeen. I do not think that I am getting any sleep because I can’t breathe at night. This morning I tried to water a little of the north area beside the house where the raspberry plants are and a few bushes and flowers. Last night I worked on trimming those bushes because either during the winter or with this drought there has been lots of kill on bushes and trees. If the truth be told, I think the damage happened over Christmas break when we had that ice storm, and now with the lack of water, these plants are not rebounding at all. I should have been more proactive in trimming earlier this spring and the plants all would have had less stress to this point. Oh well, better late than never. Hopefully we will have another nice morning tomorrow and so James and I can get out the pick up and the trimmers and take out what we can.

This afternoon when Paulina went to work, James headed up to Linton. We forced him to make an appointment at the clinic with the PA he always sees. The night we came back, after I had fallen asleep, he decided to shower and felt something weird off to the side of his right shoulder blade as he was drying himself. After he was dressed and realized that I was asleep, he called Paulina to look what it was, and she found a tick totally imbedded in his skin. She worked to pull it out, but was not sure. The cleaned it with peroxide and she drew a circle around it with a pen. So that was Wednesday–this morning as in Friday when it didn’t look any better, we said go to the Dr. Well, Paulina had been successful in getting the head out, but there were some feelers left behind, and so they were removed, and he was put on antibiotics for seven days. We are to monitor the spot and him, any streaks, rash, changes or a fever he will need to be tested for Lyme’s disease, but the PA was pretty hopeful that the ticks in our area are seldom infected. My question is where and especially when did he pick up that tick? It could have been on him the entire time we were gone, Yikes!!

I tried to do some reading for the message and the bulletin for Sunday. Mostly I have the songs and scriptures figured, but a few other parts of it are still up in the air. I want to give the congregation a sense of what we did there, but I think I may need to process it a bit more. In case I was not totally clear about the business of going to Baltimore, I was chosen as a delegate to our church’s General Synod, which meets every two years. I was so confused and really thought this is a one time thing. Apparently people go as visitors all the time, and when you are chosen as a delegate, you go two years in a row. I am guessing that the visitors are the ones who do the most participating in the mission projects and the walks while there. As delegates, we were fairly busy, though not as bad as we could have been. Perhaps it was because my committee finished their work in one session. I was on Committee#8 with two resolutions about raising the minimum wage and offering a fair and living wage and supporting workers. We were able to move those into one resolution and though it needed a 2/3 vote, and there was lots of debate, in the end it passed. Ya!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 08, 2017 @ 11:17:54

    Sorry about the tick. It’s great that he got to the doctor soon, and clearly there wasn’t already the bulls-eye rash, so that must be good. I hope you are able to sleep a bit better. I had a laugh reading your post title, as I too am working on a long list today. Wonderful if you can be a delegate next year. It sounds like a very worthwhile experience.

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