Items accomplished today!

In my early post this morning I said I was going to have some coffee and make a list. Well, it was a list of three days, and in checking it out now, after supper, I see that I am nearly half of the way through it, which is right where I should be. A few things are in progress, and if I work hard enough tonight when the others are gone (Paulina at the pool and James at the City Board meeting) I might just be able to finish up the bulletin, which will be a major accomplishment.

The whole stash

So what was I able to get finished? Well I cleared off the top of the piano–it is always the seasonal decoration location. Basically I took off all the pictures relating to Father’s Day. I replaced them with items we had picked up at the United Church of Christ’s General Synod 31. It is a great mix of items we bought and items we picked up at the vendor area. My prize finds were the soup bowls from CAIM, Council for American Indians Ministries. I was all ready to purchase them and they were giving them away for your name and address and tech information to put us on their mailing list, which I am totally good with doing.

James’ side

The next great pieces are the Nativity sets. If you follow my blog, you know that I have a thing for them. James bought three of the hand carved ones. They are made from Olive wood from Jerusalem and sold by a vendor from Montana. We also have his bag which includes the phone number to order other items if we are interested. I also can’t wait to put up the rubber duckee ones. I don’t think I will  be parting with mine anytime soon.

My side

I did splurge and buy a little pouch that is hand-made. I think it had to do with Guatemala, but I cannot say that for certain, I was in a bit of a hurry at the time. The woven book markers were at the desk of Church World Services and James picked up the orange one and I took the other two, not sure if I am sharing any of them either. The blue bags in the middle are insulated lunch bags that we all received from the host conference. They were goodie bags and are super nice. It was so well staffed with volunteers and they were super helpful and so good at making us all feel welcome, except perhaps the poor souls who had to guard the delegate area. James tried to come and talk to me during the meetings, but was always shooed away. It was sort of funny!!

The two items that are wrapped inside the CAIM bowl are shot glasses. James bought those, the one from Orioles Stadium for Kathy, my sister and his assistant coach and ride sharer for years. The other is from Ft. McHenry, and it has the flag and the Stars Spangled Banner on it, so we can all guess that is going to the history teacher.

Beans on the right, onions in the middle and peppers in the cans.

I also got a very good start on the laundry, only two loads to go. James and I weeded in the garden and he finished the peas and the carrots, while I got 1/3 of the way through the beans, onions and peppers. I didn’t just pick one and stick to it, well because that is how I am, but …. It was easier and I am not real sure how I am going to go about dealing with the cosmos at this point. I pulled all of them out from around the pepper plants and ended up with a bucket of cosmos. I seriously have them in a small bucket soaking in water trying to figure out where they will be planted. It is so dry that the transplant will be iffy, but I know if I am careful, it can be done.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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