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July 1 was mainly  a day of workshops. The day started with a breakfast caucus with our conference and partners from Iowa and Nebraska. There we heard from the people who brought the resolution about Palestinian children. Next we had our second Plenary which is a fancy term for business meeting with speakers. Jim Moos who is the UCC head of World Ministry introduced the foreign guests. Two were unable to attend because their visas were not approved, seriously!

Toni Buffalo with two of the young people.

The big highlight was when Justice and Witness gave an award to 10 of the young people who began the organizing of Stand with Standing Rock. It was very moving. After lunch, James and I went to the workshop about the Standing Rock business. It was interesting to see that side of the situation. As it was going on, We saw the news from the police side of the situation, but they really didn’t focus on those who were at the basis of the movement. The news we saw focused on the radical part of it.

16 floors up

Afterwards we went through the exhibit area again then headed back to the room. This was the day James  considered going to the ball game. He was glad that he went last night because it rained today. The clouds looked dark and ugly for a time but it went through fast and the game went on. Later after I took a nap we went to eat at the jimmy johns in the bottom of the hotel area. For lunch we went to a little pub type dinner near here. I had to send my hamburger back because it was pretty raw. The next one was not really great. I think seafood will be the go to food from here on. Tomorrow night we are going as a group for supper. I think in the morning James and I will check out Miss Shirley’s for breakfast and take the tour bus to the harbor area.

Above I included pictures of the view from our hotel room and one of the workshop.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 08, 2017 @ 11:07:06

    Wow pretty impressive views. Also very interesting to read about your discussions, and the difference between what is shown on the news and the viewpoint of people actually involved. I think as Christians we have a responsibility to witness to the truth, as best as we can discern it.

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