Meanwhile “back at the ranch”

Paulina’s Bundt cake

James and I returned home a little after 4, or so it was by the time we unloaded everything from the van. We had to stop and eat and shop just a bit before coming back. According to Paulina there is not a thing in the house to eat. So we made a short stop to get the items she absolutely had to have: bread, milk, freeze pops (which were sold out) sunscreen for the face and food in general. When we got home we found that the things she mentioned really were gone, but there was plenty of food in the pantry and the fridge, not to mention the freezer. She did make a Bundt cake with blueberries and peaches. There was a little left, and it is quite good. She always makes up her own version of how to make this concoction, so I never try to copy it.

James trying to water the potatoes.

Cosmos and weeds are taking over the carrots and beets.

As I am writing this rain drops are hitting the north side of the house. I sure hope that is all that hits. The day was horrible today. It was 102 on the bank clock and temperature sign at one point and when we stepped out of the van in front of the house it was oppressive. It was hot in Baltimore, but never quite like what we had here today. I already have a sore throat from the air-conditioner in the can and the house and the stores. One of the biggest things I noticed on our trip was that the places in Baltimore had a reasonable temperature instead of super cold like we usually have here. I really believe that the cities must be more climate and finance conscious and don’t really over do with their thermostats like we do. Perhaps we in this wide open rural area really are more wasteful because we have all this room and in essence all this plenty. I may have to examine that in a message at some point.

Squirrel getting a drink

At any rate, the state of the garden and the yards and the flowers is not real good after a couple of days in triple digits. Paulina did what she could to water and keep after some of it, but we really need to get in with the hoe and the gloves and take away all the weeds that are taking water from the plants that are being stunted. Even the little critters are coming to the pond for a drink. I am seeing a mission in that part too, in terms of giving a glass of water to a little one. I know, I know, Jesus meant that for children, but part of our new mission statement includes taking care of creation, so I am counting it.

Going home

We are currently in Minneapolis sitting at our gate waiting for the call to board. It will be a little more time since we don’t board for about another hour. We are excited to get to Aberdeen where our first stop will be Culver’s. The seafood in Baltimore was great, but we are beef people and can’t wait for a real burger. Haha! The next stop after a little shopping will be home to see the cats and the garden. I love how the more you type on the iPad the more it anticipates your next word. Let me just say I dislike selfies. And as we are traveling we are wearing t-shirts that have the new motto for the United Church of Christ. I am already working on ways we will be implementing it.

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