Events have begun

Rubber duck nativity

Today was the opening of General Synod 31. I had a committee meeting to give us the background on it. We meet again tonight at 7:15. We had opening worship and our first business meeting this afternoon. Earlier James and I went through the exhibit hall. It was a first walk through for us, but we did pick up some items from some of the tables. One group was encouraging people to collect the rubber duck nativity set seen to the left. Of course we did it. I think it was the Education group. I can’t wait to use it this year. We looked at several items for purchase but have not decided on anything yet. Tonight while I spend 3 hours at my committee meeting, James is at the Baltimore Oriole’s game. We have some pictures of that on his iPad and I will share later when he comes back. For now, you know what is up. Oh yes we ate at a little place close to the hotel and it was great, shrimp for us both me with coleslaw and James with fries. Ok done for now!!

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