Garden Work

Hi, just stopping by to let you know how the garden is going. We had a fairly late start this year, so not real sure how things will pan out. Hopefully fall will be long to extend the growing season. If not we may have to put a green house over the top of the garden. Ha!! We do finally have the fence back in place with the required amount of footage removed to please the Corps of Engineers Inspectors. James is a bit tired of seeing pictures of our garden as problems at the city council meetings once a year. Now to figure out how to move those two trees growing in the back. We did not plant them, but would like to keep them some place in the yard.

Current picture

The first two pictures above and here are before and current pictures of the main garden. I still need to get 5 pepper plants into pots, but am not sure if I will be replacing the opening in the tomato row. I know that where the Beefsteak tomato died, I am leaving that spot open to accommodate the two volunteer cucumber plants. I refuse to pull out a volunteer unless it is really in a bad spot. In fact I nearly through a hissy when I thought that James had hoed off the large sunflower growing along the fence with the cucumbers. When he denied doing it, we examined the plant and found it had succumbed to some sort of bugs. The bottle of spray was promptly dispensed on all of the plants above the ground. The closer cans are tomatoes and the far away ones are peppers. The only thing you can really see at this time is the beans and the potatoes. Yesterday I planted more sugar peas along the posts that are to the right of this picture and mixed some zinnia and dill seeds and planted them into the open area. This might be the weirdest garden we have ever had. Last year we did lots of flowers, as in zinnias and cosmos in the main part of this garden and after tilling and watering, almost all of the cosmos seeds that fell to the ground have germinated. We have hoed out some, but I cannot make myself kill off any more than necessary for the other plants to live. At this point I am not sure about the onions. They may not see the sun as the cosmos grow, but if I have to choose the onions lose every time. Well, not much else to show off today. Perhaps I will find time to post a few more pictures tonight.

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