Rollin’ up the sleeves

This morning I woke before 6 a.m. mostly because of the time schedule we had been on in Baltimore and partly because my knee was hurting so badly. I should make an appointment for today to get that hip back into place and hopefully things will smooth out. In the long run, I need to do a bit more in terms of exercising to strengthen my thigh muscles and then I won’t be hurting when I over do in the garden or with cleaning and lifting or just plan walking like we did the day we went up to see Ft. McHenry. I saw far too many people using scooters and walkers this week. I understand that some of that in not to be helped, but by golly I am going to delay my need for that as much as I possibly can. Enough on that.

Cleared off in case of storm

I also was up because I could see yesterday when we got home that there is just so much that needs doing, and we have so little time to get it all finished before either it all dries up or James is off to coaches’ convention and then to the start of football and school. At that point I will be alone in the house with the harvest and the cleaning and who knows what I will get involved with doing. I guess we need to prioritize and just get the sleeves rolled up and off to work. The big question of “where do we start?” might be easy to answer. We start where we can stand the temperature. If it is cool enough, we go to the garden. If it is tolerable we go into the shade and fix up the flower area. If it is oppressive as yesterday was, we head inside and if that is bad (I turned the thermostat to 74, it was so cold in here I have a sore throat.) we head to the basement which has needed cleaning for four years.

Coffee and make lists

Such ambition, but now out to have another cup of coffee, finish my breakfast and make a few lists. Hopefully we can cross off a few things before the end of the day. I bet if I put laundry on it I will be guaranteed of a few cross-offs. There is no wind at this time, and so I should really start right away because it is a perfect day to hang everything out. But I won’t because starting the washer will wake the others in the house and the best thing about an early morning is time to just be alone to think. Oh such a lovely day it will be. I may even start to like this early morning stuff (don’t tell the family) because it is only 7:30 a.m. and I already have 3/4 of my message for Sunday in place. I might just have a Saturday night for a change!!!

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  1. atangledyarn84
    Jul 06, 2017 @ 11:21:53

    Time alone in a quiet house is very soothing!



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