Babies’ Shower

Long ago, or today it seems like so long ago, we had a shower for Jessica, our oldest daughter. Those two weeks would have probably been a season of a reality show if we would be a family of any importance, or self importance as some of them are. We could have titled the episodes, “wedding,” “shower,”,” birthday,” “track meet,” “trip” and “Lent begins.” O yes, and I forgot the little kids wrestling meet thrown in the middle. We could have been up and down Interstate 94 several times with footage of the landscape, but I am getting off track. I found the pictures of the shower decorations and want to post them.

Victoria planned the event and created the decorations, though she left them for us to sort through and put up while she was at her son’s wrestling tourney. It was a logistics nightmare for a short time, and I felt like I was a Maypole with the rest of the workers spinning around me while I stood still observing. I did manage to get these pictures taken and a little of the food prepared, but as for setting up anything, especially tables, I can take no responsibility. I did, though, save the majority of the table cloths and some of the plastic utensils which I will stock up to my frugal living plan. Now I have more clutter for my house, but there was less contributions to the land fill, so I feel better. We also emptied out most of the paper plates and plenty of cups from my stash of picnic items, so that helped with eliminating clutter, which leads me to a wash out in that department.

I should give a shout out to Paulina and my sisters and the others who were there helping set up, they did a wonderful job, and in fact when we finally showed Melissa, the librarian some of the items that confused us, she knew exactly what they were and what to do. I must have skipped a few of the Dr. Seuss books and so I was rather out to lunch about what things were. Also it was great that we were able to use the area of North Dakota Farmers Union. It is where Jessica works and they have a great area for things such as this.

Back to the shower: Since this was a shower about baby twins without a gender identity at this time, Victoria used the theme of “Thing One and Thing Two” from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat.  The invitations also suggested that guests could give a book and there were many of those. Victoria had a stash to put with the center pieces. It was great. She should have been the elementary teacher with all of her creative ideas. I suppose owning a Day Care she is using her talent, but she should be designing items on the side. Scattered throughout this post, you see the different center pieces she put together for the even. To the side here is a shot of Jessica, the mother to be, with the cake that she ordered from someone she knows in the area. Now that was a creation of wonder also. How do people do these things amazes me.


candy bar

And don’t ask me for the how, I am clueless. There was also a “candy bar” beside the cake table. Victoria had labels to match some of the candy. We left that for Aunt Alvina to coordinate. As a Head Start Supervisor, we figured she would get the connections better than we did. O yes, no one wanted the center pieces and they were almost headed to the garbage when my sister the librarian saved them to use in her library for Dr. Seuss Day. Hurrah!! Hopefully she is able to use them for more than one time, but I have been afraid to ask if they were destroyed or saved. I was just grateful that I didn’t have to step in and salvage them.

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