Final session, worship and adjourn

Alexander relaxing during debate

So it is over. The resolution that I was assigned to was last. It passed and it needed a 2/3 vote. I was happy about that. It was a true witness resolution because it was about minimum wage and a fair living wage.

Many young people were involved

The worship service was wonderful! Everything from the music to the message and all of the visuals were just great. We heard so many powerful women speakers that it will be hard to listen to myself. Actually I can hear myself trying to copy their cadence in the future. If I am lucky maybe I will get it right.

This afternoon and this evening we gathered in a group and ate together. Hurrah! I won’t go to conference in the same way again. I won’t feel left out anymore.

 The final picture is of the sunset over Baltimore on July 4 our final night here. Wonderful experience!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 08, 2017 @ 11:10:13

    It does sound like a wonderful experience. Great that you feel less of an outsider in the larger church. As for public speaking, I think the fundamental thing is to be yourself, and in fact to try to forget yourself and let God speak through you.

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