Last night in Tennessee

Tonight is our last night in TN. We started the day by taking Paulina to the TriCity airport. I keep looking up what the tricities are and only get that it is in Blountville and services Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport. One place says that is for northeastern Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Another says it serves Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. I guess now I know what it is for. It is a bigger airport than Aberdeen, but not as big as Bismarck, and might I say the security was more difficult the closer we were to home, interesting.

Paulina really didn’t want us to leave because she was not looking forward to a long day alone. She was headed for Orlando through Charleston, which she said was a pretty big airport. There she had to grab her unchecked suitcase which would likely be stowed underneath and run to another gate to make her connection. Her report later was that she had to run, she only had a 30 minute lay over and the flights were tight. So we stayed with her until it was time to go through security. She made it without the pat down but the man there waved a wand over her head and teased her about how her top up pony tail nearly touched the top of the detector thing that you have to walk through. Later in the day, I saw several women with the same top pony tail in the mall.

wow just found this draft. I must have fallen asleep before I could post this.

We spent the day driving back to Knoxville because we had to be there early for the flight out in the morning. We stopped at a mall along the way and shopped a bit. We ate there at a Chick-filet then picked up dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. I had mine in the morning as breakfast, not really a good idea as I am not that fond of sweets early in the morning. It was the key lime flavor.

Musicians all over Market Square

After we checked in the man at the desk recommended that we go to Market Square and we did. We happened to hit the night of their Mardi-Growl celebration. Adie managed to find the residue of it just as James was saying, “Don’t step in that dog poop.” She got some on her shoes, but not as bad as some of the other tracks indicated others were hit. I will leave you with a few pictures of that place. Wish I had posted this earlier, but then couldn’t have used any pictures as they were taken with the little Canon and no way to download them during the trip. Catch you later!

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