Out and about tourist style

Inner harbor

So James and I took the time we were given this morning and headed out and around the area. The first thing we did was hop on the orange line bus and go to the inner harbor where we went to breakfast at Miss Shirley’s. it was great. We each had the standard eggs, bacon, hash browns and a biscuit. We then added a shared stack of two mini waffles. It was fantastic!!

At the restaurant we met a young man who said he lived in Pierre, SD for three years and loved all the things you can do on the Oahe Reservoir. He recommended that we should visit Ft. McHenry and we took him up on it. We walked around a little and then got on the water taxi and did the inner harbor tour then went to Fells Point then out to Ft. McHenry. As we waited between boat rides we went into a creamery and had an ice cream treat.

Worship service

We made it back in time for worship then we were off to supper with the entire South Dakota group and then back to the plenary session. pastor Keith and Deb are here now and we spent time with them afterwards. This was by far the best day so far. I have lots of pictures but I am posting from James’ iPad so limited to what we took with it. Post others later. Hope this gives you an idea of what we have been doing.

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